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Spelman College is the most renown college for Black women. They truly believe that desire to learn is instilled within their students, and it is their job to flesh it out.
I believe Spelman is preparing me for the next phase of my life "Medical School". Upon graduation from college, I plan to obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree and complete a rigorous residency among the nation's leading students and professionals of the OBGYN specialization.

As a practicing Physician, I will dedicate my time and efforts to making sure that the work of my hands leave an impact long after I’ve left this Earth. I will focus a lot of efforts on women in underserved communities that do not have access to holistic health and reproductive care. It is my desire to utilize my education to give back to women in communities all across this nation and beyond.
The rooms are trashy . They smell bad im going to Harvard . I thought this was the place of my dreams since all the reviews were great. I was left in disappointment. Please help. Go spend your money somewhere else.
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Great school! produce great students. I LOVE IT HERE. I would give up this experience for everything in the world. You meet the best student and learn from the best teacher. You should tour and see for yourself. The small class are a bonus
Spelman College is an amazing Mecca of black female excellence, it is a small community where woman have the resources and supports to become leaders in society. The immediate surrounding area is a low income urban area that is not very safe, but the campus itself if fully gated and heavily guarded ( trust me , any Spelmanite will tell you safety is not an issue inside of Spelman's gates ). Some limitations because of the surrounding neighborhood are quick access to local stores and businesses and the overall safety in these places. To avoid this, transportation becomes necessary and expensive (Uber, Lyft, etc.). Atlanta is a big beautiful city though full of things to explore. The rest of Spelman is what you make of it.
Spelman is an experience unlike any other. Like most schools it is what you make however unlike most schools it's designed to help young black women thrive.
I enjoy my time at Spelman College. For me it's like going to school with my family members. I feel like I'm surrounded my several of my aunts and uncles, and of course my sisters, who all want me to succeed. I feel like I'm surrounded by family members who care about my success, and who wouldn't shy away from using tough love in order to see me exceed.
My mother’s resilience, determination, and selflessness throughout her fight with breast cancer have fundamentally shaped my character and contributed to my growth. I’ve learned so much through my hardships, and they have shaped me into the young woman I am today. This experience forced me to be strong, thoughtful and highly motivated, which is a mentality I plan to bring while furthering my education. I am determined to become successful, which to me means working to be a strong student, a positive role model for my sister, and the first in my family to attend a 4-year university.
I absolutely love it! The campus is beautiful and the people there are so welcoming and warm hearted.
Spelman College is a great opportunity for any young African American woman to learn more about their true history and feel empowered by finding and understanding their true self. The environment is one of hard work, dedication, and a certain unique quality of sisterhood. Although this is a very illustrious institution it is very expensive so, if I could change one thing it would be the cost of attendance.
The food needs to change and they need more scholarship opportunities but other than that I love Spelman.
The location is a great place to consider. In Atlanta, Spelman is near many other major colleges and universities so meeting people of different background is very common. Being the number Historically Black College or University (HBCU) definitely draws the best and brightest around. Lastly, Spelman's mission to support, advance, and enlightened the community near and far is a mission many want to join. Spelman is a chance to change the world.
I was supposed to meet with an admissions counselor from Spelman, but they did not show up to our meeting.
Classes provide an open and safe environment for learning/discussions. If an all-female institution scares you, don't worry! Male students are on-campus until 12am so you'll see them around eating or interacting in different campus orgs. Also, a lot of the women at Spelman are driven and passionate so if you're a student who doesn't know exactly what they want to do yet(like me), your Spelman sisters motivate you and help guide you to finding your passion. There are also plenty of research opportunities. Spelman is also supportive of their students and will address gender/sexual discrimination or incidences as an institution. However, like any institution Spelman has its issues. Some issues include: that the cafeteria could have longer hours and better food, there needs to be more areas on campus that are open 24 hours for studying, and Spelman is really expensive (these loans are no joke)! Other than that, I love my institution and I'm proud to claim that I am a Spelmanite.
I am in love with the campus and the atmosphere surrounding the campus. I am in love with the culture there, the fact that it’s a Historically Black College and University. The school really helps young African American ladies to pave the way for their own futures, and become empowered within themselves.
I have yet to attend Spelman however I am excited about the opportunity to possibly be an attendee. Spelman is a very prestigious institute with several great programs available for the ladies to attend.
Spelman is not just an hbcu, it provides so many opportunities to do the things you want and to do what will help you succeed in college and beyond.
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Spelman has welcomed me onto its beautiful scenery and I enjoyed their company. It make you feel as though you are at home and I have became friends with some of my soon to be Spelsisters.
Their admissions counselor is VERY welcoming. She has a great vibe and she's easy to talk to. She made a great impression.
Although I am not in college yet, I did receive the significant opportunity to tour the campus of Spelman College. My experience so far with the school has been amazing! I absolutely adore the enthusiasm and energy that the campus itself offers.
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