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Very helpful staff who actually want to help you get in their school and in college. Small more intimate classrooms. More individual focus on each student. Very strong community.
I really like SUU. Their Outdoor opportunities are fantastic and there is so much to do around the school. The sciences are fantastic as are the arts. I loved the people, the size, and the location.
I hate SUU! They are terrible with their students! Force all students to take an online class for 3 semesters and don't tell you about it until you are registered, change policies without letting students know, and won't work with them at all! I would suggest go to a different school!!
Review Southern Utah University
SUU is great, I love the campus and the environment. All of the professors are very nice and really try to get to know their students. The class sizes are small which make it a great learning experience.
The staff at this school is really engaged in helping, the campus is a nice size, so having classes on opposite sides of the campus is no problem. Provides great amenities to help with any assignments.
The professors are very interested in student success. They have a great team of people to support new and returning students.
I love SUU! Its a great place with great faculty and staff. I have loved my experience here. Great class sizes and awesome student life!
It was a beautiful campus. The professors knew what they were teaching, and any and all questions were answered. It isn't too far from Vegas and a lot of the major national parks in Utah.
The scenery and town are absolutely gorgeous. The town isn't too small or too big. The school has a gorgeous, small campus. There are usually quite a few activities a month that get you out of boredom. The cafeteria food isn't great. They have great study areas and a wonderful, huge library with many resources available. The class sizes are small in general, so you can get more one on one and direct attention in your educational needs. There are more girls than boys at SUU, so the dating life is kind of skewed. Cedar City is very windy, with constant wind warnings, gets fairly warm in the summer, and gets very cold in the winter. There are plenty of job options throughout the town, and a lot of on campus and off campus housing to choose from. There are a lot of outside activities close by to do, including hikes, state parks, national parks, and skiing resorts.
SUU is a great school. The administration really gets involved with trying to make students feel welcome and also by helping students with anything they need.
Southern Utah University is an amazing school and the staff contains some of the most helpful people ever. They have an app that allows you to navigate your schedule, but also allows you to connect with other and get involved if you want to. The ACE's are always kind and helpful. Southern Utah is for you if you wish for an affordable college experience and the chance to start anew and make new friends.
Good university! The professors also good to teach us, and I have a lots of experience in SUU. But, sometimes you think boring because you need a car, if you go around or hanging with your friend. But, I like it, and enjoy.
I just took a college tour of the campus, but from that experience, I loved it! The campus seemed very friendly, the professors seemed nice, and the facilities for my major were state of the art.
Southern Utah University definitely gets the job done, but I haven't loved my experience here. There doesn't seem to be much school spirit, and the student activities are often a letdown.
SUU is an amazing school. I loved attending my classes because I was able to get to know my professors and they really invested their time in class to make sure I understood the material correctly. Along with academics, they offer lots of recreational activities for students. These activities are always fun and help the student de-stress for homework and allows them to make friends and be social.
My experience at Southern Utah University has been great. I have been there for two years. All of the professors at the university are very helpful to the students and are will to take time out of their own schedules to help the students. Also the students and campus and considerate of others and are will to help where they can. The university also provides a tutoring center where students can receive help in any subject they may be taking a class in.
If you like living in a small town, this is the place for you. Great academics and beautiful campus. Filled with LDS people. Dorms are great and taken care of. There is always something going on on campus as well.
Review Southern Utah University
Great college for the money. They also offer very generous scholarships that are few and far between at flagship schools like BYU and the U. Sports are good for a small university, and there's a lot to do on campus. The setting is beautiful, but Cedar City is a very small conservative town, so most socializing and activities are done on-campus.
I loved the people and teachers there, they really are supportive. I felt right at home when I was at Southern Utah University. When I first went on a campus tour they really focused on making the experience about you and what you were interested in. They had a great atmosphere and I always felt like I fit in there.
A small town college done right! Southern Utah University has top rated programs in many different fields including a new aviation program. A college where you can get your moneys worth with small student to teacher ratios.
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