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Southern Utah University Reviews

1,560 reviews
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I like being at Southern Utah University because it has helped me so much with my school and i would even tell my friends form other school to come to southern Utah university. I wouldn't change a thing.
It is an amazing school all round, the teachers are good at teaching and they don't just roll through power points. The school is located in a beautiful area and the campus is a lot of fun to be on.
Southern Utah University is very welcoming and the perfect place to be. I am currently enrolled at SUU and I absolutely love it. The professors care about students' education. They care about helping you succeed and pass. If help is needed, there is always someone there to help. There are many activities to help get new students involved and a lot of very helpful people. Southern Utah University is a great college to attend and anyone can fit right in.
Southern Utah University has a remarkable dance program. The teachers know the students by name and seek to work with them to accomplish their academic goals.
I absolutely love it here! Not only is the curriculum up to par, but the atmosphere of the campus with the beauty of southern Utah makes me feel so at home! I love the teachers, the school spirit, and wonderful friends!
My choice to attend Southern Utah University has proved to be my best decision thus far in my educational career. The campus is welcoming and not too large so is it easy to navigate. Each professor cares about the individual student, which is not always easy to find in college. The school's medical program and nursing program is incredible. They have an exceptionally high acceptance rate into medical schools, namely the programs at John Hopkins and the University of Utah. This university feels like a home, with welcoming students and faculty as well as a beautiful area. It is also surrounded by national parks and is near to Brianhead, so it fits well with outdoor personalities. I recommend this University to all who inquire about which college is best to attend.
Southern Utah University is a great school. The courses, the teachers, and the students create a great college experience. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help with anything. The staff are truly devoted to helping their students succeed in college and their lives. SUU has a great community and there are so many opportunities. All the things that have gone wrong while I am here at SUU, are just part of my life. SUU has been a support system for me and I am really grateful that I made the decision to come here. I definitely recommend Southern Utah University. It is a great place to spend four years of life and I don't no anyone you regrets coming here.
SUU is a fantastic school! My experience here has been a very positive one. My small class size, and amazing professors have made my learning personal and I have been able to get the help I need to be successful. The campus is beautiful and the student body are welcoming. I have loved me time here at SUU and am very excited for my future here.
A wonderful social and academic environment. Professors are personal, and there are ample student resources and opportunities.
SUU is a great growing university. The university is growing in diversity every year and is in a great community. I am in the art program and all the faculty and staff are very helpful and geared toward helping their students succeed. Campus is easy to navigate and not too large and there are tons of programs tailored to students and their needs.
Southern Utah University is a great place. They have a diverse student body that is inviting to all. There are a variety of classes to take and lots of fantastic instructors and professors.
I really like that its such a small school, yet so advanced. I feel like I have so much opportunity to grow and learn and participate in projects i wouldn't be able to at other schools
I have really enjoyed the agriculture program at SUU. The professors are supportive and easy to talk to.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and the Psychology program is one of the best! I have met some of my best friends at this college and I'm grateful for the chance I had to attend this school!
This is my freshmen year and I have enjoyed every day of it. Southern Utah University have a very nice campus and I really enjoy going to it every day. So far all of my professors are awesome and I have had no problems with any of them. Southern Utah University has made the transfer from high school to college.
I like how my classes are small enough for the professor to know each of their students and have one on one time with them. I don't like how there isn't a lot of on campus housing.
I currently attend SUU and have loved the last couple years attending here. The class sizes are perfect, and it's so easy to have a relationship with your professor and academic advisor. There's so much one on one and great help whenever you need it. There are so many resources and you are taught the best way to use them. Great preparation for grad school!
I loved going to Southern Utah University for the year that I was there. I loved all of my teachers. All of my Professors were enthusiastic and hard-working, to ensure that my fellow classmates and I would get the best education possible. The course load was reasonable, perhaps not quite as hard as it could be. The campus was clean, and taken care of. The other students there were respectful and clean as well. I thought that the library was a very efficient tool for studying as well, to myself and to other students that I would see studying beside me. My professors were open-minded, and taught myself and others to be open-minded and to think critically. Sadly, SUU didn't have the major that I was interested in at the time, and so I decided to transfer to a different University to further my education.
This college is amazing. Lot of things to do, lot of majors to explore. Lot of friends to meet. The teachers do care about your success, and there are many places to study, to eat, and to hang and relax.
They also have a full week where you can learn about the Greek life and decide if you would like to join any of them.
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