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Its a pretty safe campus and they have good people here. They should plan more student activities,and more jobs for non work study students. They also need more scholarships available for people with low gpa and academically confident as others.
I love SMSU. Its a good safe place. all of the Professors actually care about their students succeeding in life
I have attended many conferences and athletics camps here, and I am also dual-enrolled in many classes with the University. Very small school but an excellent town and great atmosphere.
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This year, I will be starting the Educational Leadership Graduate program at Southwest Minnesota State University. Since the program does not officially start until September 8th, I can only give my first impressions. Upon hearing about the program from my administrator, I was very intrigued. I was not interested in doing an online program and this appeared to be a fabulous fit. It is a cohort that meets closer to my home, we will be meeting on a monthly basis and a few of my coworkers have joined the program. Two professors from the university came to the location and met with potential students, where they outlined the program, offered incentives for early admissions and took the time to hear and answer questions. The only thing that I wish were different was the timeliness of communication about the first class. All in all, I am very anxious to start this journey and look forward to what Southwest has to offer me as I work towards my Master's.
Southwest Minnesota State brings a great environment to all students. Staff is very welcoming as well as all the students attending there. This school provides great opportunities for foreign students and is a multicultural school. Advisors are constantly keeping in touch which helps students stay on track and complete their defree. I would not suggest any changes to thinamazing university.
Going to SMSU was not my original plan, but now that I have been attending for a couple years, I love it! There is new additions all the time. The amount of international students is actually very helpful I think. It is also a very small campus, and feels very home-like.
small enough, but not too small
cheap, but high quality
great on campus culture
great professors and on-campus resources
many different programs
diverse population
A harsh but truthful review... My best friend goes here and I've heard nothing but bad things from about it. The professors are rude, and she was even encouraged to drop out by one of them.
The students are either hooked on marijuana because of the depressing town or hooking up with each other for something to do. The campus safety precautions are terrible, which she found out for herself after a classmate assaulted her. They didn't expel him, just put him in a neighboring dorm!
The scholarships are basically nonexistent. There is only one good dorm on campus, and it's hard to get into. I could go on. I'm glad I decided not to go here when I had the chance.
A great experience with my undergraduate degree, but not my graduate degree. The professors were wonderful during my undergraduate degree, but my professors during my graduate degree were horrible. They never responded to my emails when I had questions and assigned group projects and penalized me for the work that my group members didn’t complete. I would not recommend the program.
They don't have very good teachers. If you are going to become a teacher this a great college for you.
The atmosphere here is amazing! Everyone is super friendly! The small campus really makes it feel homey and the professors are pretty awesome. You can always expect to leave campus with a smile on your face, no matter the mood you were in when you got there!
The atmosphere of SMSU is very homely. Even though it is a relatively small campus, it feels as though there are many different people to meet. The set up of campus is very convenient, especially in the cold winter months, and very easy to get the hang of. Marshall is a moderately sized city, which gives it just enough new things to explore and experience, but still embodies a welcoming town.
Completely unhelpful with planning classes, general academic advising, & no career advice. There is no pride in academics/no academic culture. Very few opportunities for internships & nothing to do in this small town. Diversity is not welcomed--the campus climate is overwhelming close-minded. Transferred to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities & it's the best choice I ever made.
I came from a small town of 1300 people, and I wanted to stick with a smaller town aspect, while still going farther away from my hometown. SMSU was the perfect fit for that (they have 14000 people). The teachers get to know you on a personal level, and really try to ensure you have a job after college. I do wish that they had more opportunities for intramurals and fraternities/sororities, but they include almost everything else.
I graduated from SMSU and my adviser still keeps in touch with me to see how my job is going. The people here are friendly and want you to be successful.
Southwest Minnesota State University is a great school to get an education from. The professor care about the students. Faculty want to see the growth of their students, as well as watch the succeed in life. They currently provide a program called Fellow Christian athletes (FCA). This is where students athletes may come eat and talk about how they can improve in all aspects of life. The leaders of this program become great mentors to help every individual reach their potential.
The only downside of this university is the party seen. I would like to see the community come together for the young people of this town and create a little more entertainment. The task that will be created would solely be for rewards of the success this institution is creating.
My experience so far at SMSU has been a positive one. There is faculty here that wants to help me reach my goals in life and become a better person. They want to see me walk across the stage to receive my diploma. One thing that this university could change on is having more technology in the classroom. They have some rooms with smart boards, but a lot of the classroom still only have chalkboards.
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I love the awesome advisers! The staff is always there to help you out and they are interested in your success.
The professors truly care about our education and success. Everyone is so nice here and the campus is beautiful. The food/dining hall changed for the better. The dorms are nice.
I like the small class size in getting to know the professors and the professors getting to know me.
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