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24 students I was the only male in the class. 4 months in MAP with an A grade. Instructor Vivian Galligan one day in lab watched and smiled as I alone didn't get 10 tubes filled by finger sticks. She cared less for me as a student and a human being not offering anything for my good and success. I was out while the others moved on and not a word from her. Her Superiors had no care neither. Lost out for MAP. As though Im the bad one not having a team mate as was supposed to be or others in the class to work toghether. Sad. from a Family Man.
All teachers are not always on the same page if they could fix that school would be better
Anything needed to be found, asked, questioned, etc. can be easily answered on campus by one of the many staff members.
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Experience So Far – As it's my first year attending, I don't have much to say. My teachers were pleasant, helpful, and full of great resources for all sort of problems. Security seemed disorientated or new. Pending for financial aid is a never ending trouble. Homework is sometimes very difficult to do or okay to do. Everything takes time and I'll see how the rest of my experience at EMCC goes.
Career Center – Though I have not had the chanced to properly apply (as an Internship), I have visited the Skill Center and their are very helpful. When coming with a question or needing help on work, or to location they always help and give me the information needed.
Microsoft Connection – Some computers on campus are updated to the last Microsoft connection while others are not, making it hard to work with at times. But otherwise connection is normal as can be when going to go use a computer.
While most classes are easy to apply to, their are other classes that take much more of a hassle to sign up too. Requiring an employee to help enroll you to a class, instead of you yourself in-rolling. The time it takes for said employee to help apply you to the class is tedious, as it should be allowed to sign-up by ones self.
Liberians and Security – While the Liberians and security do a fine job of taking care of the school overall, they do not keep a good track of lost items. Employees taking home students lost items and then claiming them to never have gotten them, only to later find said lost item. Whether it be communication or new employees, no one should be taking home a lost item that originally does not belong to them.
Worst School EVER – This is the worst school ever. i would not even consider going here after my experience. The staff here are unprofessional and irresponsible. I went here for about 3 months and it was the worst time of my life! they took no responsibility when there grading system was messed up they loose almost all there paper work and the professor are terrible. This school doesn't teach you a thing you give them money and then they give you a book and have you sit down in a room for 5 hours and read it. I am a high school senior wanting to make something out of my self when i get out of high school. this school was such a huge disappointment and wast of time and money!
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