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Sowela Technical Community College Reviews

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When getting in contact with Sowela it was very easy and stress free. They were always there ti answer the phone when needed and made everything for their students and future students stress free.
The professionalism and the ambition of the student community and staff. The campus is located on a new location.
The school is nice. They are expanding and becoming more up to date. The teachers here are helpful for the most part. Of course you run into those who could care less. The campus looks really great also. They have a game room on campus. Since the school has expanded they have places you can study. They also have a cafe. They offer free tutoring for those who can't afford a tutorer. They have an outdoor patio you can sit and eat your food. they also have different computer labs so you print out any papers you may need for free.
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SOWELA is a wonderful college. There are many opportunities to better your education before entering the workforce.
The small class sizes make your educational experience very personal. When you walk across the stage at graduation most your professors will know you by name and will be cheering you on from the stands. Also the price of tuition is much more affordable than going to a four year university for the same degrees.
I love the environment. They made the enrollment process so smooth. The classes are affordable and interesting. The nursing program is the best in my area. I would choose nowhere to go but to this college.
I love this college,because everyone I have met and tried to give you their all in every major you try to pursue, their is an an atmosphere of care among the instructors you get.Every instructor that I had has given me the correct advice about what to do and what to take to continue on in my major I have been graced to do for the rest of my life. I thank God for this opportunity to take of those who are need of help in their time of need.
A small college that allows you the resources to get your study in. Staff that actually cares about the students and really works with you to not only do well in your studies but to exceed after graduation.
As Student Government Association Vice President at SOWELA Technical Community College, I am learning how to sharpen my leadership skills by attending the COSBP meetings at the different colleges and universities throughout the State of Louisiana. As Louisiana State Secretary for SkillsUSA, I am able to use the technical skills that I have acquired here at SOWELA Technical Community College while serving in this capacity.
Sowela Technical Community College is very progressive in helping students follow the best path to success in education, job search, and personal growth opportunities.
I am currently sitting a semester out because I was not able to pay out of pocket, so I will be back in January. Sowela Tech. is a nice school, it has so many majors to choose from, very diverse, clean, great education, I don't have any complaints about Sowela.
I really like the small classes at Sowela. Its easy to talk to your professor one on one and it’s easier to ask a question if you don’t understand.
From what I’ve seen so far it is amazing and anyone who attends is being guided and blessed truly the staff is friendliness and willingness is immaculate Go! And attend !! See for yourself what sowela has to offer and not only are the people lovely the prices per class are heavenly !!!!
The campus is new and improving. The professors go above and beyond to help students and the classes are open to discussion. Even parking is good.
They are very professional with everything they do to help you accomplish things in life. They always there to give you a help hand. To get you the level you need to be at. I would be starting school this fall, and I very excited about this although a lil scare at the same time, being that I’ve been out of school since 2004. I’m am a mother of 3 lovely adults, and they always encouging me to presume my career. I’m looking forward for a Bless school this semester, I’m proud of who I am and grateful for the opportunity to go back to to school
Warm and welcoming atmosphere along with great teachers and faculty members that will help you as much as you need.
My experience so far at Sowela, I'd have to say is amazing. My 1st year experience was great. I was involved and doing really well academically due to my amazing teachers and just the great vibe there. I'd recommend anyone to sowela, they have such a homey vibe. The staff is great, and they do all they can to help you. Sowela's services for students are great, I know the tutoring for sure is amazing as I've heard from other student peers. The diversity is amazing you see all kinds of ethnics there and everyone gets along pretty well for the most part. The campus has gone from just a tiny one building campus to their expansion which it now looks like a valued community college. Their student center is great, I love hanging out there through breaks, food is good, the area in general is pretty good. I wish they had fraternities and sororities.
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I haven't began classes yet but will in 2 weeks. However, so far my experience has been good. All the staff has been so helpful-making it very easy to register and begin my school career
I am a 42 year old that decided to go back to school for Process Technology. The instructors are very helpful and the campus has grown so much from when I attended in 1991. I love this college it is much better than going to MCNEESE in my eyes!
I have had a great experience at Sowela Technical Community College. I have been able to take almost every one of my classes online, which is important because I work full-time. Also, having two campuses is very convenient.
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