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I graduated from SMSU and my adviser still keeps in touch with me to see how my job is going. The people here are friendly and want you to be successful.
Southwest Minnesota State University is a great school to get an education from. The professor care about the students. Faculty want to see the growth of their students, as well as watch the succeed in life. They currently provide a program called Fellow Christian athletes (FCA). This is where students athletes may come eat and talk about how they can improve in all aspects of life. The leaders of this program become great mentors to help every individual reach their potential.
The only downside of this university is the party seen. I would like to see the community come together for the young people of this town and create a little more entertainment. The task that will be created would solely be for rewards of the success this institution is creating.
My experience so far at SMSU has been a positive one. There is faculty here that wants to help me reach my goals in life and become a better person. They want to see me walk across the stage to receive my diploma. One thing that this university could change on is having more technology in the classroom. They have some rooms with smart boards, but a lot of the classroom still only have chalkboards.
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I love the awesome advisers! The staff is always there to help you out and they are interested in your success.
The professors truly care about our education and success. Everyone is so nice here and the campus is beautiful. The food/dining hall changed for the better. The dorms are nice.
I like the small class size in getting to know the professors and the professors getting to know me.
I have been a CollegeNow student with this university for the past two years and I really enjoy the courses. I have teachers teach these classes with requirements from the on campus professors and I appreciate that. The only thing I suggest is that my high school teachers pay more attention to the material needed for the course.
This school is so welcoming and you feel like there are so many people behind you wanting to succeed
Other all a good school, a lot of diversity which is kind of a downfall for some of the other students. Students and staff are nice and willing to help others.
Southwest Minnesota State University is a really great school. There is a good ratio of professors to students, so you feel like you can get some extra help from the professors if you need it. The professors are very nice as well (at least the ones I've had). They welcome questions, and help you to the best of their ability. The layout of the school is really nice and simple, as there are multiple ways to get to most places. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I quickly got used to the way the school is laid out. As for the classes, they are pretty good. There is a wide range of subjects that are offered, so odds are that you will find the types of classes you are looking for. During the time between classes, you can sit in one of the many comfortable couches and chairs in various parts of the school. The food is good too, if you're wondering about that. Just beware of the Freshman 15 if you eat from the buffet!
I don't go here but my older sister did. She really liked the programs, student life, and the campus. She said it was a great place to meet new people and work towards a rewarding career.
A nice, tight-knit school great for students who want to go to a cheap, school with good professors, athletics, and campus activities.
I love the education department here at SMSU. The professors are extremely passionate about teaching and are always eager to help anyone! Additionally, we have an EMSP club (Education Minnesota Student Program) that helps prepare you for teaching. Classes are never taught by teacher aids and the professors are very willing to help outside of class times. SMSU is a reasonable cost as well. You get the proper resources that you pay for. If you like smaller class sizes (20 to 40 students) and knowing almost everyone on campus, this would be the college for you.
I wouldn't choose another school if I could do it over again. Almost all the professors are super helpful when you ask questions. They are all passionate about their field of study. My favorite classes are with the English or Education professors. SMSU is known for their Education field and for a good reason. The professors are extremely excited about teaching and are always there to support the students. Additionally, the English professors are also friendly and several of them have had their work published into various books and articles. The only downside is some of the professors for your general classes (specifically science) are not as eager to help you or seem as concerned about you as a student individually. Otherwise most of the professors and classes are caring and interesting.
The housing process is relatively easy to apply for. However, there is only one new dorm on campus called Sweetland Hall. Sweetland is the only dorm with laundry in the building. However, Sweetland's social atmosphere isn't as welcoming. The traditional dorms have a much better, friendlier atmosphere but these dorms are not all up to date and the hallways are very small.
Typically our school does a great job at getting students involved and jobs but generally the jobs aren't of great value or position.
As said before SMSU does an amazing job at making the most of what its got. It has a great amount of class choices great professors and small class sizes that help students learn.
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Health on safety on this campus is not a issue besides some rare cases.
The on campus housing is great especially Sweetland Hall which is better than dorms at the big schools the only problem is cost/value the cost of on campus is extremely expensive opposed to off.
We do not have "Greek Life"
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