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My experience with Spelman College was like no other. Spelman is very welcoming, humble and caring. The sister bond is strong, everyone strives to help others and themselves succeed. The environment is very strong, black excellence and confidence. Like the motto "A choice to Change the World", I am choosing Spelman because I know with my education there just like my sisters I too can change the world.
I loved the environment of the school. Black women are encouraged to not only embrace their pursuit towards a higher field of education but also accept themselves as women of color in America.
As a black woman, spelman was the perfect place that I felt I could really succeed. One thing that they pride themselves on is being a support system for us young black women, who try everything to help us succeed. There are an extensive amount of opportunities as well at spelman!
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This notorious HBCU is an amazing college for young black women that intend to be trailblazers in today's society.
Spelman is an amazing institution––coming here is the best decision I have made! Professors are supportive, campus culture is affirming, and you truly learn how to become a strong-minded, informed young woman with the passion to positively change the world.
Spelman College provides students with a positive environment with strong academic programs, excellent professors who are encouraging and supportive and available to meet with students. The class size is small and offers student the opportunity to get to know their teachers. The campus is safe and the food is very good.
School is super expensive, get your money's worth, please. There are of opportunities seize them. I love the small size great for classes. They care about you but do not forget college is still a business. If this is your dream school but you can not afford to go you are not missing out. Do not put yourself in a massive debt hole for Spelman. Housing for freshmen is definitely not worth the price but it is what it is.
Spelman College is an exceptional institution for the furthering of education for black women. It creates an environment for strong minded women and a feeling of home within the Atlanta University Center.
Spelman has cultivated the perfect community for a challenging academic career and a vigorous social life. The students are extremely involved on campus with various organizations on campus. Each night, there is some sort of activity going on. The LGBTQ+ community is supportive and active on campus. The class sizes are small at an average of 10-20 students. The professors are engaged with their students so the 50 minute classes go by quickly. The sisterhood at this all women's institution is competitive, but also supportive with a plethora of resources available around campus. My experience at Spelman continues to shape me into an independent woman with strong connections to carry me in the working world.
I love Spelman and can't wait to study there in the fall. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. Everyone there seems to have the same determined mindset for success, and I believe that is important for achieving my goals; to have a community of people around who are determined to succeed.
My experience at Spelman College has been great! I've met many new people all over the world, learned more about my history of being a descendant of African people, and the environment here breeds greatness.
Being a student at Spelman College, I feel as though I haven't made a better decision in my life. Surrounding myself with so many driven women and men with Morehouse College being right outside the Spelman gates, has been very empowering.
It's a pretty good school, although the fees and tuition is kind of expensive and the campus food isn't worth the money
i like the atmosphere and the sense of community. I feel as though the environment at spelman is one where someone from far away can feel like family. The sisterhood is amazing. The faith there is outstanding. It was just an overall comfy and cozy place.
Spelman will most likely be worth it after I receive my degree. Currently, it is a money drain. Housing is of just about the lowest quality possible. It's quite unacceptable. The administration is often unnecessarily rude and will give you the runaround before admitting that they don't know the answer to a question or request. This is extremely offputting and quite honestly, discouraging. I wish that the administration here would respect and support that as opposed to seemingly purposely making students feel uncomfortable for simply asking for help. I feel as though many of the people who are supposed to be here for me are snickering and scoffing at me behind my back. Perhaps it's just the price I pay to attend an all women's college. It's just unfortunate that the same cattiness and problematic behavior has seemingly followed me from high school... and by the administration, no less.
Spelman is an amazing institution. The women here are inspiring and the faculty are polite and caring. Being a student here also gives you unique and productive networking and internship opportunities. This school is extremely expensive, but if you can get here it is well worth the price.
I am currently a Freshman at Spelman College. It is an excellent school that pushes you and teaches you how to be your best self. A Spelman College woman is a trail blazer.
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I like that they are a very dedicated institution. The classes are rigorous and challenging. I know it will prepare me for Medical School. I wish they had longer cafeteria hours because students get hungry at night. I wish there were places to eat out near by. I like that they had many study abroad programs, which encourage us to travel. There are many organizations available, but I find it a bit difficult to balance a personal life while keeping grades up. I like the African Diaspora and The World class that is required for all students but it's nearly impossible to get a high grade if you don't participate in the class discussion.
Spelman College has a great talk, but not such a great walk. Pros: the school is very invested in bettering its students and the careers department is amazing! Cons: the foods terrible, housing is terrible, and they mostly only care about bettering students who are science majors. OH and the party scene is non-existent.
I enjoy the comradere among women, and
sharing our heritages. I love ❤️ that I have learned about my own culture, and not just read about it, but have been able to participate in marches for injustice to bring notice to issues. Although, Spelman is an HBCU, it does not discriminate on the basis of race, and instead teaches ALL women to believe in themselves, and to empower women to leave a positive mark on this world.
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