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Administration is terrible! After graduation, my invoice increased significantly. After many calls and emails over the course of 9 months, I finally received​ a response as to why. I was told the initial amount of Pell Grant I was given was incorrect, because I only went 3/4 time my last few semesters and not full time. My schedule was changed by administration on the first day of classes. The hours and days where completely different than what I had originally signed up for. Each course only offered one time and day once a year. The lack of class structure, organization, and communication, along with lack of enough faculty to teach the required courses, ultimately cost in the quality of the education I received, but also financially. I would only recommend​ this school to people who are prepared to pay around $90,000 for a bachelors degree at SUVA, and still need to pay for additional education thereafter.
You can either choose to come really early in the morning, or be here until the sun has already been down for a couple hoirs
Not much going on in internships here, and I have not seen a job recruiter yet
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The teachers are looking for specific stuff in assignments, they tell us that, but not what they're looking for exactly.
The class sizes are small, and the faculty is good, but the classes are very easily lost, and the amount of money to go here is ridicilous
Don't waste your time, money, or sanity. They are predators, and frequently will manipulate the truth to get what they want which is only your money. They will all act like they'd do anything for you at the time, yet was told directly multiple times they had nothing to offer for anyone with a (learning) disability, that if I wanted my teachers to know, I had to inform them myself. But they couldn't give me special treatment to any students, I assumed this was because they’re private. Come to find out they didn't tell this to other students. They are difficult to work with and never take accountability for anything.
Tuition is ridiculously high and they are so bad about keeping track on financial aid I've been held back a year because of it.
The teachers and professors are great but the admin sticks it to you in the butt. I'm maxed out on loans and still have to pay thousands out of pocket to graduate.
Teachers are great as well as the students. The time it took to graduate is extremely frustrating, and many of the things taught to us were things we could have easily learned on our own.
From what I have heard the school does not offer much in the ways of networking for careers.
Small college, so everyone knows everyone. Feels like a community.
Very difficult to schedule classes that are needed, many classes are offered once a year, not every term. Takes longer to graduate here than other universities.
Workload is doable; teachers give us more than enough time to complete projects. Not much job opportunities in this state, sadly.
Teachers are very knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach.
Haven't had any issues with the network thus far.
Having a 24/7 lab with the amount of computers it has has been extremely helpful.
Haven't met a person who was unpleasant; everyone is accepting and warm to one another.
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From my experience a lot of the subjects ended up being self taught, which was frustrating.
On campus there are multiple resources, full access to the library where there is a copy of each book required for classes offered, a 24/7 computer lab, mentoring from instructors free of charge, as well as special events hosted my numerous organizations within the school.
My school has a fairly high placement rate. With the knowledge of the Instructors and the connections within the school, from what I hear most graduates are working well before graduating if not have a job waiting upon completion.
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