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Spelman College Reviews

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Overall Experience
I have very mixed emotions when discussing Spelman College. Being a black woman and attending the illustrious Spelman College has made me feel important and seen. I love that I am able to be myself while being surrounded by the most brilliant black women. Even though living in the West End can be very difficult and a big change from where I grew up it's definitely a learning experience for me. I love my school and I cherish every minute of it, there are many ups and downs when attending a Historical Black College, but I find it very rewarding in the end.
I love how they are all about their students and their atmosphere. I know some people who attend/ed superman and they said that the academics re hard but it's all worth it in the end.
Going to Spelman College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The opportunities, the people I’ve met, and the faculty are amazing. My only criticism so far is the financial aid. My financial aid package was 100% loans. They do their best to find outside scholarships for their students, but I still had some of my classmates leave for financial reasons.
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