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I'm 40yrs young. G.E.D. only. So I really didn't know what to expect. I assumed it would start with boring things like math ,English, history, and everything that most forget out of high school but that wasn't the case here at Spartan. I am part of the Hybrid program but I expect when I get to Tulsa. It will be just as great there. I love the fact that we jumped in feet first and began learning things we actually will need to know about the career we are pursuing. AAAA+++++ I love it
This school has been known to pay people for false positive reviews, beware. They are still on the government's watch list for heightened cash monitoring. I attended the NDT program and finished but I regret not researching it first. Tulsa welding school has most of the same classes for much cheaper. How can this place justify charging almost 20k but have a problem with roaches? Please research, read REAL reviews and save yourself a lot of money and heart ache.
Not worth the money. This place is falling apart. Parts that you work on are trash. Hardly any of the planes work. They teach you things that don't pertain to what you will need to know. The tool they offer are over priced. Not worth the student loans in the ending.
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If you’re passionate and have a love for Aviation. Spartan college of Aerounatics & Technology is for you. Yes you do not get to party every night, have a sports team to cheer for and let’s you get away with drugs and alcohol like a regular University. Spartan expect’s there students to be hard working, dedicated and motivated to be the very best they can be. To succeed and excel in what ever profession in aviation the student desires. Thanks to the discipline that Spartan has taught me. I can now call my self a pilot and I can pursue my dreams to become a professional pilot. I am beyond proud to call myself a Spartan!
I dunno how this school received a rating above one star overall. Go to am actual site like college review dot co. This school was nothing but one huge regret and it is obvious that a lot of the really "positive" reviews are here are either fake or from the aeronautics program. However, the nondestructice technician program is where they primarily seem to rip us off. It is a joke. Tulsa welding school offers many of the same classes. Wish I would have known that beforehand....
Spartan college of aeronautics and technology is a good fast paced school to attend to in order to receive a certificate and license to pursue in working on today aircrafts.. also the instructors that have 30 plus years of experience teaching us makes a huge difference from a regular college to a hands on college with teachers will show how it is in the work field on how things are done properly like working on sheet metal.. the proper formation and dementions in order to fabricate a fuselage for example. This school is by far excellent in their curriculum.
This college truly is an amazing college, the people here are great people they know how to teach you the curriculum and they have tutoring to help you out. The community is great, the dorms are excellent and they ensure your safety.
This place is a total scam. Please do not go there. Credits won't transfer. They claim to be the best school but is actually a joke in the aviation community.
I have had extra support.
I think that Spartan carry's some weight in the real world of avionics.
I like the teaching technique of hands on.
I am happy learning hands on.
I like the hands on work.
I can become a Radiologist with my NonDestructive Testing degree.
I'm am not able to transfer credits to another school. Not much frustrating because I'm very interested in the program I'm im
The college doesn't offer online classes. Everything is in the classroom.
These services are very helpful. Always giving us emails and alerts about coming into career center to work on resumes and setting up interviews with local jobs and companies.
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My experience so far while attending school is going pretty good very fun. My professors are very cool and seem very passionate with their job. The class sizes are not large so it makes it easier on the students and professors.
After finishing school I will earn an AMP Certificate. This certificate will open up a lot of doors for me in looking for a career job. Many jobs are looking for AMP'S. The recruiting on this campus is very active new students are entering the campus daily.
The best thing about the program I'm in in is there is always help when you need it. School is very helpful with getting you a job. The teaching staff is also there with you at all times.
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