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I was so impressed with the campus and the campus's attention to safety. I will be very comfortable knowing my daughter is safe while attending college.
Spelman College has a phenomenal women education program and is rated worlds best black female university of all time.
Spelman is a wonderful college for young black women looking for a rigorous educational experience while being surrounded by other like minded black women. Spelman allows young woman to create their own safe community for themselves while still being able to connect and interact with students from Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University. Spelman is an institution that houses some of the most beautiful and brilliant black minds in the country and helps ready black women for success.
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Spelman cultivates girls into woman and gives them the opportunity to grow within themselves and their community. One thing that needs improvement is the transition for transfer students.
I really enjoyed researching this college. It made me eager to apply and I hope that I get in. From what I heard it is a very good school
Spelman college is just the overall ideal of an all African-American women’s college. It gives you everything you’ve ever asked for. Not only are you connecting with other women and creating an unbreakable bond, but the college experience I’ve heard of is like no other. There’s a good student:professor ratio and there’s good people around you. You’re connected to your neighbor colleges which consist of Moorehouse and Clark. Attending Spelman gives you a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else!
I am a proud graduate of Spelman College. The professors were awesome and they were very encouraging. They never talked in a way that said "if" you would be successful, it was "when" you were to become successful. I think that my experience at Spelman shaped who I am.
So far, I truly love being at Spelman College and being apart of the Atlanta University Center. Everyone is very nice and extremely welcoming and supportive. I love my Spelman sisters even though it's only been a few days. The campus is easy to navigate and the new student orientation has been very helpful.
Spelman was community where, I felt as though, I could be myself and express my emotions in new ways.
Spelman is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. You're bound to be successful after attending. From your first semester there, Spelman will make sure that you are educated about your past, present, and your future. The opportunities are bountiful. The bond you have with your sisters (current students and alumna) is unmatched and untouchable. Spelman College should be on every young black girl's college list.
Spelman College is a great place for open-minded, driven, outspoken young women. I believe Spelman prepares young black women for real-world circumstances as well as provides you resources that other institutions may not provide. However, I do recommend doing your research prior to applying or entering the gates of Spelman. The rules are strict and the women are fierce.
Spelman has such a loving atmosphere where you will feel seen, important, and a part of a loving black female community that is still full of diverse individuals. This institution pushes you to grow into the best person that you can be.
I love and cherish my institution for instilling in me the value of education, networking, focus and dedication. The opportunities that are available at Spelman are unmatched. I have had the chance to learn, grow, and thrive as an individual at Spelman, and I appreciate the journey that it has brought me.
I am a perspective student looking to attend and I visited the school for my sweet 16 and I must say everything about Spelman is great and I wouldn’t change a thing
Academics at Spelman are held to a very high degree, proving valuable in and out of the classroom. There are many connections an opportunities as well. The only thing I don't like is the environment of the campus fluctuates between supportive and unhealthily competitive making it easy for some students to only succeed based on who likes them and vice versa.
I love the sisterhood and overall culture at Spelman and within the AUC. However, I would like to see better financial support from the college to students.
I love that Spelman provides an environment where everyone can express themselves in the way that they choose. It is a safe space, inspiration, and rigorous place all in one!
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I have only completed my first year at Spelman College and I'm considering transferring for my sophomore year so I can properly prepare for my remanding years of school. My freshman dorm was fairly poor considering the amount of money I paid for the institution. Very small rooms, no air conditioning in the hot Atlanta heat, and half of the showers working in the community bathroom. Although there are various cons about this school I enjoy the small campus and diversity of clubs, organizations, and people in one small environment. Having Morehouse and Clark Atlanta made my Spelman experience better. Ultimately, COLLEGE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.
My experience with Spelman College was like no other. Spelman is very welcoming, humble and caring. The sister bond is strong, everyone strives to help others and themselves succeed. The environment is very strong, black excellence and confidence. Like the motto "A choice to Change the World", I am choosing Spelman because I know with my education there just like my sisters I too can change the world.
I loved the environment of the school. Black women are encouraged to not only embrace their pursuit towards a higher field of education but also accept themselves as women of color in America.
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