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Everyone at Southwest University is amazing and will help you in so many ways. So happy I chose this school!
I like that they always put students first and how small the classes are so professors have more time to get to know students and help them better.
A horrible academic institution. They're there to make a quick buck on you and don't care whether you actually learn anything.
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I love the university! I got my associates there and working on my bachelors! I just wish we had more parking and more events to gather together
Southwest university offers tours and days for seniors in high school or other people interested in the school so they could know what they have to offer overall. They also keep in touch with the people the people that attend this event in this tour in order to help them be part of their school.
In all honesty, I hate Southwest University at El Paso, Texas. The instructors, despite a few, really don't care about the students' education. Students go in and basically receive an "A" just for being there. I am literally embarrassed of receiving a degree from this "school". Why, you ask, did I make so far as to receive a Bachelor's degree from this college? Because by the time I figured out this school is a dump, I was already half way through finishing with the Bachelor's program. But, if I knew then what I know now, I would have never even turned to look at Southwest University. I discourage anyone who wants to attend Southwest University because, in my honest opinion, it is a joke. And I plan on furthering my education elsewhere; I'd be damned if I let Southwest be the last place I allow myself to receive any form of education.
When you become a Southwest University student, the faculty and staff immediately focus on helping you.
I began my enrollment in August 2014, took a leave in November when my dad passed away and returned in January, I then graduated with my Associate's in Accounting and Business in November 2015. I then continued to pursue my Bachelor's and I will soon graduated in October 2017. The classes are 6 weeks long, after a few terms the student is issued an Apple iPad during their Associate's degree and then during their Bachelor's degree they are issued an Apple MacBook. Needless to say the cost is added onto their tuition, they are attempting to be a "Green" school and save on paper.
The campus is kind of small and it does have a friendly environment. the teachers are truly there to help the students and although there are very few facilities and some of the classrooms are a little bit cramped do you do tend to feel that you are part of a college experience instead of just a technical school . Although the classes do you tend to over extend you and they are hard you truly get a sense of fulfillment in knowing that you are learning and heading towards a career that will be good for you
My experience at Southwest University is great, so far. Southwest University is fantastic at helping me have a better future. My colleagues here are good, they help the other students with stuff they may not understand how to do. The professors are very knowledgeable in what subject they are teaching and ususally make is easy for everyone to understand and learn quickly.
Southwest University is a great school to attend to if interested in completing your associates or bachelors degree in a short time. you will get a great knowledge and education from there because they have many tools that you can use to achieve your goals. I Recommend this University, I got my associates and bachelors degree in Business Management and I feel very capable of getting the job a want.
Time has flown by! There is never a dull day at class. Each day is a new day to learn and the instuctors go out of their way to help you flourish
Friendly personnel. More than helpful instructors.
Some classes are offered at only really inconvenient times, and registration is really annoying. You're also limited to 19 credits, one away from the 20 I wanted. Credits transfer easily though.
Apparently it's amazing. I went there once and they didn't really help me. Because I'm a freshman I don't have work experience, and they just told me I wouldn't be able to get an internship until next summer anyway.
Not much recruiting from what I've seen. Lowkey nervous.
Small classes and equal number of lecture vs seminar. Sometimes it just feels like high school though. No grades are posted online which I hate, and attendance is so necessary, which isn't as much of a thing in bigger schools.
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Not the best department, but it as a good set of professors. The capstone projects I've seen haven't been amazing, and few to none internship/publishing opportunities.
I didn't originally want to go to this school at all, but it's been great. The people, students and faculty, are all very open and it's an enriching environment.
Honestly I didn't get the experience i needed ready for graduation. We have to learn material every day and take test and were not actually remembering it in the long run. I wish I went to another school for my education. My lender is very expensive and is over $25,000 for my associates degree.
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