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Coming right out of high school going to southwestern was a very smooth transition. I had fairly easy classes with great teachers! At times you may feel like you are still in high school. Depending on the professor they will kinda hold your hand like your still in high school. It can be a good thing because you aren’t getting blindsided by all kinds of work and very little help. Southwestern provides varies different tourtoring and proffesers offices hours for help on assignments essays ect.
This college is excellent if your trying to finish up your credits and transfer to a Four year university. The staff are really helpful and the counselors help you a lot with what classes you need to take to be on track to transfer.
I've had the best professors of my life at Southwestern College, particularly in the chemistry and biology departments.
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I love my experience with Southwestern college so far because all the teachers I had so far interact with me and the students at this school are very nice. The only problem with southwestern college is the parking because it takes a long time to find parking.
All the staff members at Southwestern are more than willing to help you out, even if it is trying to find the location of a classroom. Plenty of tutors and study help available, especially in the science department.
Very diverse atmosphere, friendly staff, and a lot of opportunities for students to get Into clubs and activities
I've been attending school here for many years- more than the usual 2 years. I've had mostly great experiences attending this school. Most teachers are very passionate about their subjects, and there are a lot of resources available to help the students. The only downside is that the whole enrollment process- and the financial aid process- are very confusing for a first-time college student. Had I not had years of trial and error trying to figure everything out, I would not have known what to do, where to start, and exactly what needed to be done.
Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California is a perfect two year college used to transfer to a university. The students and professors are really nice and always willing to give a helping hand to their students or fellow classmates. I attended High School in the area and its always nice seeing people that I can catch up with. I personally enjoy attending this Campus.
Southwestern college offers many resources in order for their students to graduate or transfer. Whether it is free tutors, or various counseling centers, they provide students with the help they need.
Southwestern college is a very good school to begin with. The professors are very nice and want to succeed. Visit Jason's cafe, Jason is the best coffee maker. Join clubs, the clubs are awesome and they give you free food.
I would like to have workshops a little earlier but overall a really fun school and a great work experience.
Community colleges usually get a bad reputation from university students but from my experience, Southwestern College is fantastic. The staff and professors are usually great. There's also many clubs, student programs, and academic resources (i.e. tutoring). Community college is what you make of it, and Southwestern College allows you to have a good college experience without spending a lot of money.
The about of services we got, and helps ( Free Tutoring) for example! and way the campus is so diverse, all the different clubs we have , and also the food at campus is quality food, the professor are really nice and try there best to help every student! The EOPS department helps alot!
I liked the variety of introductory courses, they have a lot to offer. I have an elementary education AA from there and I really like the math professor they have to prepare elementary school teachers. He really cares that his students are successful/effective teachers and does not give passing grades to those that couldn't hit the mark. He is pretty fair and I respect that. I obviously do not know about the rest of the teachers in other departments but I did have other professors that cared just as much about their students.
One thing I would change is the schools security. They do have security guards on campus circling the school parking lots but in the time I was there, there where quite a few dangers that I believe could have been prevented had there been more security guards, especially after dark. They seemed to have less security guards on duty after dark, making it feel unsafe, especially during the fall semester when the sun sets earlier.
So far this school hasn't let my expectations get the best of me. Some professors help you to the max when you are interested in their class and teachings. Everything is very laid-back and relaxing.
As a student who has been going to Southwestern since 2012/2013, the college offers a good experience. The professors I had were very knowledgeable in their respective fields. The student body is diverse as there are students of different sexual orientations and religious beliefs.
It is a pretty nice college, fantastic resources help you understand everything that you want for your goals
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I absolutely love the faculty at Southwestern College! They're amazing! Everyone including student services staff, counselors, teachers and students. The campus is amazing, safe and presentable. There are so many classes offered and the graduation rate is encouraging. I am sad I will one day have to leave. However, I am confident that I will be prepared for my next journey.
Good school. Professors are great. They are willing to help you out and constantly remind students of their office hours. Great programs like TELA, that helps you get accustom to the college lifestyle. My counselor/professor has been helping me and checking up on me since my first semester. Horrible timing for construction but not too much of a hassle.
This place feels like a park literally. I grown to like this college. The library is amazing and there are soo many areas one can study in peace. The cafeteria is a little old school though they do have great prices on their meals. The bathrooms are nice and clean and there is plenty of parking spaces around the campus. The professors are amazing and they know what they help students out with difficult assignments. There are a few areas that need improvement though its nothing that will make your life a living hell.
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