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The classes are great and overall I love the school. There aren’t many options for classes and majors due to the school size, and often the administrators of the school don’t make smart decisions on how to run things.
I loved it! It's small and has a great learning environment with just enough social things going on in my opinion.
I love the campus at Southern Virginia University. The campus is comfortable and student friendly, a really great environment for all. If you're looking for a better teacher to student ratio or for greater understanding of each subject because of all of the one-on-one time with the teachers. The staff seems to really care about each of the students. One of my favorite parts is the nature around the campus, its very peaceful. Its perfect for studying, relaxing, and pondering about everything and anything. Its a college that adjusts to people and their needs and likes. This is the campus and college for everybody and I truly believe that.
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During my first experience here, I thought of Southern Virginia University as a "settling" school; the only reason I was there was because I had missed the deadlines for all the better colleges. Many of my complaints regarding the school still stand: the campus is small; the food is inconsistent at best, and the school's budget does not yet allow for a staggering variety of majors and minors. However, I have come to realize that SVU has something going for it that very few private universities can claim: the faculty cares. They really do. I have had maybe one experience thus far where I struggled in a class due to lack of cooperation from a professor. I also cannot understate that it is thrilling to be a part of a college that is growing this rapidly. I really feel as though I'm helping to build something huge. As far as small liberal arts colleges go, Southern Virginia is just about as good as it gets.
I love this school. The environment feels like family, the faculty and staff work with you personally, and the classes are small enough to foster discussion and more independent learning. I have been able to pursue my interests in many fields, including athletics, music, and academics. The school strives to uphold a moral code and an environment that is accepting of ones personal beliefs, while also fostering a Christian belief system. The people are what make this place amazing.
Among the most amazing schools, would recommend to any seeking a great environment and wonderful professors.
SVU is a great University. It’s small with a tight-nit community. The classes available are great, and the professors here are super nice. Although many people love small universities, I feel that SVU’s main issues come from being so small. There isn’t much to do in town, it’s difficult to not have a car since most things to do are driving distance but not walking distance, and there just aren’t as many classes available as I would like. However, SVU does plan on expanding within the next two years or so, as does the town it is in. This should solve most of these problems, I assume. And even with these issues, my overall experience at SVU has been pretty great.
I love SVU's educational philosophy. They really understand what it means to be a liberal arts university, and they are focused on helping us become strong leaders.
I loved the small class size and the opportunities to participate in almost anything you wanted to. The majors may not be many but the ones they offer are exceptional. I am only a Sophomore and an able to do internships and gain real work experience. We are taught by the professors and not TA's. I have not had a class with more then 25 students in it. I can email my professors and have them email me back the same day. I feel safe here. There are activities for everyone. The student life staff works hard to provide fun things do to. The President is even very accessible.
Though it is a small University it provides a low stress environment for students to be successful. It is affordable and provides a well rounded college experience with a bit of Southern charm.
Southern Virginia is a great school that enables you to meet many people and get to know them personally because of its small class sizes. Professors are more than happy to help students with questions about assignments, tests, and school in general. Because the class sizes are few, you are able to get to know your professors on a personal level and it makes the classes more enjoyable. If your looking for a school that has good moral values and a friendly environment, Southern Virginia University is perfect!
This was such a rewarding school to go to! I would not trade my time learning and growing there. The professors are so knowledgeable and have a lot of real world experience. You are able to have a personal relationship with them because class sizes are small. It's a great environment to learn in!
SVU is magnificent. the campus and surrounding city are small, so there are limited opportunities for jobs and parties, but DC, the beach, and countless historic sites are all within a few hours, so weekend trips are easy to plan. the faculty is extremely qualified and dedicated to helping students succeed instead of weeding out the ones who do not care. the building is old and historic, but beautiful and charming.
I love SVU. It's a small school, which comes with the benefits of the professors being approachable with questions, and even being open to becoming friends with the students. The campus itself is rather small, easily walkable in only 10 minutes or so. The internet speed there was not so great when I was there, but I've been told they've made that faster. It is somewhat lacking in degrees, I admit, but they've added several in the time I've attended.
Too much money for a low funded school. Communication are slow and not coordinated there's a lot of potential in the college maybe in the future if it can grow and become more diverse with outsider ideas.
Overall, my experience with Southern Virginia University was rewarding, and although difficult, was a good learning experience. The professors were fantastic and actually cared about you as an individual, and your scholastic needs. To let the students have a more individualized learning experience the class sizes tended to be small. The surrounding scenery and architecture of the building were beautiful, though the latter is in great need of repair. For those who had dietary restrictions, the food was sub-par. It is generally not a party or drug school, and the students tended to be ignorant of those who were not of the same religion.
The professors are wonderful and pay attention to each individual student. The area is beautiful. However, there wasn't a lot of diversity. Also, the school needs to work on communication throughout its departments.
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I like the class room sizes . I also like that the teacher can be one on one with you.That they can send you out into the world ready for work. I wouldn't change anything
This school is the single most important that got into medical school and I am now a physician because of it. The academics are incredible. At times as a student I felt the school was too academically rigorous; I now see the benefit that rigor had in my academic development. I have also seen great improvement in the way the honor code is interpreted and enforced in comparison to how it was when I was a student. They have changed to avoid judgement and allow for more personal expression.
SVU is a great school. The teachers are helpful and it's very easy to get help and pass classes.
It is a religious school and you have to live by their standards, which includes a dress code and strict housing policy. It seeps into personal lifestyle and it's a very hard environment to live in if you do not adhere to that belief system. I would not recommend the school to anyone who is not LDS. However, if you are I cannot think of a better more friendly and supportive environment to earn a Bachelors.
I think it would be a better, more accessible school if there wasn't such a strict honor code. As is the case on most campuses, partying will happen, despite the restrictions. And rape does occur, but in cases where alcohol is involved women do not come forward because of the added fear of getting suspended or expelled because the broke the honor code. I'd like to see a more open door policy, so students can feel at ease when reporting sexual assault, or abuse of any kind.
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