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The aspect I love most about Southwestern College is the dedication of the professors. They all want nothing but success for their students. The hands on, caring, and helpful work that the teaching staff at this school is what drives its great success.
When i first enrolled in Southwestern, i wasn't motivated to do much just trying to figure out what i was going to do. But slowly i noticed how much i liked going to school and learning and being around the people i was with. Southwestern has many student clubs to get into, I Choose UMOJA, a learning community for African American and Minorities. This is where i fell in love with school because everyone there came from different backgrounds and still we all come together to help one another out.
Although Southwestern College has modernized its campus, provided extra parking, and kept a safe environment, there are still improvements such as the cleanliness of classrooms/restrooms, given passionate professors, and healthier meals.
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I love how diverse the campus is, and how much help and assistance is offered to the students. The professors are very helpful, and friendly. Everyone helps each other succeed.
I really like the campus, the professors are good. The counselors are not that great if you don't know who to go to. The new buildings are amazing and is not that expensive.
It’s a small commute from home and a good start to transition to a 4-year university. Would definitely recommend for those to start at Southwestern.
Southwestern has exceeded my expectations in many areas. The professors I have had have all been very caring about seeing their students succeed and want to make sure the material they are teaching is understood. Many do class surveys about midway through the semester to see what they could do better. All of them have helpful office hours, and most are willing to meet outside of office hours if it doesn't fit your schedule. The counselors are very helpful as well, but I would still recommend going to see more than one. Southwestern has various learning communities, such as MECHA, UMOJA, EOPS, FYE, and more. The staff at SWC are deeply devoted to seeing the students succeed.
I feel it’s a nice place to start out and really figure out what one would want to do. It gives you a chance to explore and learn.
Southwestern College dubs itself a Hispanic serving institution, and much of it's student population is in fact of Hispanic origin. That said, it's transfer rates for Hispanic students are rather low. The campus scene is typically pleasant and clean, and is generally not too crowded at any one time save for special events or the start of the semester. Majority of student resourced are situated in one large building that is fairly easily to navigate. However, not all services necessarily service students well. The academic counseling department has been known to be lacking with some staff clearly displaying they'd rather be elsewhere. That said, there are some wonderful people willing to help you. If you can find them.

The quality of professors is pretty good, I myself having no less than perhaps an average professor after taking nearly 20 courses thus far.
Southwestern College is a big, natural and comfortable environment. All of the professors that I have met are amazing, helpful and really want you to understand the material. The classrooms are big and sometimes pack at the beginning of the semester. The school is in construcions and is expanding more and more.
This school has had been one of the greatest tool that I had gone to get were I want to go. For example they have multiple campuses and also they have great teachers a consolers that would help you a lot,
I was a cheerleader for this school which was a good experience. I liked that a lot of classes were easy to take. I did gain a lot of math skills from my calculus ans statistics class. Many of those professor's should not have a job there as they have poor teaching skills. Parking needs to be improved for all students that attend.
Southwestern college is an amazing community college to attend if you’re undecided on your major or feel like you can’t handle university right after high school. I went here for 2 years and am now at sdsu finishing my school. I wouldn’t change anything.
I highly recommend going to Southwestern College before attending a 4-year university. They have endless resources to help you prepare and transfer to a 4-year university. The career center has many workshops throughout the semester such as job readiness, CSU applications, and resume review. Southwestern reviewed my resume and prepped me with interview questions to help me prepare for a job. Academic-wise, the counselors do they're best to help with getting you the right classes so you can transfer to a university as soon as possible. I will be graduating from Southwestern College in two years with associates in business administration.
It's a good institution with professors that not only cares about communicating the material to you but also allowing you to grow as an individual. Southwestern College provides students with many avenues for help should they need it.
What I like about my college is the opportunities and classes they have to give their students choices to decide on their major to transfer to state or university. The professors are straightforward on their lessons to make sure that their students understand what the lesson is. The campus is open and diverse in different cultures and races. Plenty of space to be able to study or to host events for the school.
I am currently a student and I really hope to have a change when it comes to this school, the food is terrible, and a handful of teachers are worth taking.
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My experience here is awesome. Professor are very flexible when it comes to helping students. Staff as well is great. The wellness center has been of great help to me overall.
I really like the diversity of people that are in this school and how they try to help people that do not understand very well the college education works. This school offers many programs to help you finish your education and grow professionally. One thing i would change is the parking lot could be a little bit bigger so it wouldn't be so hard for people to arrive on time to classes
The staff that works there are very friendly and helpful. There are so many resources for anything you need.
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