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I was a cheerleader for this school which was a good experience. I liked that a lot of classes were easy to take. I did gain a lot of math skills from my calculus ans statistics class. Many of those professor's should not have a job there as they have poor teaching skills. Parking needs to be improved for all students that attend.
Southwestern college is an amazing community college to attend if you’re undecided on your major or feel like you can’t handle university right after high school. I went here for 2 years and am now at sdsu finishing my school. I wouldn’t change anything.
I highly recommend going to Southwestern College before attending a 4-year university. They have endless resources to help you prepare and transfer to a 4-year university. The career center has many workshops throughout the semester such as job readiness, CSU applications, and resume review. Southwestern reviewed my resume and prepped me with interview questions to help me prepare for a job. Academic-wise, the counselors do they're best to help with getting you the right classes so you can transfer to a university as soon as possible. I will be graduating from Southwestern College in two years with associates in business administration.
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It's a good institution with professors that not only cares about communicating the material to you but also allowing you to grow as an individual. Southwestern College provides students with many avenues for help should they need it.
What I like about my college is the opportunities and classes they have to give their students choices to decide on their major to transfer to state or university. The professors are straightforward on their lessons to make sure that their students understand what the lesson is. The campus is open and diverse in different cultures and races. Plenty of space to be able to study or to host events for the school.
I am currently a student and I really hope to have a change when it comes to this school, the food is terrible, and a handful of teachers are worth taking.
My experience here is awesome. Professor are very flexible when it comes to helping students. Staff as well is great. The wellness center has been of great help to me overall.
I really like the diversity of people that are in this school and how they try to help people that do not understand very well the college education works. This school offers many programs to help you finish your education and grow professionally. One thing i would change is the parking lot could be a little bit bigger so it wouldn't be so hard for people to arrive on time to classes
The staff that works there are very friendly and helpful. There are so many resources for anything you need.
The environment is amazing. The counselors can often seem as if they were in a hurry, but even then they try to focus on your wants and needs. Most of the teachers want students to reach their goals, whether it is to transfer or get their associates. It is an affordable college with a lot of financial aid opportunities for those that truly need it.
They have helped me of the with going back to school nearly 15 or more years later. They have all of my information still and have helped me clarify a path to success!
It's not a bad school. There are some very good teachers. Mrs.Hayashi is particularly hilarious and entertaining. The best campus is the main campus, which has a state of the art fitness center. Administration is pretty nice and they get the job done. The facilities are good, although not usually comfortable. Outside noise tend to occur often and make you loose focus. It's an excellent community college.
SWC is a community college so it is of course a lot cheaper than a four year university. While you can’t earn a bachelor’s here, you get a lot of bang for your buck. First off, many of the professors are very high quality. With a quick look at rate my professor you will find professors that may not require as much raw work as a university, but will help you to actually learn and internalize what you need to to be successful. Its extracurricular programs are top notch as well, with several of its programs, such as the debate team and the school newspaper, competing and receiving acclaim at the national level. All in all, it is a fantastic school to transfer from for those who are willing to put in the work.
I really like the fact that there are several extensions of the campus. This allows me to take certain classes closer to home and avoid all the traffic some days. I enjoy spending most of my day on the main campus as it has a very relaxed atmosphere. Most of the time students are friendly and you can make friends with almost anyone. Facilities are great and buildings are up to date. Parking is hard to find most of the time.
I came from San Diego City College for the year. Never went back, love Southwestern. The staff as well as professors really care about students.
I liked how you have access to counselors and they can help you take the classes you need to transfer. I would like to see the college change its professor hiring so that selected professors are chosen based on their ability to teach.
I'm a 35 year old woman, with 3 kids and a busy life, because I work 40 hrs a week and I attend school full time, the experience is excellent, dont speak the English, they make me feel welcome and oriented.
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Well at southwestern the teachers are willing to help. They will look out for you and will push you to be the best student as possible. However, you must work harder than everybody else on the campus so, the teachers will love you.
Attending Southwestern College was not only an excellent idea but also a really memorable experience, I graduated high school on 2015 and I wanted to attend San Diego State University right after leaving high school, but after viewing all price ranking and comparing I decided that SWC was the right choice for me. Not only prices are better and it gives the opportunity for low income students like myself, I will never regret attending Southwestern College because the education level is amazing and there is excellent professors that lead you to the right pathway for success. Not only that, but SWC is an amazing college that can make you feel right away at home, every faculty staff truly cares for the education of their students and they will do anything for us students to succeed. Southwestern Community College is where your pathway to succeed starts and where all of your educational questions will be answered.
My experience at southwestern so far is great. The teachers are great very concerned about their students. If you have a question and a problem they are available to you. The diversity of the school is good. You get to see different races and ages . Most of the classes i attended was successful because most of the teachers had an amazing personality. The amount of time they would go over the work was at a decent pace. Sometimes the teachers would get you extra credit so you can pass the class. The campus it’s self is beautiful. They just opened up an aquatics building and a fixing up the sports area. They extended the parking lot
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