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It indeed was a mistake to come here. It is not worth the cost. If you want to be in debt forever, this is where you want to come. I had to fight with the Financial Aid department to get my tribal scholarships in so I could pay for school. Then the roommate they paired me with was the complete opposite of me. Even though they had you fill out a survey to match you with a person who was like you. I ended up moving rooms three times because of this.
The faculty and staff at Southwestern really care about the progression of students. The college is focused on helping you discover your potential. I found the Builder Family to be the perfect fit. I built amazing relationships and a real life long appreciation for learning and academic discovery. I explored academic areas of interest that I would've never considered with out the nudge of a Liberal Arts curriculum. Now as an alumna, I reflect on my time at SC and am incredibly proud of the big opportunities this special little college afforded me. Loyalty to Southwestern and to the Builder Family.
I have overall had a great experience at Southwestern so far. My professors are supportive of me and I have met so many wonderful people here already!
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Southwestern is an amazing college to attend! The teacher/Student ratio is phenomenal and you would love it
The online college/professional studies has turned into a dystopian example of all that is wrong with modern college education. Professors are no longer allowed to teach at this college and they have been turned into proctors. The canned curriculum, put together by contractors, is F grade ~ it is often outdated, plagiarized from other colleges, and only loosely related to the textbook readings (which are the only source of teaching provide). The administrative staff does not listen to concerns. Tuition is around $600 per s/h and the material is primarily self-taught utilizing Google internet. If you choose to attend this college, you will overpay for a degree of minimal value.
I majored in biology at SC, and the program was difficult but significantly helped me prepare for my next step in education. Campus is beautiful, and it was 10 minutes from my home town so I was able to see friends and family. I was also on the volleyball team, and my coaches were very knowledgeable with the game and very supportive. SC is an institute that is for anyone wanting to overall better their learning and knowledge and who are willing to work for it.
I am currently attending the Professional Studies Program at Southwestern and I love it. I had almost given u on finishing my elementary education degree until I found this program. I would have given 5 stars but some of the professors seem to forget that online students often do not have the time to commit like a full time, traditional college student does.
I transferred to this school in order for our family to be closer to my grandparents since they are up in age; it was not the best choice. I am a VERY good athlete, this school has nothing but jealousy towards someone who knows they can & will make towards college and receive a degree. Instead of being proud for someone like myself, jealousy kicks in and there's goes the so-called neighborhood.
I have been enrolled at SWC professional studies for over a year now. The online courses have been easy to handle and the instructors extremely helpful. Even being able to get virtual books have been made easy by identifying books that are mandatory for the classes that I need to take.
The health and safety on campus are great. We do get emails monthly about seminars and educating us on the dangers and how to better aware ourselves in situations and appropriate actions to take. We will have week long 'events' for educating the student body.
The campus housing is pretty awesome! If you needed any kind of maintenance they will be right on it! The housing is always being cleaned so that they are up to par for the students and the RA's. They also have apartment options that way you can have a more feel for independence on the campus.
I was never part of the Greek life on campus. I have heard of the things that they did and it was to make things better. They would participate in the Relay for Life and similar functions.
My experience at this school is just amazing! My freshman year I had fell down the stairs outside of a building and I had three people stop to help me out. One offered to run to my dorm to grab what I needed and the others helped me back up the stairs to my class. That night they came to room to check on me and make sure everything was alright and if I needed anything. From that moment Southwestern College in Winfield, KS has become my home--my community. I would recommend this campus to anyone. This year showed me exactly how much they care about our education. I have found myself 5 credits short and they have found some many ways to make it possible for me to graduate. I have to take those 5 credits in the summer this year. This campus is my Builder Family.
The athletics department is a big part of our campus. A majority of our student body participate in the student sections during all games. One of the great things about our sports teams is that they all support and participate in different departments; such as theatre, music, clubs and groups.
I have a good building. It's nice here
Not a really big thing
I wish our football team was better but other than that its awesome here.
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I lived off campus my senior year and it was very worth it. I rate the landlords low because when it comes to fixing things, you're pretty much just gonna have to figure it out for yourself, but they were really nice people. It was about $600 a month for a two bedroom apartment with plenty of space. Washer/dryer not included. It was a really great experience overall though!
There are a lot of fast food options, most aren't that good, but college students don't care really anyway. Braum's Ice cream is the best for that in town, and is consistently good with their food. Again, I mentioned this in the on campus dining, but College Hill Coffee is by far and away the best food option in town, and even if the food looks weird, try it, it's almost a guarantee you'll like it!
They are really strict over things that shouldn't matter so much, and don't care much for making the college experience "socially" fun. If you want to have fun with your friends, you'd better get off campus to do so, because they take the "academic institution" label very seriously.
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