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The food needs to change and they need more scholarship opportunities but other than that I love Spelman.
The location is a great place to consider. In Atlanta, Spelman is near many other major colleges and universities so meeting people of different background is very common. Being the number Historically Black College or University (HBCU) definitely draws the best and brightest around. Lastly, Spelman's mission to support, advance, and enlightened the community near and far is a mission many want to join. Spelman is a chance to change the world.
I was supposed to meet with an admissions counselor from Spelman, but they did not show up to our meeting.
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Classes provide an open and safe environment for learning/discussions. If an all-female institution scares you, don't worry! Male students are on-campus until 12am so you'll see them around eating or interacting in different campus orgs. Also, a lot of the women at Spelman are driven and passionate so if you're a student who doesn't know exactly what they want to do yet(like me), your Spelman sisters motivate you and help guide you to finding your passion. There are also plenty of research opportunities. Spelman is also supportive of their students and will address gender/sexual discrimination or incidences as an institution. However, like any institution Spelman has its issues. Some issues include: that the cafeteria could have longer hours and better food, there needs to be more areas on campus that are open 24 hours for studying, and Spelman is really expensive (these loans are no joke)! Other than that, I love my institution and I'm proud to claim that I am a Spelmanite.
I am in love with the campus and the atmosphere surrounding the campus. I am in love with the culture there, the fact that it’s a Historically Black College and University. The school really helps young African American ladies to pave the way for their own futures, and become empowered within themselves.
I have yet to attend Spelman however I am excited about the opportunity to possibly be an attendee. Spelman is a very prestigious institute with several great programs available for the ladies to attend.
Spelman is not just an hbcu, it provides so many opportunities to do the things you want and to do what will help you succeed in college and beyond.
Spelman has welcomed me onto its beautiful scenery and I enjoyed their company. It make you feel as though you are at home and I have became friends with some of my soon to be Spelsisters.
Their admissions counselor is VERY welcoming. She has a great vibe and she's easy to talk to. She made a great impression.
Although I am not in college yet, I did receive the significant opportunity to tour the campus of Spelman College. My experience so far with the school has been amazing! I absolutely adore the enthusiasm and energy that the campus itself offers.
With open arms they put the differences behind them and they accept you for who are you. A black beautiful young lady.
I was so impressed with the campus and the campus's attention to safety. I will be very comfortable knowing my daughter is safe while attending college.
Spelman College has a phenomenal women education program and is rated worlds best black female university of all time.
Spelman is a wonderful college for young black women looking for a rigorous educational experience while being surrounded by other like minded black women. Spelman allows young woman to create their own safe community for themselves while still being able to connect and interact with students from Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University. Spelman is an institution that houses some of the most beautiful and brilliant black minds in the country and helps ready black women for success.
Spelman cultivates girls into woman and gives them the opportunity to grow within themselves and their community. One thing that needs improvement is the transition for transfer students.
I really enjoyed researching this college. It made me eager to apply and I hope that I get in. From what I heard it is a very good school
Spelman college is just the overall ideal of an all African-American women’s college. It gives you everything you’ve ever asked for. Not only are you connecting with other women and creating an unbreakable bond, but the college experience I’ve heard of is like no other. There’s a good student:professor ratio and there’s good people around you. You’re connected to your neighbor colleges which consist of Moorehouse and Clark. Attending Spelman gives you a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else!
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I am a proud graduate of Spelman College. The professors were awesome and they were very encouraging. They never talked in a way that said "if" you would be successful, it was "when" you were to become successful. I think that my experience at Spelman shaped who I am.
So far, I truly love being at Spelman College and being apart of the Atlanta University Center. Everyone is very nice and extremely welcoming and supportive. I love my Spelman sisters even though it's only been a few days. The campus is easy to navigate and the new student orientation has been very helpful.
Spelman was community where, I felt as though, I could be myself and express my emotions in new ways.
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