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I went to southwestern oklahoma state university as a freshman fresh out of high school. I started at swosu at Sayre then after two years moved to Wosu in Altus to finish my associate nursing degree with the remote site of Elk City. Now after being a RN for the past 8 years I am back at swosu working on getting my BSN. I am doing the online schooling this time around and I have enjoyed not having to go into class. Working full time and being a full time student is challenging. One thing I’m not happy about is the cost. I am not on campus for the day to day life of a college student but I feel like the tuition I have paid would be enough for an on campus student.
I really like Southwestern so far. It fits my personality. I like small, but it's not too small. Since I've never been to college before, I don't know what I would change; but I really like it here so far.
Southwestern is a great campus for many, but for me it is average. The professors are wonderful and helpful and the campus is beautiful. The smaller size limits the opportunities there are for some but this school is perfect for those wanting a small town college experience.
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I learned more in my associate degree than at SWOSU working on my bachelor's degree. Extremely difficult to work with on simple things like transcript requests from other universities. Some of the professors are really awesome but overall the so called educators are in need of education. More party time than learning time.
Life is good in the Weatherford overall. People are friendly; school is reasonably good. The staff is so helpful and friendly all over the departments I came across. I'm in love the teaching staff as well, at least till now all of those who taught me are willing to help students to get the most out of the courses. But sure no pain no gain. If you want good grades, you would have to work for it.
Its a great school. The classes are smaller, you get one on one interaction with the teachers. The campus isn't too big.
South Western Oklahoma State University is a great school if you plan on going into a science major. They have a great science program and they want to see you succeed. One thing that could change is that the buildings are a little out dated. If you plan on living in the dorms, Don't!
The college has strong science based programs. Most of professors are willing to work with you and want you to do your best. The town is very small, there is little to nothing to do.
SWOSU provides the education and experience one needs to start a career while also allowing for meaningful relationships to form between classmates and instructors for years to come. It is one community with the sole focus of helping each other to be the best they can be. There's also plenty of free food and fun activities to keep the student life interesting.
I really enjoy SWOSU. The environment is very friendly and feels like a home away from home. There is a lot of student involvement. The professors are really understanding and help you out when needed.
This is a great college if you are looking for a homey feeling. It is small, but not too small. Just the right size if you are coming from a smaller school.
The town is very comfortable to live in. The college overall is in a great community. The academics here are very challenging. The classroom size is very comfortable and their is more one on one time with the professors.
Great online RN-BSN Program! Professors were always readily available for questions and assistance. It was a very positive experience towards the future of my career.
It is an overall great school and I had a wonderful experience there. I wish I could go back and do it all over again!
Although schools want us to have place to eat, i don't think that you should force the resident in the dorm to have a certain amount of meal plan, and the cafeteria in school is not serving healthy food, it's always pizza, fried foods, and that is not good for the health. We are destroying the healthy body that our parents tried to build up for a long time.
This is a great small town school. It can be very personalized to what you need and what you are looking for. The only advice i would give is to really look in to what professor will be teaching your class. There are some professors whose classes are much more difficult than others
I am a freshman at SWOSU so I don't have much experience yet. However, I do believe that I have made the right decision by coming here and I know that if anyone is worries about attending SWOSU, you shouldn't be. Most of all the professors are very kind and understanding. All of the faculty members are very nice as well. I've never felt more at home and I know it'll only get better from here.
Review Southwestern Oklahoma State University
This is an amazing campus. But you can get lost. All teachers were very nice and caring. I went there for college night got a free seat to the football game. And they even won!!
As a transfer student, I found this college not only a good place to transfer to, but superior in every way from the previous college I went to! The campus feels more inviting and open, settled in a safe environment, with great classes and professors, and getting the best education for a fair cost! Though the dorms and food are fine, they could be better, and if you're someone that likes to party, then don't be too impressed, since you either gotta go off campus, or be in some sort of academic club or nerd group to party. Overall, it's a must choose for anyone going into college!
I believe that the party experience has a positive impact on the student experience of it is done within moderation. It gives you the chance to learn what it's like to let loose in a generally safe environment.
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