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I love the arts department and how encouraging the professors are of all majors, not just the basic ones. There is a large population of color which is amazing for diversity and there is a lot of different people and cultures. My experience at SWC has so far been very beneficial, despite some problems. The campus stores are very expensive and they don't price or label their items and many places are quite dirty and unkempt but the janitorial faculty is excellent despite this and they do a very good job.
What I love about Southwestern College is the opportunities they provide for all students who wish to be involved and feel like a part of the community. It's easy to learn about the workings of the college and to take part in the decisions that impact the students.
Southwestern College, like any school, is what you make of it. It offers great resources to it's students.
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Southwestern College has lots services to offer! For example, they have art gallery for free and its very interesting to see all the different art works people make. They also have online tutoring and in campus! and they also have a food bank, job fairs, a brand new gym, and a personal wellness programs.
I loved this college because it gave me the opportunity to engage in my community as well as develop my leadership skills.

The only recommendation would be to consider taking some courses at other colleges at the same time you're taking courses at SWC if they aren't offered there.
My experience with Southwestern community college was been very good. Its a good transition between high school and college if your not yet ready to take on a 4 year. It is good in that you can raise your Grade point average.
The professors and the personal are well prepared to lead the students to the next step in education, the university.
I do like the art department of southwestern college. Definitely some dedicated teachers. Especially Nikko and Marisol. If you study art at southwestern, consider taking their classes.
I really enjoy the staff at Southwestern College they are very helpful and nice to first year students and anyone who has questions. The campus is not that big so it is really easy to find your classes, the campus has pretty good food, there are food places across the street such as Starbucks, Jack in the box, Carls Jr, Jamba Juice, Subway, Mexican food, Chinese food, Ralphs and others.
This school is full of people with potential. The staff want its students to succeed and set them on the right path for excellence and acceleration.
Southwestern opened an opportunity for me to be able to study something amazing and well paid, without having to have gone to a lucrative university. There's something for everyone here, no matter what their interests may be. There is an excellent blend of cultures and people of all backgrounds which I sincerely think helps create a peaceful and productive atmosphere. I am personally trying to get a career in the medical field and I can only say good things about the college's medical program. I have worked with professors who have motivated me to give the best of myself and who have inspired me to continue pursuing my career goals. If you live in the San Diego area, I heavily recommend Southwestern College if you are looking for a community college that will help you find your path in life and succeed every step of the way.
I love my professors at Southwestern College. I like that the school is small and students are able to receive one on one help. Also, Southwestern offers almost every class and has different locations, as well as many programs to further education.
Despite the fact that academic counselling meeting could have been organized in a more united sense, the departments did have the students interests at hand. Teachers are passionate about subjects, especially the Sociology department. Advertising updates such as FAFSA and college deadlines could be improved.
Southwestern Community College has been a complete shift in my career path as a student. I used to attend a military academy but it was not the right fit for me. Southwestern offers a plethora of courses and there is at least going to be one course that appeals to one's interests. Southwestern has offered me the opportunity to study film and study under actual successful filmmakers who give me great insight into their past and current world. Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity to study here. The only issue I have, being an out of state student, is that my payment has drastically increased without my knowledge. Financially, I would be cautious if you are an out of state student. Apply for as many scholarships as possible.
Coming right out of high school going to southwestern was a very smooth transition. I had fairly easy classes with great teachers! At times you may feel like you are still in high school. Depending on the professor they will kinda hold your hand like your still in high school. It can be a good thing because you aren’t getting blindsided by all kinds of work and very little help. Southwestern provides varies different tourtoring and proffesers offices hours for help on assignments essays ect.
This college is excellent if your trying to finish up your credits and transfer to a Four year university. The staff are really helpful and the counselors help you a lot with what classes you need to take to be on track to transfer.
I've had the best professors of my life at Southwestern College, particularly in the chemistry and biology departments.
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I love my experience with Southwestern college so far because all the teachers I had so far interact with me and the students at this school are very nice. The only problem with southwestern college is the parking because it takes a long time to find parking.
All the staff members at Southwestern are more than willing to help you out, even if it is trying to find the location of a classroom. Plenty of tutors and study help available, especially in the science department.
Very diverse atmosphere, friendly staff, and a lot of opportunities for students to get Into clubs and activities
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