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I'm a freshman at SWCC. I love the experience and the tight knit environment. I love that your teachers know you by name and will give you one on one help.
So far the staff here are wonderful and friendly! They help with any questions and want everyone to excel in their education. The buildings are beautiful and well maintained as well.
What I love about Southwest Virginia Community College is how it provides such an at-home, comforting feeling. The college is located on top of a large hill, allowing students to look out over the mountains and farm land. The professors are very kind and always willing to lend a hand whenever there is a need. Since the college is located between small towns, the number of students is less than your typical four-year school. Although, I believe that setback only allows the students to grow closer to other people sooner and gain lifelong friendships. The only thing I would like to see change at this school is adding a few athletic teams. The majority of students attending SWCC have come from small towns that heavily focus on sports. Since it is only a two-year institution, there is no demand for these activities. Although, I think it would help the students grow closer than they already are and gain deeper friendships with those who share the same interests.
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IT IS affordable and a great way to start your college education. They have very good instructors with a good atmosphere for studying. The staff will help you achieve your goal to succeed in your education.
I like that everyone there is friendly. Everyone is there to learn. Nobody messes around there. What needs to change is they need a cooler restaurants. It would be easier on students to get food. Right now they either have to leave or get food out of the vending machines.
Currently, I just completed my first semester of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Southwest Virginia Community College. The program is a (5) semester program. What I most like about this college is the small town feel of it. The program only accepts (30) applicants and then those (30) are split into two groups of (15). The small group makes it great to get to know the other students and it keeps the class sizes small. Many of the classes required are hybrid classes which means that they are taken remotely with some meetings in the class room but most of the work can be done at home. I love that flexibility which allows be to also keep a job while working through the program. Overall the what I love most about the College is the flexibility of the hybrid classes and the small class sizes.
I am a spouse military retiree and Southwest Virginia has worked wonderfully with me while taking online classes overseas! They worked with me through every step of my way and I can say that I am proud being a member of this college. Even in times when I thought it is impossible to take these classes, administration, library and leadership worked with me till it became possible. Exceptional people and great service that is all I can say.

The one thing that I would love to have changed is the proctoring when over seas. It was difficult for me to find a proctor for my class and only because Southwest Virginia has wonderful people they helped me to work with the right proctor. I am really happy with this school so far and hope to see the same action in the future.

Thank you Southwest!
The academics are okay, not the best but It's about what you would expect for a community/transition college.
I only had online classes but from what I experienced when I had to go on campus, Most people were friendly and helpful.
I haven't started the nursing program but am applying. I would need scholarships to help afford school.
It's a good school. Very helpful academic counselors. Admissions office is very helpful with things I have questions about.
As I said, it's a two year school, so they do what they can to help with transferral.
The professors are helpful and there are plenty of courses offered. Class sizes are very small. There is a reasonable faculty/student ratio.
It's a two year college, so typically the only recruitment is from four year colleges.
I'm a science major. I'm only pursuing an associate's here, so I've learned what I need to. However, the work load isn't comparable to a four year university's. The faculty and staff are all very helpful. The curriculum is fairly easy to follow. There are job opportunities here on campus as well, in financial aid and the bookstore for instance.
As I said, I think it is a very helpful transition for some students, going from high school into a college environment. However, I think I was more prepared for a four year college directly out of high school, considering the work load.
The flexibly is great because you pick your schedule the way you want it and it helps you obtain a job and go to college.
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My online courses for example health records management, keyboarding, and records management the teachers are friendly and will help you with your assignments its great!
The post grade part is awesome they will really help you get a job in the field your looking for.
The school has many internship opportunities at this school so that you might have a chance to get a job and know what its like after entering your college school year. I haven't had that chance yet, but I will get to know what its like before I graduate from this school.
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