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This place feels like a park literally. I grown to like this college. The library is amazing and there are soo many areas one can study in peace. The cafeteria is a little old school though they do have great prices on their meals. The bathrooms are nice and clean and there is plenty of parking spaces around the campus. The professors are amazing and they know what they help students out with difficult assignments. There are a few areas that need improvement though its nothing that will make your life a living hell.
Southwestern College is a great school to be a part of. This school has numerous amounts of resources to assist students succeed. Professors and administrators are very helpful and supportive with students. From my personal experience, I like this college because the campus has programs that help you achieve academic success. The school provides athletics and clubs that welcome students of any type to be a part of something they desire and find interesting within school. Overall Southwestern is a great community college that will assist students towards their goal of obtaining an associates degree or transferring to a four year university.
Class schedules are flexible, many are offered at different times so I can choose my classes based around my work schedule.
Review Southwestern College - California
For many of my classes, we use "Connect" which is a simple and straight forward program to use.
The school has numerous job fairs and recruiters that come to the campus to hire qualified students.
My experience with the professors has been great, they are very knowledgeable and willing to help you with any problems you might have.
The school offers various internship programs which assists in getting real world experience.
So far my school experience at Southwestern College has been a good one. Most of my classes have been enjoyable and the teachers are easy to talk to, they are willing to work with you if an emergency comes up or if you wont be in class during a test. Teachers in the Business Department have been incredible and are very passionate about what they teach, they are obviously very knowledgeable in their respective fields.
Everything at my school is great the quality of job internships are huge, the network is great, and the campus has a lot of employers recruiting. The services that we have at Southwester college are many, and I had use some of them in the past such as the writing center, math center, the anatomy lab, the computers, the library and many more.
Being part of a group of people sharing the same ideas and concepts about what we are studying make me feel great, the professor are patient and will help you in everything that you need to know to succeed. The job opportunities at my school are great they always have jobs for everyone every week, they really want you to succeed.
What make my school unique of all other schools in San Diego is the fact that we have students for all over the world sharing the same classrooms and participating in clubs and everything. My favorite experience that I have had so fat at this school is when I was in my anatomy class and my professor was from Mexico and she taught us that if you want to succeed on this life you have to make a risk in everything, just like she did when she was sitting in an anatomy class she wanted to be a doctor and she started to learn even though she didn't know a lot of English during that time. From this experience that she told us I was motivated by her words.
I have never taken an online course
The surveys were always right and led me to choosing a career that matched the survey
I love the diversity of students and classes
I found the process easy because it was online
They have a strong curriculum in Biology and science with many tutoring and workshop opportunities and very intelligent professors
I had the best years at Southwestern College exploring my interests and learning from professors who taught at 4 year universities. I was part of The Sun which is #1 and met very talented people and made me feel really a part of the community.
Review Southwestern College - California
Southwestern campus provides superb assistance for me as one of their students. The counselors ensured the course schedule met the requirements for my field of study which best suited my needs. The financial advisors did their best to provide other sources of finances needed to purchase the necessities during the duration of my schooling. southwestern did have sources for tutoring that was decent but it would be better if it had lengthened the hours and if it focused of the more difficult courses.
My major is different in my perspective and has its great experiences. The Fire Science major all around is great ! You learn something new everyday, either in books put usually hands on is where the good stuff is at ! The motto is Two in, Two out! Never leave a man behind or by themselves.
Honestly I can't promise you how great or awful school is. It is what you make of it and that's what you get out from it. I can't say school will be easy, you're going to have struggles and moments where you don't know why you're doing this. But all your hard work will be worth it at the end! No one can take your education away from you. Believe in yourself! You can do it!
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