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The teachers were always ready to work with you one-on-one if there was something you were struggling with. They offer free tutoring for classes. Their financial aid office really works with you to make sure you are able to afford classes and books.
I like their different programs that are offered, especially the IT academy program. It has helped me a lot with my current career. They are easy to work with and very affordable.
I am a dual enrollment student here and I only have had contact with the Governor's School's professors. In my experience, the college wants what is best for the student, and they do their best to help you academically.
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Southside Community College is a small college that is constantly improving itself. The classes are small and it has a more one-on-one atmosphere when you need help from professors. In my experience everyone was friendly and helpful. It's also very affordable. My financial aid covered all my expenses. Southside has a few clubs as well. I was in the gaming club there and the Honor Society. Another big plus is that they participate in the guaranteed acceptance agreement program! Ultimately my experience there was wonderful!
It is an excellent school with good facilities, staff and fellow students. I have enjoyed my experience at this school.
Southside Virginia Community College is a great place to continue one's education. I attend Governor's School there through Dual Enrollment and I feel that it has adequately prepared me for college.
I am a dual enrollment student through south side Virginia community college in Alberta, Virginia. I have been very pleased with my resources and my overall experience with the college thus far. I will hopefully go into college as a junior and without this college near me I would not have been able to accomplish this.
Southside Community College is a wonderful school to attend. All of the teachers and tutors are very friendly and helpful.
The faculty and staff are amazing and always help you with pretty much anything for new students and returning students!
SVCC is a wonderful place to transition to a 4 year college, especially if you are uncertain of a definite career. The entire staff is so friendly, helpful and cheerful. The college is smaller and more personable than a large University, this helps me to prepare and get excited about my transfer and my future! I truly love all the professors and everyone who works there. The campus is beautiful and many community events takes place there. It has been my pleasure to attend and I am blessed for this opportunity located near my home town. SVCC was also chosen for financial purposes , because money for college is a struggle. I am excited to get started this semester and see what the year has in store for me. My first year ended with a 3.75gpa and I will strive to do even better!
Southside Virginia Community college is easy and convenient to apply to. The joint campuses that they have is great as well because it cuts down on traveling expenses for those that do not live in the Keysville and Alberta area. If anyone was looking at this school as a choice of colleges to attend I would definitely recommend it. The faculty are awesome. SVCC offers free tutoring, how better can that be. Awesome school with awesome staff
I go to the SVCC in Alberta. Although it's a bit of drive from where I live, the mileage is worth everything! I absolutely love the campus. There's a tennis court open to students anytime, the pond is a perfect place to study under warm weather, and our hiking trail involves some of our most exciting adventures. Parking is simple (no fee necessary), thus you won't have to fight over a space. It also has free internet. A major plus, in my mind that is.

My only negative thoughts I have about SVCC involves the variety. There are only a few classes and clubs to choose from. When I first looked at the list, I was very disappointed SVCC didn't have a chess club or something else that attracted me. I ended up in the Environmental club, which is fine. I just wish there was more so I can increase my pallet.
I go to SVCC through dual enrollment and it has helped drastically in my college career, and prepared me for my future well.
I like the food and the atmosphere here. I would love to have a nicer areas to hang out in the break room.
It's is an amazing school. The professors are there for their students. Learning the always the first priority. The cafe has great food. Sails will make sure they keep you on tract wether you're doing great or not doing such a hot job.
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It was good, I did have to have a tutor for a while though
They are very helpful and they care.
They have an R.N. program which is exelant!
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