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The school is dead they don't make any improvements too the student life its a lot wrong with the school and its tanking in the wrong direction.
What I like about Southwestern Christian College is that one, it is a Christian school that it's main focus is to give young men and women a solid Christian Education. For almost 70 years SwCC has been the pillar of not only The Churches of Christ not the community of Terrell, Texas.
The convenient experience has been great and i know that is will continue. The classes are not a hassle or frustrating at all. Everything for the most part is pretty good especially with the credits transferred in.
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My experience with online courses of phenomenal! The best opportunity in the world is have experienced the traditional classroom setting verses working at your our paste online. I really enjoy either style online or classroom. The unique ability to explorer online is a light workload, cool vary easy to use features, easy registration process, and the email/computer basics of interaction. The classroom setting for me is pretty must the same but rather everything is face-to-face.
The quality of post-grad services at my school gives every determined student a choice to choose the path of a desired career in their selected program. Their are several alumni network opportunities to join through the course of seeking such as: Circle K International, Delta Phi Kappa, & Kiwanis International. The job prospects are unlimited when the mind of a individual goes above and beyond the call of duty to seek, find, and apply every opportunity to advantage the schools passion for success team.
The best is sometime stated as saved until the last for presentation, but at the Southwestern Christian College every student counts! The value of a degree from this school allows an individual to understand the passion, trust, quality, and consistency that this institution strives to give.
The courses and professors at this school are well knowledgeable that teach the students current/real life material. The information given in each course allows the student to view every assignment as a applicable art of self evaluation to explorer the every aspect of the entire course. The class sizes, styles, & courses are compass enough to draw every student into the a comfortable environment to help build positive christian character with religious practice through the study of life and the world of choices.
Great Professors, Great Teaching, Valuable Jobs
To rate my school as great describes, the passion demonstrated to help build positive self-esteem through every individual character. The opportunity given to a person starting a journey for the first time away from all family and friends brings comfort into experience at my school so far as great. Everyday the advantageous walk through the course material helps to guide the books of the mind to a world of expansion that reaches towards the set goals for any individual that is determined.
Sometime the library will be closed on days where students need to use computers and print, and it hinders us form getting our work done. There are a lot of campus activities but they aren't pleasing to the student and students sometimes feel confined on campus.
It's great making friends and building relationships with people who are not so far from the school. These people that you're making relationships with can help you after you finish school
It's nice being a music major at my school because the school is really good with a cappella music something that I'm interested in. I am also looking at becoming a minister the student and it has a very good study program here.
I believe that this student body is the best student body in the nation.
I have heard about the board of the school and opportunities that they have but I really took into it yet.
Half of the stuff is worried about the success of the students and the other half of the stuff could care less
I wish that the financial aid office gets better as far as the attitude and their willingness to help the students, especially those who are starting there first year.
It was very clean and neat it might have been old but it was still in very good shape
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sometimes the teachers dont know what your grade is
the professors are very helpful. they teach very well. they are hands on when ever we need help.
Southwestern has very good classes. I am getting a very good education here.
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