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Southside Regional Medical Center Professional Schools Reviews

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Small classrooms, offer more attnetion while learning.
I am learning at a good pace
I am happy with the school I choose.
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There is no changing in the schedule, and you don't have a choice but to be there when the instructor has scheduled it.
I get along with most of my classmates, and we help each other out as much as possible. I can meet with my instructors and they will always help me to the best of their ability.
You have a schedule beginning at each semester. It will tell you when you have class, clinicals, tests, etc. and there is no changing of your schedule. In a way that is bad because it is sometimes hard to work around this schedule. The professors are usually helpful. The class is about 30 students per classroom and you will receive powerpoints and other texts to help with each lecture. You also have a lab to practice hands on things such as IVs.
We only do our clinical rotations at one hospital (SRMC), so we do not get to experience other hospitals and facilities. We do have good opportunities to get a job at SRMC after we graduate, we are pretty much on our own.
There are many different ethnic backgrounds in my class. I learn a lot from being around different people who have different experiences. However, there are only 2 men in my class out of about 30 students.
This is a very affordable place to go to school. They give you the fees at the very beginning so there are no surprises of unexpected fees.
Because I am in my 2nd semester out of 5, they have not educated us much on post-grad services. From what I have heard, they will give you lots of guidance in what to do after you graduate from this program.
There are only a handful of teachers that I enjoy listening in on their lectures. It seems as if some teachers are not very concerned with you passing their course.
Since there are only 3 different programs in this school, nursing being the largest, the school puts a lot of pressure on us. The job opportunities, experience, and curriculum are all things that I obtain a lot of here at SRMCPS.
It is a basic nursing program. There are no athletic centers, and very few campus activities. For how small this school is, they have done a good job on giving us resources such as a computer lab to help with our education.
The school is very close to home and very hands on learning which I enjoy.
Since the school is based through the school they kind of direct you into working for them. You can sign a contract where they will pay for your school if you work for them but im not sure where they will let you work when you graduate.
They do have a few computer labs with a few computers. They give you paper at the beginning of the semester that you have to bring with you to the lab in order to print off material.
Not a Regular College – At SRMCPS they have a few activities where you can meet other people in different semesters. They have a medical library which is a great resource. However, if you are looking for accomidations this school really doesnt have any.
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Small School – If you are looking for a school with a small class size to enable you to get more help with the content you have found the right school. Although sometimes a little unorganized overall its a great learning expierence. I love the fact our clinicals are in the hospital so if you decide to work there you already had a pretty extensive interview.
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