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This is a great Christian college. Students and staff are so pleasant. They have a range of courses to help you succeed and further you chances of getting a great job. It is located in such a beautiful area
For a school that is supposed to be faith based the leadership needs to practice what they preach. Leadsership at this schools should be held accountable to the students that pay their salary and instead think they can tell everyone what they expect while not living it themselves. The academics do not prepare you for a career and instead after four years young adults are working in a grocery store bagging groceries a year after leaving than working in their desired career.
It is a positive Christian-filled atmosphere for the right student. There is a real opportunity to be part of a supportive community here. The only down-side is that there is not enough diverse options for extracurricular activities for more students to be engaged. If you're not an athlete, you're not striving for a near-perfect GPA, or you're not a music or religion major, you are often overlooked and left out. For those who are interested in any of the above categories, there are a plethora of activities for you to participate in and teams for you to be part of. In addition, there are nearby attractions that make this place a truly special place. Some of these include the close proximity to Clemson, SC; the Potters Place, which is a group of cabins each with Bibles, journals, and supplies for communion within walking distance of the dorms; and the Freedom's Hill Church, a historic place that was part of the underground railroad as well as the first Wesleyan church in the South.
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Excellent school rooted in Christian values. I love the curriculum and the instructors. The courses are challenging and it prepares students to be transformational leaders of today.
I started at SWU in 2006 but had to take a break because of financial obligations. I returned in 2015. I like the flexiblity of my classes and the help I recieve from the main campus team to help me make right decisions concerning my courses.
I started in the adult program to finally get my bachelors degree and have been very pleased with the overall process. One of the best things was the amount of help with getting started and being able to maintain communication throughout my college career at SWU.
Southern Wesleyan University offers both a traditional onsite experience for traditional students and evening online/courses for non traditional students. I am receiving my degree in Early Childhood and Family Studies in an online program. All of my professors and students service coordinators have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They operate with the integrity and characteristics of Christianity at the forefront. I have had an awesome experience thus far.
I like how they but God before everything else. Also I love how everyone on campus is treated equally and there's no discrimination.
Southern Wesleyan University is a great school. The professors are very understanding and they really support you throughout the process.
I like Southern Wesleyan University because the Faculty, Staff, and Students put God first. They treat everyone as an individual and not a number. Their class sizes are small, which enables the professors to personally engage with all of their students. They prepare their students for the workforce by training them with the most current technology. They use all aspects of their facility to give back to the community and to the world. They also accommodate to people with physical disabilities by making sure their campus is up-to-code with American Disabilities Act and ensure everyone is provided the experience whether it's during a campus tour or being a student. I would like to see more universities like SWU.
One of the factors that led me to explore Southern Wesleyan University is the social atmosphere. I love that SWU is a place where I can continued to grow in my faith and meet people that have the same interest as I do. Another factor that led me to explore Southern Wesleyan University is how much my admission counselor cares. Caleb Southern has helped me tremendously in my decisions and tips for Southern Wesleyan. No other college has showed that much interest in me and my plans for the future. There are more reasons but my last factor that led me to explore SWU is the student involvement.
I have attempted Brown Mackie, Anderson University , Forman adult classes and Grand Canyon University to complete my degree; however SWU has been the best choice best fit! I am graduating this spring and excited to complete my goals finally!
I wouldn't like to see anything change. SWU is perfect the way it is! There is an automatic caring feeling when you step on campus; it feels like home. The professors actually care about your academics and help you when you need it. It is also nice to be on a campus where you can feel the presence of God everywhere.
I like that southern Wesleyan is small. I know a lot of the people on campus, and it makes for a great community. I would like to see Southern Wesleyan update some of their buildings.
Southern Wesleyan is a fantastic school for working adults who are going back to school to start working toward their degree, finishing their degree or wanting to get a higher degree. They understand that as a working adult, and sometimes parent, you need a little more time to get through classes and just need to work on one at a time.
Went to SWU because of it being a Christian school and to be an college athlete. Was very disappointed on how everything is handled with student affairs and my experience overall with SWU was okay.
I love everything about SWU. The campus is the perfect size, the professors are receptive, and you will be friends with most of the student body.
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Southern Wesleyan is a university that cares about its students. All of the professors at Southern Wesleyan choose to be there because they love what they do. Likewise, most students choose to be there because they want to be there and because they love it. Southern Wesleyan is more than just a school, it is a place of community where everyone encourages each other and wants to see everyone do well.
I love the small classes and professor interaction with the students at swu!
The advisors always help you find things like internships and Job opportinities
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