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My experience at Southern Utah University has been great. I have been there for two years. All of the professors at the university are very helpful to the students and are will to take time out of their own schedules to help the students. Also the students and campus and considerate of others and are will to help where they can. The university also provides a tutoring center where students can receive help in any subject they may be taking a class in.
If you like living in a small town, this is the place for you. Great academics and beautiful campus. Filled with LDS people. Dorms are great and taken care of. There is always something going on on campus as well.
Great college for the money. They also offer very generous scholarships that are few and far between at flagship schools like BYU and the U. Sports are good for a small university, and there's a lot to do on campus. The setting is beautiful, but Cedar City is a very small conservative town, so most socializing and activities are done on-campus.
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I loved the people and teachers there, they really are supportive. I felt right at home when I was at Southern Utah University. When I first went on a campus tour they really focused on making the experience about you and what you were interested in. They had a great atmosphere and I always felt like I fit in there.
A small town college done right! Southern Utah University has top rated programs in many different fields including a new aviation program. A college where you can get your moneys worth with small student to teacher ratios.
I really like Southern Utah University because they have a lot of helpful programs and the staff are very helpful as well. I like the smaller atmosphere that they have for being a college and I also like the fun activities that they have.
I enjoyed my time at SUU and I recommend it to people to attend. The teachers do care about you and try to help you to succeed.
The small class sizes and personal relationships with teachers help gain a really positive experience!
I love SUU! They are committed to their students and want the best for you. They always have events going, tons of free food and events. They want you to get out there and have fun on top of classes and studying. Their library is brilliantly set up to accommodate all levels of needs and have computers and printers for those (me!) that don't have one at their dorm
I have been to Southern Utah University often in my time as a local, the staff and students are always nice and the environment in the school is very open and mellow, not to say the students aren't driven and passionate about what they do there is rarely a quiet event hosted at the college.
I have not yet attended Southern Utah University but, I have participated in some events that are there and just being in that atmosphere is completely amazing. I love how everyone seems to be a family. The academics seem incredible and I can not wait to attend this fall.
I like being at Southern Utah University because it has helped me so much with my school and i would even tell my friends form other school to come to southern Utah university. I wouldn't change a thing.
It is an amazing school all round, the teachers are good at teaching and they don't just roll through power points. The school is located in a beautiful area and the campus is a lot of fun to be on.
Southern Utah University is very welcoming and the perfect place to be. I am currently enrolled at SUU and I absolutely love it. The professors care about students' education. They care about helping you succeed and pass. If help is needed, there is always someone there to help. There are many activities to help get new students involved and a lot of very helpful people. Southern Utah University is a great college to attend and anyone can fit right in.
Southern Utah University has a remarkable dance program. The teachers know the students by name and seek to work with them to accomplish their academic goals.
I absolutely love it here! Not only is the curriculum up to par, but the atmosphere of the campus with the beauty of southern Utah makes me feel so at home! I love the teachers, the school spirit, and wonderful friends!
My choice to attend Southern Utah University has proved to be my best decision thus far in my educational career. The campus is welcoming and not too large so is it easy to navigate. Each professor cares about the individual student, which is not always easy to find in college. The school's medical program and nursing program is incredible. They have an exceptionally high acceptance rate into medical schools, namely the programs at John Hopkins and the University of Utah. This university feels like a home, with welcoming students and faculty as well as a beautiful area. It is also surrounded by national parks and is near to Brianhead, so it fits well with outdoor personalities. I recommend this University to all who inquire about which college is best to attend.
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Southern Utah University is a great school. The courses, the teachers, and the students create a great college experience. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help with anything. The staff are truly devoted to helping their students succeed in college and their lives. SUU has a great community and there are so many opportunities. All the things that have gone wrong while I am here at SUU, are just part of my life. SUU has been a support system for me and I am really grateful that I made the decision to come here. I definitely recommend Southern Utah University. It is a great place to spend four years of life and I don't no anyone you regrets coming here.
SUU is a fantastic school! My experience here has been a very positive one. My small class size, and amazing professors have made my learning personal and I have been able to get the help I need to be successful. The campus is beautiful and the student body are welcoming. I have loved me time here at SUU and am very excited for my future here.
A wonderful social and academic environment. Professors are personal, and there are ample student resources and opportunities.
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