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This is a great college for the price, the professors care about your education and work with you to figure things out.
I really enjoyed my year at Southwestern. I was a part of the swim team. The best part about this school is that it's small and friendly. My friends and I enjoyed finding new places to eat and spending a lot of time at the beach.
I went to SWOCC on a tuition waiver to swim on their swim team. The class selections were limited but the class sizes are small and you get a lot of attention. You can live on campus which is great because it gives you the 4-year college experience on a 2-year campus. Campus is small but really beautiful. It's a dry campus so if you're looking for a "party school" this is not the place for you.
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I love and enjoy this school! Best place to start out your higher education learning at by far! The campus is big and lovely, and filled with art nature and lots of bubbly students. Rain or shine, classes go on!
Southwestern is a very small but nice campus. Everyone is friendly towards everyone. SWOCC is close to the beach. The pacific northwest is a very nice place to live in.
I attended the culinary program and I absolutely loved it!!! Amazing courses and very detailed. The professors really make sure that you understand the content and understand that you're still human and stuff happens and they're willing to work with you.
The students and instructors are super nice and helpful there's also I very large tutoring lab for all your needs. The courses are easy to learn and most instructors keep it interesting! There's a ton of student activities and student discounts throughout the city!
Teachers here are great , all my teachers are wonderful and very nice completely understanding very helpful and caring for all of the students here . On the other hand the students here are very rude and loud they aren't caring for others . they are mean not helpful I will be leaving this school
The campus is beautiful and I enjoy most of my classes. I don't really appreciate the food, but the town is small enough that it's easy to just go somewhere off campus to eat.
For being a Community College, Southwestern Oregon Community College really has a lot to offer. There are currently two campus's, online courses, and several trade programs to choose from. They are also currently in the works of building a science wing that will allow them to expand their current nursing program and allow for more medical programs.
Southwester Oregon community college is a nice place. a really cool campus and nice people. My teachers are very helpful people. I wouldn't change anything about that school.
Southwestern is the home of The Lakers. I had been out of school for ten years, I was worried that I wouldn't succeed in this new adventure. I came to Southwestern to prove something to myself and others that said I wouldn't succeed in college, also to help me emotionally because I felt unworthy because I had done nothing with my life. So I decided to go to college and that I could fail or succeed, I needed up getting honor roll or dean's list the first three terms of my college career. SWOCC is the best place to try something new and succeed at something you never thought you could. The teachers, faculty and advisers are here to help you succeed and be the best you can be, they are here to help you find the degree for you to have the best future you can. If you have no clue what you want to study at college and that is holding you back from going to college then come to SWOCC in Coos Bay, OR and find the best version of yourself.
To start off im in sports and its changed my life in all good ways giving me skill to better my self. Secondly, I had money problems do to financial ups and downs on my end and they have worked with me the entire way having my Needs met and being able to meet most compromises needed to help me stay in school to further my education all in all very well held together staff and program to start the learning process of college life and give you skills on dealing with problems in the future of the outside world.
My experiences has been great. The perfessor A are very help full and want you to succeed. Campus is very wonderful
Depending on what you're going for, the professors may be super helpful, or they may not be. First stop is rude, and always unhelpful.
Coos Bay is a very small town to begin with, so the school was very small especially for a community college. There is a mix between good professors who want you to succeed and then there's also professors who do not really care whether you pass or fail the class and will judge you based on where you want to transfer next. This is quite disappointing because this happened to me, and it really does impact your grade and overall self esteem. However, it was nice that the school was small enough to where the instructors knew you personally and asking questions was easy. The campus is run-down, however there is student pride there and it was definitely an experience to remember.
My schedule was fine. It was not as flexible as I would've liked because certain core classes were only offered and certain days/times.
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Most of the online classes I took were a waste of time. The professors did not seem to care and they were usually difficult to get a hold of, especially in the summer term. Only a few of them were beneficial but the success was dependent on me as the student because the professor did little to no teaching. They are self-teaching classes for self-motivating students.
Overall had great classes and great teachers where I learned a lot. A few classes were pointless and I did not learn anything new or beneficial. One class was extremely hard with about 95% of the class failing. I notified a professor but he did nothing to talk to the professor about the percentage of the class that was failing. This was frustrating and the professor was at fault, not the students.
Not really sure. Wasn't involved
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