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My experience at SIPI has been great overall. It is a great school that will bridge your education from high school to any major college you would like to go to. It also has a great programs in optics, culinary, and pre-engineering.
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute is a great school to attend. The classes are instructed by professors that care about your education. The classes are smaller than classes at a large university. the cost of tuition is low and everyone is friendly. I would recommend SIPI to anyone looking for a small community with plenty of opportunities to be involved.
Its a very good school. Its affordable school for me and it close to home. The dorms are old and need upgraded but overall its a great school gor Native Americans
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It's a very good school, the professors gives you one on one lectures. Materials are there to help you complete college.
This was a great college experience and it was pretty affordable too! I double majored and was able to get a great education for a reasonable amount! I was truly blessed to find such an amazing opportunity for myself! I loved the Albuquerque life as well so many places to see, eat and hang out! Overall once in a lifetime opportunity, loved it❣️
They don't have night classes but they try to work with your personal schedule. The instructors are willing to work with you and that made things easier. It wasn't hassle to transfer my credits but, scheduling for my classes was a hassle. You have to go to you're adviser to reschedule but, before that you have to pay for your fees.
There were some days where I wouldn't finish my assignments but, I did the reading or I did the assignment but, not the reading. At first, it wasn't hard but, when the number of assignments increased, then things started to be unorganized. I put more effort at trying to learn the course online than just me going to class. My instructor was always there to help and if she wasn't then I could email her.
I'm not really sure, but there seems to more post-grads every semester. Half of the students there already have jobs
I love my professors and when I need help, they're welcome to stay behind and help me. The topics are very interesting and sometimes hard to comprehend but, with the tutors there, it was becoming easy to keep up. There's only a limited of classes offered for every course, the classes are small or sometimes packed. Each class has a different style where students are working in class or online.
Students here are wanting to go further in their education as well as find a career that they're passionate in. There's work study here and some of the employees were recruited from UNM and CNM. The career center/ services are very helpful especially for students who don't really know what they want to go into.
My classes are small and I would say the curriculum is like any other college.
I honestly don't have a problem. Students here like to challenge themselves, there's child care for the students, there's a dormitory for males and females. Although, the community is small, the students here are independent.
food not so good at cafeteria other than that its a great school
Helps me learn all the different courses in school
They have good activities that the dorm provides.
The adjunct teachers here also teach at the other schools, so the class work is exactly the same as the bigger, more expensive schools, for a fraction of the price.
The school has had a very welcoming sense of community and is a reasonable size. There are small classes and even though the school is a community college, i like that we still have professors from the bigger universities and we are learning the same subject matter from the other schools.
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All of the classes I am taking towards getting my BA are needed and tie together nicely. I'm going for my Business Associates so some classes are a bit difficult but the teachers are good.
I have only been here so I don't know how it is to transfer credits. But other than that I believe the flexibility is very good here.
I'm not really good with online stuff but it seems like its going well with others I know.
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