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I attended Southwestern University my freshman year to play football. I t was a very good school and I enjoyed it. The dorms, food, athletics, etc. was all fantastic. The curriculum was pretty tough and I lost a lot of college credits once I left so that I was not too happy about. Other than that it was a pretty decent school.
Entering Southwestern as a freshman was a bit scary, but right away my nerves were settled. I have already found wonderful friends, helpful professors and a great place in Georgetown.
SU's professors care about their students, give you a lot of opportunities to engage, and are willing to help you excel. They tend to expect a lot from their students, which is appreciated by those who understand that college = more work. I would give the faculty an A-, at least in the science department.
As far as most of the student body is concerned, SU is like High School Part 2. There are a lot of sheltered, immature kids here. Many of the students come from very privileged backgrounds, and don't even realize, much less appreciate, how good they have it. As someone who had to work hard and earn the ability to go to college at all, I find it a little frustrating.
The school also makes life WAY more difficult than necessary for non-trad students, or anyone who has a job and lives off-campus. Some classes have test times or tutoring sessions only in the evenings.
If I could start over, I would rather have gone to a large public school like UT, where everyone's more down-to-earth.
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I love Southwestern University. The classes are very challenging, but the professors are more than willing to help students. The campus itself is beautiful, and the Georgetown/Austin area is a great place to be filled with many opportunites.
Before starting my freshman year, the experience was enjoyable. The staff are very friendly and helpful as well as the students. The environment is a good one, one that I will definitely enjoy learning in.
Although at first glance I was not completely sure SU would be the school for me, after simply days there I knew that I was home. The classes are small, and the teachers truly care about the individual educations of their students. I was so encouraged in my desire to pursue not only a double major, but a minor as well. Southwestern truly encourages you to reach for your dreams. And they have so many resources available for you to actually achieve those dreams. I have found lifelong mentors and friends at Southwestern, and I highly recommend it to all!
Southwestern University allows for students to reach their full potential with rigorous curriculum; promotes a passion for young adults towards intellectual and personal growth; allows students to express their opinions openly; encourages diversity within the community; encourages students towards activism in the pursuit of justice and the common good.
If you want the small school experience, you'll definitely get it at SU. Tiny classes, and you develop close relationships even with professors you only have once. The small school experience is noticeable when it comes to campus-wide events (been improving in recent years) and greek life. Overall, I enjoyed the opportunities given to me at SU. The administration is somewhat shady/greedy, but that's typical of any school. Also, the school is notorious about covering up unsightly occurrences such as sexual assault and accidents that happen on campus. So if you find yourself in the midst of that stuff and no one is listening, SPEAK UP - protests can and have been very effective. Horrible food. Beautiful, beautiful campus. Very expensive.
Georgetown is a pretty down to earth city; the square & Blue Hole are nice. Everything pretty much closes at 7 or 8 pm because the population the makes up the city is pretty much old people.
Most of the people that come here are from small private high schools & are pretty sheltered. I guess in college they feel the need to party to an excessive extent. The whole school revolves around greek life - and this is why we’re in trouble with Title IX involving rape cases.
I once asked my professor why he made his test so much different than his assignments & he responded: "Welcome to college." There aren't many majors here. Not a lot of people know about this school outside of the area, unless they did research.
There are no healthy food choices here. Everything is pretty much preserved or has an unnecessary amount of preservatives or just fried. There was even a caterpillar in the sandwich. There's a reason it's a D-.
If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't come back.
It offers a lot of excellent information about the majors offer and what steps to take to continue with your studies, good and safe area to live while pursuing your career.
Southwestern University is an amazing university that is fine-tuned to prepare students to be anything that they set out to be. The liberal-arts roots paired with the idea of "lifelong learing" insure that the students will be successful for the rest of their adult lives.
So far so good. I have had a ton of access to resources for me to succeed academically. I play on a great sports team and my teammates are great. But socially, it's been a little hard to really bond with everyone. I am not extremely close to more than 2 people, but I do have people I can hang out with and go to a party with. Just not many lifelong friends the way people picture college.
Professors are probably the best in the world honestly.
You will get a job after graduation. Southwestern has a good name for itself.
Sexual assault isn't taken as seriously as it should be.
It's a place to stay that isn't costing me a trillion dollars so it's ok in my book. Nothing too fancy.
Greek life is great on campus. They are all really nice and interact with people who aren't even in their sorority/fraternity. They throw great parties and are welcoming to everyone.
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Our football team definitely needs some fine tuning. Our other sports are actually pretty good but no one seems to care since it's not football, after all we do live in Texas.
If I could do it all over, I probably wouldn't choose to go to Southwestern. No, it's not a terrible school but it isn't the greatest either. For me, it's the size of campus. I feel as though I am back in HS and I'd much prefer to go to a bigger school. However, since I am basically stuck and SU for the next three years I am going to choose to make the best of it.
I do not know enough on the subject in order to elaborate when it comes to jobs. however, our Careers Services Center is very helpful in finding internships for us in the area. They have a list of students who have obtain different internships and these students are available to be contacted if you want information. They also host a formal dinner where some of these students talk about their experiences through those internships and what they recommend. They host other events to this effect to help connect students to prospective employers such as BBQs with employers in the area and internship fairs on campus. The people at the center sit down with you and help you make a plan based on your interests. Whether you are looking into something worthwhile to do during the summer or polishing up your resume, they are willing to help you. They are very friendly and welcoming.
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