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This school has changed my life. For being a healer, this school has given me tangable training to work witu clients in healing inwardly. I love the enviornment and people are truly seen here .
So far I have had very good communication with financial aid and admissions. It has been a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to beginning my education to become an Integrated Healing Practioner.
This school combines spirituality with all kinds of different healing modalities! I’m cirrently taking the Integrated Healing Arts program. So far I have studied hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, life coaching, as well as spiritual and other healing classes! The staff are very helpful and they even provide help after you graduate to make sure your successful!
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I love the helpfulness of the staff. They are never pushy and always have the student's best interest in mind. It is an amazing, safe, spiritual environment where I can learn and grow, and I truly love that!
have had great interactions with the admissions counselor so far, she has been more helpful than any other school I have applied to
Flexible schedules depending on what you want to learn
All aesthetics schools have prospective employers that they partner with, so there is always a high chance of employment for students when they graduate. Since holistic healing is such a niche market, it is almost easier to choose an employer since they are easier to evaluate on a personal level.
Most diplomas offered are for entrepreneurial based careers, and there isn't job placement, but I do believe that have great resources for the certificates and diplomas offered.
From the information offered in classes and the books required, there is an immense amount of great information offered by the school. Workload is only 12 to 20 hours per week online and is self paced. Classes range in duration, but are not unreasonably long and online helps. In-person classes are 3 to 4 hours (nutrition) and I would not enjoy that.
School starts in 9 days, and it takes places online. I went to the campus to check it out, and it is really cool. The admissions department is helpful, and the classes offered at the school are incredible. They have an awesome store/bookstore and I wanted to buy way more books than I needed to for classes.
All I can say is WOW. I've never seen a school, public or private, that is so invested in the success of their students. There's support for placement, business training, and even posted opportunities that are frequently updated to provide employment opportunity outside the school. They really do care, and offer every opportunity possible for us to take what we've learned, and who we've become, and give birth to it in the outside world.
I'm in the AOS Transformational Psychology program, and it is uniquely tailored to provide options that help students fine tune the direction they want to take with it. The workload is like most other schools, in that the classes are full and the materials require a commitment beyond the walls of the school and participation in the reading, reports as well as collaboration with other students. The fact that it is a small, private school is a plus and especially if large classrooms are overwhelming to someone. It's very relaxed and comfortable. I am not aware of internships, but they do offer a "Do Your Dream" opportunity for work/school positions that support low income students in their quest for higher education and support for their vision.
I haven't had to transfer credits, but I have had to re-chart my course midstream after developing new awarenesses about my path. Their hands-on Student Services department is great, and they make every effort to help you whenever you need it.
If attending classes on campus is not an option, this makes up for it. Everyone I know who is taking advantage of the online curriculum is happy with the experience, the convenience, and the support they need is there when they want it.
Very hands on, and the instructors are all eager to teach and approachable. They really do want you to find your path, and succeed in whatever it is you seek to do. The other students range from virtually every background and age group I can imagine, and this environment serves as a bridge to bring generations, and differing cultural and spiritual beliefs together who might not otherwise have that opportunity. Sharing our experiences, and views with one another fosters unity not just with each other but outside the doors of the school as well. Diversity is alive and well here, and has proven to be an eye-opener for me.
It's rare to find an accredited school that operates from a place of genuine interest and support for their students to thrive and prosper after they finish their class or degree program. SWIHA is one such place, and the attention given to students during their classes and program as well as after they graduate is like nowhere else. Their Success Center sets a new standard for support and training, and begins as soon as a person enrolls and not afterward. Their goal is to get you started being successful and knowing not just what you've learned in your classes but how to apply them in the world outside. They provide complimentary, professional advice on building your business, websites, brand, and how to find the exposure that brings your clients or career choice to you. This makes SWIHA a unique, and wonderful place to transform your life to be the best you possible.
The Financial Aid Department here is amazing, and they are genuinely interested in helping you through the process. I definitely felt like I had all the help I could get when I met with them and the admissions office.
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It seems all very down to earth, real heath habits you can use in everyday living
I talked with all the staff about attending school and they all seemed willing to help if I needed it.
The tuition is lower or on par with many other small, focused colleges. The Financial aid process was very personalized once my FAFSA and verification documents were in. It helps to understand financial aid before you apply to any school. The FA officers at SWIHA are knowledgeable, but as a student, ultimately it is your responsibility to know what you are getting for the money you have through federal aid and manage it responsibly.
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