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I attended this school back in my early 20s. It was a nice school, a good learning environment. I liked the class sizes and how the professors kept their focus on what we needed to learn.
So far I have seen many good things at Southwest Tennessee Community College. I have only attended the Macon Cove campus, however it is a good and well taken care of campus. Most of my advisers and teachers have been very good. The community is nice and many people communicate to solve problems. Overall, it is a great college.
Horrible service in financial aid (extremely rude financial aid advisors, academic advisors are very rude and you will pretty much never get anything done when it involves any worker at Southwest. Teachers are constantly telling you you’re a child & so young but then they love to say you’re an adult so you should be responsible. It’s very contradictory and exhausting. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOUTHWEST. They are not worth the hassle. If anything GO TO U OF M. Where the financial aid is actually happy to help and doesn’t act like their life depends on making you miserable. SOUTHWEST IS TRASH ESPECIALLY MACON CAMPUS. THEY NEED TO FIRE ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES AND START OVER BECAUSE THIS SCHOOL DESERVES LESS THAN 1 star
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Do to myself graduating as a freshmen, it's like i'm a ghost to certain people, i

mean i'm not here for friendship, i came here to play sports. Being i went to

summer school and the book simply said age doesn't matter if your student,

i'm now 28 and i hear i'm too old when Lebron James is 30+, at least that's

what the head women basketball coach said, here at Southwest Tennessee

Community College. I feel if i was in athletics, like i was in high school, this

would be a five star school, no question about!
Southwest is centered around money. Makes too many mistakes when money is involved. As for the teachers, we pay you to teach, not to tell us we are adults and already learned this. I have NEVER taken A&P in high school. If you are going to make it hard for us and tell us we should have already known this and you're not going over it, you should be teaching for free then. What are we paying you for? Let's not talk about the language barrier. I'm sorry, I never learned a foreign language either. These are the teachers that is making things hard. Southwest I'm pretty sure that they are aware of this issue. Like I said before, it's all about money. AVOID THIS SCHOOL BY ALL MEANS PLEASE! IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY, EDUCATION, AND FUTURE, DON'T DO IT!
very affordable education where you can transfer for a four year degree or finish in two years to start a career quicker. good place to start and find the direction you want to go. many classes that will transfer to a four year university.
What do I like about Southwest Tennessee Community College is that the professors like to take they time with you and help you pass the semester if you lacking on work and need help they advise you to tutors and they also will do anything to help. Southwest is divesity meaning theres is different races. What i dislike about southwest is that they really do not have many finanical aid workers.
Southwest Tennessee Community College has the potential of being a great school but the supporting staff isn’t very helpful at all. Most of the instructors are knowledgeable but seem to be there for the paycheck only.
Very unorganized during registration; unfriendly, uncaring, not interested in helping you get what you need just want to get rid of you and be on to the next person
I loved this college for what it was. It had its pros & cons. Cool students, cool instructors, but the staff in the financial aid office was very disorganized to me. A great place to start college and get your feet wet,. But, the staff in that financial aid office was always losing folks stuff (records, mailed transcripts, etc). Like I stated earlier, its a great place to start. I graduated, so hopefully, things have changed a little bit. But that was my experience.
Southwest TN is a good community college if you are a college student just trying to get some of your Gen Ed. courses out the way.
I have been a student at Southwest since August 2014, so I am going into my fifth year here. I have changed my major several times. Almost every teacher I have had during my time here have been awesome.
I love the atmosphere and how faculty does everything they can to help the student into college whether it is with admissions or financial or just to make them comfortable. I also like what the school offers such as book scholarships, counseling, housing, and transportation just to name a few.
I absolute love Southwest Tn Community College. It is a great school filled with so many positive people. Instructors made me feel welcome and at home the first mintue I stepped inside the classroom. I learned so much from all my teachers. Without them beimg there for me, I wouldnt be where i am today. My support system at Southwest was Amazing. They stood behind me every step of the way with so much encouragement. Because of that, I will continue to work hard and complete my next two years strong at a 4 year institution.
The professors seem to know how to engage with their students accordingly and can often times help them achieve the goals they are struggling with. The advisers and financial aids offices need a little more communication on their students and what has been done and needs to be done before a meeting is in session with the students; it would help things move a little faster.
Southwest has a wide variety of degrees and certificates you can choose from. Depending on the campus you attend, it can range from very safe to fairly safe. For the most part the professors are great and very helpful, they really try their best to make sure their students succeed and understand what is going on. Their academic center is hands down great! They have FREE tutoring sessions throughout the week, including Saturday. All of these tutors have a degree and are VERY helpful. They have not only helped me become successful, but many other students their service. The classrooms are up to date and the campuses are very clean for the most part. I felt safe being on the main campus because of the amount of security on campus. I do recommend future students or transfer students to attend Southwest because it won't burn a hole in your financial budget, and the professors and staff make you feel at home.
I love STCC! I’ve had some great professors that really care about my education and my future.Ive met a lot of great friends,teachers,and staff. It’s a very diverse and great school to be at and also very affordable!
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This college was an amazing first step into advanced education for me and the experience was phenomenal. If I were given the opportunity to go back then I would. Those two years passed by within the blink of an eye because I enjoyed the college life, vast parking space, freedom of choice and decisions, and free activities randomly offered on campus. Parking was never a hassle and is located conveniently right next to whatever building you need to go to. Another reason why I love this college so much is because of the affordability of the classes, credits are transferable, classes are small, teachers are very thorough and have plenty of time for questions, and the convenience on everything being within walking distance. The only disadvantage I find is that the only food options were the cafeteria, bookstore, snack machines, or leave campus. Even though everything is great here, housing is nonexistent. Overall, STCC is an amazingly bundled experience and thriller.
I think that southwest is a good school. its just an average community college. Its really a peaceful environment.
When people hear the word community college, everybody makes the same expression. In the grand scheme is not all that bad. The professors care a lot about students success and want them to succeed.
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