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I am not only a 2nd year student here, I also work in the cafeteria. I lived in the housing for one semester last year and it went so well, I am returning for the full year. There has not been a party around here as far as my knowledge so it has been a wonderful time spent!
The teachers are very encouraging and are willing to do anything to help their students succeed. The class sizes are small which allows students and teachers extra time to work together if needed.
I like how it is close to home and very affordable. They have so many free incentives for their students like free parking and tutoring. We also have free movie night on Tuesday and free bowling on Wednesday and Friday. They have a big pantry like place at the school where you can go in once a week to get two bag of free groceys to help you out if your struggling with money. I feel like they do whatever they can to help you go to school and stay in school. Also, the teachers are very nice and helpful, if your struggling to get homework done or to get to class just let the teacher know and they will be more then willing to sit down with you and figure something out to help you.
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Southwest tech is a very affordable school, and all the staff are very willing to help as well as being very knowledgeable. I have found that if one staff member can't answer my question, they will direct you to the correct person for help.
Southwest Wisconsin Technical College has helped guide me through college. This school believes in their students and getting them to success no matter what it takes.
Very friendly staff, small class sizes, you feel like people actually care about you, not like you're just part of a paycheck.
Southwest technical college has some great instructors if you are not in the nursing program. The nursing instructors I feel love to see you fail, and are not supportive. They are unprofessional and disrespectful to their nursing students. I would NOT recommend this college to any students that are considering to enter into the associate degree nursing program.
The instructors are very knowledgeable of what they are teaching and they will do anything to help you succeed. They dedicate their office hours to students if they have questions or need one-on-one help with anything. The dorms are very nice, they're set up more like apartments than dorm rooms which is nice. From what I've experienced of the college food, it's good. They have a different meal everyday (hot or cold) plus a salad bar and a section for desserts. They have quite an array of programs that they offer which is nice for people who don't have access to a certain program at a college not in their area. They don't offer athletics other than intramural sports like basketball. The campus is safe because almost always there a police officer on campus during the day and SWTC offers Criminal Justice so officers-in-training are almost always present as well. SWTC is very strict about their alcohol policy in the dorms so there isn't much of a party scene.
The flexibility is the best, it has helped me in a number of different ways ranging from taking care of my daughter to household chores and still being able to get my schooling done
I really like that the online courses have the flexibility than traditional classroom
They help students in the job field after graduation
I have to flexibility of online courses
After this course the prospects are going to help me greatly as I plan to open my own business
I haven't been enrolled for that long yet. What I have seen and done for schooling is very resourceful stuff that I had no knowledge or very little knowledge of
I have had an excellent experience with teachers and other staff, I am doing an all online course. The teachers are prompt to answer any of my questions. Along with assisting me anyway they can.
I work full-time and yet am able to take classes to become an RN. The evening and online courses are plentiful and make it very easy to work around my work schedule.
My online experience has been very good. Blackboard is easy to use. All the online processes I have used have been user friendly.
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I have not had any experience with this at this time, unable to rate.
The last class I took had an excellent instructor. Clinicals were excellent. I can not say anything negative against the programs I have taken and the experiences I have had.
I am just starting my program here, so I haven't had a lot of exposure to this area. I have heard from other nursing students that the hire rate after graduation is very good.
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