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Southern University at Shreveport Reviews

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My experience at SUSLA was great. They were extremely welcoming and helpful. I would like to see a few more events from Southern.
Southern has alot to change to make it a great school.They charge you for everything and the tuition is ridiculous.It takes forever to get your financial aid done.
They are very unorganized and typically never answer their phones. You have to literally go up there in person to get anything done.
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outhern University is one of the largest HBCUs in the country. This school has a lot of rich history and tradition. This school can open up doors across the country. Southern helps teach and groom young adults to become successful in their future. The culture and the atmosphere of the school will have you in love.
It was a awesome first semester. I really enjoyed. The professors was great. They made it very easy to learn n study. The campus food wasnt that great but on certain days i did enjoy. Everyone was very professional n i love attending this school.
Every one at Southern University is very friendly, but the financial aid staff can be a lot more friendly and organized.
My experience at Southern University has been excellent. No complaints with professors or staff or students. What I would like to see change is a better selection of food.
Getting registered for classes can be a bit overwhelming at first but all the advisors are very helpful and understanding which makes the process a lot easier overall Southern is a great place to learn
Southern University in Shreveport is a good school. What I like about them is that they have easy things you can do to help you graduate. The teachers are willing to go out their will to help you and assist you with your work. Some things that I would like to be changed are the times and how to schedule your classes.
Southern is a good school to just get your classes over with. It’s not like the average 4 year college where you party and have fun activities to get to know your peers. Everyone pretty much minds there own business. The professors are pretty cool but the campus is really boring. There’s nothing exciting that ever happens. Also financial aid can be quite unprofessional at times.
SUSLA or Southern University-Shreveport has been a great experience for me academically. The teachers care about you passing and even if they are difficult they still want you to become the best student. It can be a headache to get in touch with people in the administration offices if your not going straight to the offices physically. The classrooms are very diverse in ages and ethnicities and it is very cool experience. The food is always repeating and it's a bit annoying but it's taste pretty good. I try to push new high school graduates to try SUSLA.
My biggest issue with this college is the added fees that are included in all students tuition that doesn’t pertain to us specifically! For an example there are added fees for things that the SU Shreveport Campus doesn’t even have! For an example, Choir and band
This school is a great community college especially for those in the area. It gives individuals hope and encourages them to enroll in school and obtain a degree.
My experience at Southern University at Shreveport is great. The school is very active in school activities, in the community, and making sure that the students are well taking care of. What I love about my University is that, they are all about how that can expand the school by making it great for the students. What I would chance about the school, administration. As a student, make sure u keep up with all documentation and records of who you spoke with.
It's a good school, small but it's a good educational school I do wish there were some improvements like add ons and different sports. Better food and more diversity
Southern is not excellent but it will do. I enjoy the students but the registrars/Cashier office is very rude at times . The financial Aid is very helpful to me. Overall the department is okay .
I like the small area ,the amount people there. The campus is really nice ,and so are the dorms. Location is ok,but it is in the woods kind of .
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school overall was a great experience. I had so much fun my first semester and learned a lot of new things
It's pretty good I suppose
Getting registered is crazy, but once your in, you are truly helped every step of the way
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