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I absolutely love this University! Everyone that I have encountered throughout my education at this University is so very nice, helpful, and wonderful! I cannot say enough about this campus! The campus is beautiful!!
This school is run by the Patriarchal families of all of the head honchos, or rather, the members of the cabinet. They hire the family members of these higher-ups instead of qualified staff and faculty. This devalues both the academics and the spiritual atmosphere of the campus, as the nepotism is so thick, individuals who should have been fired decades ago continue to reign over the school. However, if you're an individual who likes playing games like this and you manage to get into the good graces of one of the founding families, your time at SAGU will be a cakewalk.
I love how it is God based and how much the professors care about each and every student. This experience has stretched me and my faith and trust in the Lord.
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SAGU is an amazing University that is Christ-centered. It is a small school but very cozy and friendly. You have a lot of opportunities to serve the community and learn how to be a servant-leader. I enjoy how personal your relationship becomes with your professor knowing you by name. You can feel the Holy Spirit moving through every single staff, service, and classes.
This is a good university with Christ centered education. The faculty is focused on the students. The facilities are nice and neat. The degree plans are thorough and student development is important to all of the staff.
SAGU is such an amazing school, since it's such a small school all the professors get to know the student and so it's easier for a one-on-one with them. We have chapel everyday and the worship team and speakers are always so meaningful and I get something from it everyday.
I love everything about my school. The teachers are helpful and understanding. The process of getting approved by the college is smooth. The school actually wants you to succeed.
SAGU has incredible faculty and staff - everyone was friendly and wonderful to work with! The courses were engaging and interesting and I enjoyed almost all of my professors.
This place is truly a amazing campus. If you love the lord, and want to get closer to him while simultaneously learn and focus on your degree this is the place for you.
The class flow is easy and I love the football games! The dress code is pretty lax now. There are not too many parties, which is nice.
I absolutely LOVE SAGU! This school not only provides you with a great education, but a wonderful atmosphere for spiritual growth with the Lord. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Southwestern Assemblies of God University is the type of place where you just feel right at home and welcomed as soon as you arrive. The students as well as the faculty go out of their way to help others when they need it. One of the best parts of living on campus is the dorm life. Upon reading this, you may seem a bit skeptical seeing as how its an "Assemblies of God" campus which in your mind is summed up as "reserved, strict, and overall an anti-'good time' living." However, although the University are somewhat strict and frowns upon most cases of going out partying and drinking and has a curfew during the academic year, the atmosphere on each of the halls I wouldn't describe as anything less than family-like. Living on a small campus may seem to some as a disadvantage, but it enables you to become familiar with almost everyone on the campus which can have several benefits.
I have spent one year at this university and I have enjoyed it from the student activities to the personal connections with the teachers. The only thing I would want to change is the cost to go the this university it is very expensive and a lot of students can only afford to stay for a year.
Southwestern Assemblies of God,
Man that is a mouth full. What I enjoyed the most about this University is the environment that everyone creates. Not only do you get to enjoy a great education that is taught by some of the most caring professors in the game, but you get to experience the presents of the Lord. While attending this University I have grown both spiritually and mentally. I have learned to grow in my walk of faith and to let God lead my life. This school helps you with life goals and it helps you with creating the person you want to be. The campus life is live and friendly. We have some of the best people on campus, and the athletic scene is loved by all. Being both a student and a student athlete I can proudly say that I enjoy Southwestern Assemblies of God and the balance that I have created while trying to focus on both school and athletics.
The first time i stepped into campus i was a little scared but as i made my way in, people that i didn't even know made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Everyone is really nice and have great manners, i love the environment and its a beautiful place to be.
Southwestern is a great school. You will find friends and become family. Professors know what theyre teaching. I would like to see the Communications and Digital Media Arts departs grow more.
What i liked the most about the university, is the close knit bond everyone has with each other. However, some things I like to see changed, is the amount of time students spend with each other
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You will not find a better quality college anywhere, that will offer the education and comradery that SAGU offers. The professors and staff at SAGU are a unique set of people who are willing to go the extra mile to get you where you need to be educationally and spiritually. As an alumni, I highly recommend SAGU to anyone pursuing a degree who is spiritually oriented. SAGU will educate you and grow you spiritually.
I love this school it is a great place to attend college and grow deeper in your walk with God. I would have to say the best thing about this school is the fact that the professors genuinely car about every student and you can easily build a relationship with your professors even if you no longer have them in any or your classes anymore. I love this school.
I love the tight-nit, Christian environment that is offered at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. The professors are awesome and they really care not only about the student's education progress but also their spiritual progress. Some things that I would change about Southwestern would be the dress code and the curfew. I mean we are college students and use should be treated as so.