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The amount of opportunities you have to succeed are endless. The professors are willing to work with you if your willing to work with them.
I think from me being how far I am from home it's hard sometimes that I cant just go home to my family and have a home cooked meal. I have to wait until I come home for Christmas or Summer to see anyone. I think my over all experience, except the loans have been a good college experience, you learn what you need to do to strive for the best!
Southern Vermont College has an amazing campus. It is filled with beautiful scenery of the mountains, and it looks even better when it is covered in snow! Since the school is so small, everyone knows everyone. This makes everyone polite to one another, and when you are walking to and from places, you always see at least one person to say hello to. The professors offer great assistances, and the school has a great Center for Teaching and Learning program for those students looking for extra help in their courses.
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This College had me dreaming of attending as I drove up Mansion Drive, saw the amazing mansion that housed classrooms and a library with views that took my breath away. The academics, though limited, offered amazing career choices. The soccer field where I dreamed of playing was one like none I’ve ever seen. Situated in the mountain with scenic views that in the fall season looked like something out of a painting.
In the fall of 2016 my dream became reality as I began my life as an SVC student athlete. Academics and being part of a great woman’s soccer team made my first year all I had hoped It would be. The small campus fits my needs and the surrounding areas offer many opportunities for me to fulfill my wanderlust with hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and many other adventurous activities. Entering my fourth semester in a few weeks and I can’t wait to be back on campus, making more memories and fulfilling more dreams!
Awful experience here. Athletics are terrible, teaching is awful. Food is the worst thing ever. It is basically a small high school. Literally 200 kids go here there is no college experience. Would not recommend.
I like the Family atmosphere. A great school if you need more support with professors one on one.
I don't like how the school is distant and doesn't have a brother or sister school for students to attend events at.
Southern Vermont College was very united and had many supportive students. I loved that SVC had a lot of competitive athletes and tons of enthusiastic fans. I would love to see SVC gain more collegiate athletes from the West Coast.
A small school of about 500 students total. Classes are small and thus one will have intimate relationships with professors. Everyone is on a first name basis, and as long as you keep your professors updated on what's going on in your life, it's difficult to fail. The view from the mountain is breathtaking-- no photo will do it justice. A great place to go if you enjoy the quiet as well as seemingly endless hiking trails.
All faculty are very helpful
The career center is helpful and will to answer any questions
Experienced college as both an athlete and student and was a good choice to transfer here
Students are very much involved when it comes to supporting the athletic teams
Our college campus is the most diverse college in the state of Vermont
The campus safety care about all of us, they are always around helping if any of us need anything. I feel safe on campus
The amount of opportunities we all get with internships and future jobs is amazing. The career center is very helpful and very resourceful .
The Classes are great its a small class size and the professor see you as a person and not just a number. You will learn in a high quality and you will take it all in and you will use what you learn in class in the real world.
The new dorms are nice, they have good sized rooms. The student to bathroom ratio is pretty convenient. The dorms i would say are average.
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We don't have any Greek life on the campus but we all wish to have some on the campus.
The schools athletics are a big part of this school. I am an athlete and everyday you get welcomed by everyone in the building you make connections with the coaches, trainers, athletic director, and other athletes. The student body is mainly athletes so we all show up to each others event to help show support for the other programs.
The professors are always there for you. They are always answering your emails in a timely manor and are always willing to sit down and talk about the class material with you. The people at this college have always been there to help me and will continue to help me. You have to try to not do well here, you will succeed at this school.
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