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I love it here hands on training is perfect and instructors are very detailed and professional and have experience backgrounds.
I did two programs at this trade school and those two years were the best school experiences I've ever had. Every single day was learning something new in a fun way. Since each course only took a year, it was definitely challenging in that it was a lot of knowledge thrown at you in a short period of time, but the instructors knew how to do their job and made learning fun for everyone. Being that their instructors are also well established in media careers aside from teaching was very helpful. They had inside knowledge that other may not have had, had they not done the work themselves.
Most of the social scene is between you and your classmates. You are with the same group of people throughout the year program. This makes for great group work and social interaction. In my class we even have our own Facebook site where we talk about the assignments and the classes themselves. The only thing I would choose to change out the facilities is the outdoor sitting area and the indoor break area. Neither are very large to accommodate the student population. Furthermore the outdoor sitting area is the smoking zone and if you are not a smoker it is unpleasant to sit outside.
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For this program you have two classes going at the same time for up to an eight week period. The classes meet once a week, so you are only in class for two days out of the week. The rest of the assignments and studies are done on your own time in the online course work. Each of these classes has in-class assignments and online assignments due at the end of each week.
I really love the online classes because it allows me to go to school and still have a job. The professors are quick to respond to emails and help clarify the assignments. I still get to interact with my classmates through online forums. The workload is within reason and the layout of the online classes are easy to comprehend such as deadlines for assignments.
I think the real value of the tuition cost is in the professors, equipment, and hands-on experience received while at Specs Howard. Of course none of us like to spend a lot of money on a quality education but the reward of a good career that you love should be worth something. The financial aid department is very helpful to students in financial need. I would suggest to any new student at Specs Howard just to visit with them and see what they can offer you.
The classes individually only meet once a week so the communication between student and professor is mainly done online but this does not stop students from being successful and working with professors for their best possible work. The registration process was basic. It included an aptitude test, an outline of the course, a registration fee, and working with an advisor to get the best possible program.
I am in the Graphic Design program and I love it. This program comes with a Mac Pro and the Adobe Systems software. The curriculum is quite extensive and sometimes extremely difficult but there are plenty of resources in order to be a success. In this program we learn how to use all the Adobe Systems, learn web design, client communication and public speaking skills.
At Specs Howard most students only interact with their classmates since it is a commuter school. But these classmates become close friends through the course by collaboration and group projects much like co-workers in the job environment.
This school offers a computer lab in order for students to use the equipment outside of the classroom and to seek help from experienced professors. Each classroom has full access to a printer and a matting room to finalize their designs. The school uses an online system for students to participate in online courses which makes the program all the more efficient. Each student is also given a personal computer equipped with the latest Adobe Systems software in order to do each assignment and online class work.
Specs Howard provides the equipment needed for students to learn skills specific to their field. There is a common room for students to mingle and share ideas. The computer lab is available during normal school hours for students to collaborate with professors and professional about assignments or job experience.
Specs Howard provides each student with the equipment needed to learn the skills needed in their pursued careers. The campus may seem small for a trade school but this does not hold them back for preparing students in hands-on experience. The professors know what businesses are looking for in their employees and prepare students to meet those needs with innovation and professionalism.
very hands on and only have class twice a week but not alot of homework hours. more hands on learning
it has all the equipment needed for broadcast media and journalism such as television equipment and radio studio equipment
lots of hands on equipment very helpful staff and they are nice and caring people
The students at Specs Howard are very diverse. There is a great mix of ages, races, and gender. Also, it's very interesting to pay attention to the lifestyles of my classmates. The students at Specs Howard make the experience very enjoyable.
The financial aid at Specs Howard was very helpful. The financial aid dept. gave me step by step instructions and told me exactly what to expect when applying for financial aid.
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The Career Services at Specs Howard seem great. However, getting an appointment to actually talk to them is a hassle. The emails they send back are very vague and they never offer to meet with you. It seems like they are only focused on looking for the best students, not helping out the ones that are interested in finding jobs.
Everyone is there to help with anything you need. There are plenty of computer bays for the students to use, and we each get our own laptop to use while we attend. The tech support is par none and is always ready to help you with any issues you might possibly have.
The Specs Howard student body is probably the most diverse group I have ever been a part of, however there is one commonality- all of the students are intensely passionate about art. There are students who are weak academically, others who are very strong. There is a very diverse group in terms of race, religion, and sexual orientation. Some of the students are older parents, spouses and employees and others are fresh high school graduates. There is no rule when it comes to the economic background either. There is a pretty big mix!
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