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I really do not want to write a review which is why this is absolute filler. Shout out to Niche for making this a required field.
I really do not want to write a review which is why this is absolute filler. Shout out to Niche for making this a required field.
Utilized Zoom for one of my classes. Professor was very engaging and fun class. This was my only scheduled online class. Other online classes were done at my own pace.
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Everyone at the school is friendly and helpful. The school is really setup to help everyone learn and pass their classes. School is also affordable and helps you find scholarships to help with expenses and also on campus jobs! The on campus dorms are also very nice and comfortable.
Due to the Pandemic, my classes were moved to online for the last part of my Spring 2020 semester and that is how I finished out that semester. It was a little confusing at first since everyone, including the professors were new to the whole online thing. I then took online classes during the Summer semester and it was amazing!! The professors did a great job at organizing and teaching through canvas and the online system. I'll definitely take online classes more often through Southern Utah University.
Southern Utah University is such a great University! Its not to small and its not to big! For me it was just perfect and the campus and surrounding area is awesome! There is always something to do and people to do it with. I have enjoyed all my classes and being able to be a part of T-bird nation!
SUU was an amazing school for my undergraduate degree. I attended for four years and had some of the most attentive professors. The line that sold me on SUU was that professors know your name because of the smaller class sizes and this was completely true. I felt at home at SUU.
I only took a few courses online and SUU’s system was very user friendly, as long as you are motivated to do the coursework, online is a great way for students who also work.
Online wasn't terrible but wasn't the best. We only had fully online classes from March 2020-April 2020. The in-person classes have had an option to zoom into the live lectures if sick, and some professors were able to make a decision to run their class remotely. Most professors were very good with the online classes. Some were a little slow with grading, or weren't good about updating students to let them know what was going on in class.
I love that it is a small campus, and the class sizes are also small because of it. They have lots of events, and try to keep students involved to give opportunities to make friends. The dorms are the most expensive housing in town, but the cost of living overall is very low. They have good academic programs. The most exciting sports we have are basketball and gymnastics. The football team isn't the best, but the games are still pretty fun. There isn't much of a night life in Cedar City, but all the national parks are very close, and the town is at the base of the mountain with a beautiful canyon to drive up, a Brian Head Ski Resort nearby, and Cedar Breaks National Monument just twenty minutes up the canyon.
SUU has done their best to make the transition to online during the pandemic, but I prefer in person classes. As an engineering major, online classes did not seem as helpful or beneficial as in person classes are.
Southern Utah University is located in a great place that is full of natural beauty. The professors at SUU are very helpful and most of them are very good teachers. The university seems to really care about students and offers many support systems for students to use. SUU focuses on helping students be prepared to enter the work force by providing many opportunities for professional development, many guest speakers, resume building, and much more. I’m proud to say that I am a t bird!
I enjoyed my online classes just as much, if not more, than my on campus classes. The profs. were flexible which made learning easier.
I like the campus a lot, the library is the perfect place to study and I go there daily. It even has a soda shop inside of it. Also I have loved all of my profs. and the class sizes are small so we are able to focus in more and I have found it easier to learn this way.
The professors are amazing, their instruction is great and classes are set up well. The environment at SUU is fantastic and there is never a shortage of things to do.
The online classes are set up well. Some are set up to complete at your own pace through that semester others have set times to do things. There is an online support system as well.
I like things like hunting, so it's been nice to be able to go to class whenever I want to and still be able to stay caught up. The classes can be pretty boring sometimes, but it's been good.
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Southern Utah University is a good school. The professors are understanding and they are willing to answer whatever questions I have. They still have on-campus classes and some online classes. They also have activities and student events still. Sports are starting up in the fall too.
I really enjoyed my experience at SUU. It's small so the connections with people I make are real and personal. But it's also big enough that I still get the "college experience." All the staff are excellent at their jobs and very helpful. I don't have any complaints for the school. I'm learning a lot, which is important since we have to pay for education. Overall, an amazing university and a great choice.
Switching to online learning was difficult and stressful. But my professors did their job well and made the transition as smooth as possible. They were all helpful when I was having troubles. I have no complaints about SUU.
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