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The advisers are nice and it is a small class size. Distance learning needs some work but at least they have that option. Classes are always full but the teachers are good.
Overall it was a good journey to have experienced after graduating high school. The majority of the teachers were amazing and did their jobs right. All of the students felt encouraged by the faculty and staff in order to continue getting a higher education. My personal favorite teacher was my social studies instructor who taught all of my history classes. I hated my art appreciation class and educator with a passion due to the fact she never explained anything well enough for the students to understand which made everyone angry, especially when it came to regular tests and the final exam. Thankfully, all of the sections at the admissions office were very beneficial and never failed to help the students in need.
I thoroughly enjoyed the online summer curses. The website was extremely easy to use and understand, and the teachers were very prompt in answering any questions you might have.
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I liked that the classes were small and the teachers were able to provide individual attention. While some of the professors were outstanding others were considerably lacking in knowledge of their material. The experience in each classroom was substantially different depending on the teacher's ability and ability to teach.
Southwest Texas Junior College is a a small but very useful local college. The teachers are very kind and the community is very close. They are very helpful with applications and becoming apart of this family was easy and stress free. With the help and opportunities offered by this college I am one step closer to fulfilling my dreams.
The teachers here are great. They make everything easy to learn. The staff is so friendly and helpful to everybody around.
I like that you get to know your professors and that they are willing to help you succeed. I also like that the campus wasn’t to difficult to get around and that everything was pretty much in walking distance to each other.
I had a very good experience at Southwest Texas Junior College. The teachers were amazing and always willing to take time out of their busy dayto talk to me when if i had any questions even if it had othing to do with their class.
What i love about Southwest Texas Junior College is that there is help all over school including tutors of all materials around campus.
This school is like any other. I enjoyed my time there and there were some really amazing instructors.
The campus is very welcoming to new students. The dorms reek of mold smell and dust. The student body is very mixed and social. The offices are helpful but it does take some persistence on getting admitted.
I like studying in the library. I wish it was bigger. I like the classes I'm taking but there are not many on campus job opportunities. I would like to have scholarship opportunities.
I love how they have tutors that can help with any subject you are having problems with! The campus is really pretty and also has good places to hang out and to some classwork!
My experience at SWTJC right now has been amazing. Everyone is so friendly and the teachers that I have are great! As of right now, there is not really anything I would change. It's a very friendly environment.
Very good first college experience! It was nice to dip my toes into college in my close knit community. I had a very good college education due to SWTJC. I do not regret getting my A.A here. It was quite the enjoyable experience with very good professors!
I have yet to attend SWTJC, but I sure do plan on taking classes there. The campus is very easy to get around. The students and stuff are well known around the community and are always willing to give a helping hand. Everything about this junior college is just great and I can't wait to attend.
I like the school because it makes getting a degree a very attainable goal, especially for those of us stuck in a small town. Like any school it could use some changes; there are certain aspects already being worked on, but one thing I have yet to notice an awknowledgable change in is the online system they have set up. Yes, they've been "working on it", but it's been a few years now and it's still down every other day, or the links don't work, or some other technical issue (blame the IT guy in charge of it). As fast as technology has been moving in the past decade you would hope that our education system would take advantage of it all and help us to continue to move forward. Like, at least let me register for classes online without having to physically go to school and seek help from a counselor who is always busy.
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My experience with the college so far has been very good. All the teachers and advisors really help you and work with you. I've actually learned a lot more in college than I have in my four years in high school. The teachers are great with their teaching strategy and all want us to fulfill our goals.
so far everything is going fine for my classes at the actual college but not online classes.
everyone is so nice and understanding
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