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Being in the music program at Southwestern Community College, my schedule is different from the average student. Music is what I do all day, and with around 20 credit hours per semester, there isn't time for much else. I feel like being forced to work is preparing me greatly for what is next to come. There is also a wide variety of classes, many of which are required. This leaves every student with a assortment of skills, from arranging, to teaching abilities, even studio engineering. Among the skills I have acquired thus far through the variety of classes, working hard is probably the most valuable of all. There is no other way to graduate this music program, and I think the syllabus is well-suited for young musicians. Although I am excited to graduate soon (the music program only lasts 2) I will greatly miss my classmates and teachers, both of whom I have grown very close with. Everything I have learned here will surely be utilized throughout my career in music, and life in general.
My time in college was were I felt most at home. I knew everyday that I'd learn something new. I always left accepted and always felt like I belonged right in the class alongside everyone else. If I had to chose again, if stay right where I am.
If you acquire an Associates degree at SWCC, all of your credits are guaranteed to transfer at a four year college.
Review Southwestern Community College - Iowa
I have taken many online classes through SWCC and was very impressed. Their were many group discussions which included our professor. This aspect helped us stay on track and open our minds to different view points and ideas. They were also very organized and easy to understand.
I dont know much about the post-grad services at my school
My overall experience has been everything i wanted it to be. The professors are helpful and seems to really care about the students. Everyone has been friendly. Their are also many clubs and activities.
SWCC is a great school to get started with. Its awesome that the credits I earn while studying here with transfer to ANY four year college. There are also many work programs to help students pay off their schooling.
I have learned a lot of new information in many of my classes at SWCC but most importantly I have acquired more critical and creative thinking.
I really do love my school for many reasons. Its pretty affordable even when compared with other community colleges. SWCC also has small class sizes and an AMAZING staff. I haven't had any problems.
They work with you and your social life really well.
Im more of a hands on type of person
So far the professors seem really nice and look forward to helping you when needed to.
They teach most of these classes on their campus
Dont start at this school till August 2016
Playing on the volleyball team made it important to have a flexible schedule in case we left early for games. Staff at the college are usually easy to get a hold of if there are every any problems. I had no problems transferring credits.
Online courses have been my way of learning the past semester. There are difficult because you don't grow relationships with the professor or other students. It is very important to keep track of due dates because most professors don't accept late work on online courses. Learning to use the online site before the courses start is important because the site can be confusing and each professor does things differently.
Southwestern made it very easy to transfer my credits to Northwest Missouri State because they are sister schools. On my visit to Northwest I was told about many intern possibilities and job options that would be open.
Review Southwestern Community College - Iowa
Every once in awhile you have to take a course that you really dislike, which makes it difficult to like the professor. For the most part having a good relationship with the professors at Southwestern is relatively easy. Many of the professors are focused on the student's success, which as a student is very refreshing and encouraging.
With it being a community college, many places are expecting students to transfer. In some cases students do transfer, but so do not.
With Southwestern being a community college, the courses I am taking right now don't really pertain to my major. Majority of the classes are going to my associates of arts degree that I am getting out of the way before I transfer. Although Southwestern has a very good nursing program with very nice facilities.
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