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I like how cheap this college is. That was my main factor in attendance. I like how laid back the atmosphere is opposed to NGU or BJU.
I enjoyed most of the professors that worked there. One of the things I would change are the food options and the hours of operation at the food establishments to better accommodate those who are still in class when they're open but close once they're dismissed from class.
I attended Spartanburg Methodist college because I need a school close to home and a school that would help me start off my college career successfully. SMC was able to guide me in the right path to help me transfer and prepare for a university. SMC also professor are very hands on and helpful, if you are looking for a school that will not only help u but give u the college experience.
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What I liked the most was the people I was able to meet and the oppurtunities I reached, like my new position as an RA for the Kingman building.
The teachers are very nice and helpful to my education, I am very happy I started close to home and am able to have a quick way there and back. the environment is nice and clean too.
The school is great. There is a lot of support from both faculty and students. The professors know you by name. It is a great opportunity and everyone is like family.
Spartanburg methodist college is a 2 year libral arts schools. Its like a big family, you instantly feel welcomed. A home away from home. It is small and the classrooms are very personal. Professors make time so that you can meet with them and discuss grades or get extra help. They want you to succeed in your career and personal life. Residence life could use improvement, the school is old and they dont have many people over that department. Campus life is enjoyable. Most times there is always something going on around campus. I wish that it was more private due to the area. A school that offers options and support is great for saving money.
Spartanburg Methodist College was a great starting point for my college career. The professors push one to be the best that they can be. One namely is Dr. Keisler who teaches economics. Although I am not going into the field, everyday I was in the class, I was fully engaged into the lesson to the point where at one time it made me want to be an economist. Next SMC's athletic programs are amazing in their preparation for athletes to take the next steps in their athletic careers. My cross country coach put me through so many tough workouts that pushed me to be better and PR I didn't know what to do. Lastly, SMC hosted a number of different events where students met different people from all over the country and even from other countries to come together and mingle and have a great time. This is where I met my group of best friends. They are all like brothers to me and we talk everyday and have a good time ever since we met at SMC.
I am currently a freshman in Spartanburg Methodist and I absolutely happy with the choice I made to attend here. I love the campus and atmosphere of it all. Professors and faculty are very nice and helpful. There are many student activities and clubs that are offered such as environmental and entrepreneur clubs. I would only change the food in the cafeteria, the selection is good but the effort could be better.
Really nice small two year college. Definitely good if you want to get through pre-requisites first before your major classes. Finish with an Associates degree in the field of study for major.
What I like about my college is that we have small classes and so the teachers get to know us very well and help us whenever we need help. Also my college is close to home.
Spartanburg Methodist College is the best two-year college you can attend to in South Carolina. The staff are super friendly, the professor work with you. The atmosphere make you feel welcome and its like a family.
I did not have to retake any classes once I transferred unless I did not make a c or above
Private colleges are hard to get credits transferred, but this school has courses that transfer to a lot of schools
Professors are very go with working one on one times
I love my professor also my advisor she works with all her students that come to her for help
It's good for a two year private college but I can also get the same services at a four year
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It was a challenge at first but once everything was sorted out it was much easier.
I selected okay because I did not take any online courses.
I only put that it was okay because I do not know very much about the post-grad services at my school
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