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What I like about southwestern Christian University is the care they give when enrolling and all the needs they’ve met for students. Making sure all students take the classes they need and want for their specific area of study.
Great school! Needs to drop old bible college rules and go into a full liberal arts college to keep retention up.
My daughter is currently a freshman here and is on the softball team. It is a nice small school. She enjoys her classes and her softball team.
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My experience at Southwestern was good. Although it was not something I was Familar with the school has made a big impact on how I carry myself as a person now. I’ve matured more and got closer religiously with God. My stay here was short but it was fun while it lasted. The people here are friendly and great to be around although the campus may be small it does give you the feeling that everyone is family and care for one another
Great online program! It's just a great school. The professors are very helpful and they are very encouraging. I've been able to learn more about God's word and still complete my studies. I'm very happen with my decision in furthering my education at SWCU!!!!!!
I'm​ in the adult studies, I love it, it fit in with my schedule, and that it's a Christian University
I like the student to professor ratio. It gives us students more individual time with the professor if need be.
I like the diversity of the students. An estimated 30% of the students are forgieners. Also also like the location. SWCU is just on the outskirts of downtown OKC, located in Bethany. With only a 15 minute drive, one could find themselves at the front door of the Chesapeake Areana, home of the Thunder. There's quite a lot to do in OKC. Ones first impression may say that the city is small and scattered, but if you look hard enough there is great things there. Same with SWCU. The opportunities that SWCU off are just about limitless. The relationship one might build with fellow students, could be some of the most important ones in life. Who knows when one might need to travel to London, South Africa, or Victoria Australia, to make a business deal?
Great school in my opinion. You just have to look deeper and find the great things within.
Everyone is so friendly and truly cares about you. They want you to succeed as much as you do. The moment I stepped on campus, I knew this was the place where I was suppose to be. You can truly feel God's presence on this campus.
Because the school is so small, the threat level is not high like at a state school. Generally, you feel safe walking alone on campus because every building is so close.
I am not a part of any sport teams, but from what I can tell the student body rally's and gets behind the sport teams at events they may have.
At Southwestern, every person that I have been in contact with has been kind and friendly and you can truly tell they are out for your best interest. They are there to help you, in whatever field of study you may want to go into, and they are well equipped to equip you in your future area of work. They promote good attitudes and strong relationships amongst the student body, as well as for us to look past everyones differences and stand together; unified on one level.
Don't have a career center.
Campus life and dorms are nice and comfortable.
Not the best teams, but we believe we can win!
SWCU is a small campus, but it's a great school!
Our security is really good and we don't ever have issues on campus.
Most students who graduate from SCU turn around and start working for them the day after due to the fact that their degree isn't adequate enough to get a job outside of SCU.
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We don't offer course each year. We offer a select few courses and classes to choose from. Also, when it comes to taking a lab you should probably rethink it. All labs are online and you don't get much out of them.
The dorms are very nice and you have to use your school ID in order to get in the buildings and the halls.
We don't have Greek life on campus. It is against our school policy.
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