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Southwest is a great option to come and have less stress than a four year degree. The school has a number of people willing to help you and all the professors want to see you succeed.
I love Southwest from the beginning they showed they cared and wanted to see me pass. The teachers where wonderful. If Southwest was a four year college I would love to stay I will miss it dearly.
My experience with Southwest has been good so far. I haven’t had any problems that’ll make me want to transfer. I like how Southwest is a more hands on learning experience things I’ll like to see change is for them to have more interest in the soccer program.
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While going to Southwest it was the best experience I had. They throw different events so the students can stay active and feel welcomed, and they make sure each student knows what to do and whats going on. You feel safe at all times, and the teachers work with you no matter what the situation is.
I would like to see classes with older people in it.i feel like some my classes I was in most of the students had no respect for the older students in the professors was just as the advisor are never reachable in when you get them they have a altitudes all the time.some of the teachers put you on blast they doesn't care if this your first years or not they don't explain anything to you at all
My overall experience at Southwest has been a good one I learned a lot and going back to learn even more. I'm glad I chose Southwest to attend when I graduated high school 4 yrs ago.
Southwest is a decent community college. I think the saying "you get what you pay for" serves best here.
Southwest Community College is a great place to get your education. The advisors are very helpfull. The staff is polite and friendly.The proffesors are understanding and helpfull and are concerned with your goal of education. The food is wonderfull. Its a safe convinient location. They offer a viraity of classes.The campus is clean and safe.The buildings keept up well.Overall a wonderfull place to attend.
Southwest Tennesse Community College is a great school. The advisors are helpful and extremely nice. I really like how you can get tutoring help quick for your classes. One of the my dislikes is that they do not have certain programs like Veterinary technology. The other dislike of mine is that they are slow on updating accounts. They also do not have college based housing and renting some place safe is expensive.
Freshman in college on TN PROMISE scholarship. Pretty much worth the free year. Only downside was the facilities surroundings on Macon rd. There was a strip club across the street, a health center, many overused motels for sex, and a prison all on the same street. On the plus side there was multiple vending machines although the game rooms and cafes were practically nonexistent and the teachers barely taught lessons. Best money I never spent.
I personally enjoyed the people there and how the teachers actually cared and engaged with the class. Since it was small we had the chance to talk one on one and understand the material for next time in class.
What I'd like to see change is when you ask people for help they do not have an attitude there. Some people are nice, some do not talk to you. Which I do not mind, because it is a lot of older people. And also because this is a school where they have alot of young people coming on scholarship they need more campus activities.
I play softball for Southwest. I love the campus and professors. Every administrator I have come in contact with has been friendly and kind! I love Southwest and they truly care about your future. I would recommend this to many family and friends!
Southwest Tennessee Community college is perfect for students who don't like big crowds. Even though it is a community college, it is very diverse when it comes to the professors and even the other students. All the professors make it an effort to truly teach their students and make sure they actually learn something in order to pass. One thing that southwest could improve is their communication skills and their timeliness. Other than that, this school is perfect for introverts.
At Southwest Tennessee Community College, the professors, as well as faculty, go above and beyond in their quest to help students achieve their educational goals. An education at Southwest provides the student with the necessary tools to succeed in their academic pursuits.
I feel in love with Southwest within the first day of class. The teachers are really trying to help you succeed so you can get on out of there.
I had a great time at southwest because of the different people I got to meet, teachers are good, the campus is good, things I would like to see the summer classes are at all the locations.
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You really can get alot of hands on, professors are more than willing to put in the work to help. Great vibe .
I have enjoyed my experience at Southwest TN community college. Over the past couple years I have been able to progress my career further small steps at a time. I would recommend southwest to anyone looking to take classes while still maintaining a busy life.
The entire registration process was a major hassle. Student Services were not helpful at all. They kept sending me to other advisors who did not know what to do with me. The billing was also terrible; they would send me a statement for one thing then send me another for something else which was was extremely frustrating. Only plus is that they have flexible night courses.
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