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The one thing I like the most is how my adviser we always take the time out his busy schedule and help me prepare my schedule for each semester and also giving me insight on why he choose the profession he is in and which direction I should take with a psychology degree. The only thing I dislike the reconstruction that is going on right now, but other then that I love it!
My Experience here had its up and downs just as any other institution.There are multiple programs and funding that would help throughout the years you are there such as Student Support Services, Upwardbound, and more. The downs are the process in which it took for the recovery process of buildings and so that the students are aware of the funding but overall a great college.
I was in the computer information systems program at SUNO but will immediately be transferring to SUBR. I love my HBCU! BUT the professor over the computer information systems program at SUNO is awful. He is rude, condescending, and inappropriately dismissive to students. His behavior towards us is the reason why the program is barely afloat. Who wants to pay all this money to enroll in a program with someone so awful as the chair? His horrible attitude towards everyone around him will not keep me from loving my HBCU. Do a survey from the students enrolled in the program and you'll see. He needs to resign otherwise the retention in that program will continue to dwindle as it already is. I STILL love my HBCU!
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Absolutely the worst experience I’ve had in education. The program chair/graduate advisor for the CISP is relentlessly rude, condescending, and dismissive to many students. The retention rate continues to dwindle in that program because of his blatant demotivation. Students are miserable and it is because of his poor leadership of the CIS Program along with his constant disregard for students around him.
I like that it is a small college so, the teachers are very hands-on with the students. Because it's so small, most of the buildings are within walking distance. Southern University at New Orleans was damaged during Hurricane Katrina and many of the buildings were severely damaged; consequently, FEMA has given our school millions of dollars to build brand new, state of the art buildings. Beng that it is a state school, state funding has been getting cut and making the everyday task more difficult because of the shortest of staff and supplies.
This is my second semester here and overall it has been an average experience. The campus isn't student friend the cafe is closed on weekends and closes early during the week. The computer labs aren't open on the weekend. They make students who don't live on campus get meal plans they don't want. But it's a support friendly and supportive environment. The student really try and help you if you ask and so do the professors.
Everyone was so helpful and understanding! They made me feel wanted and accepted there! The encouraged me to go higher.
I believe that Southern University at New Orleans is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. It has given me the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience as well as great education.
The advisors are very helpful and want to see you succeed. The TRIO Program is awesome! As an older student, my experience is different from the younger students. However, I've had a good experience.
I love my SUNO. When you get to know the staff, you feel like it’s a family. I can’t wait to see the new buildings open up in the upcoming semesters!
I love the classes. Each class is about 30-40 people and it makes it more one on one with the professor. Housing is really nice, I meet new people everyday. I would like suno to put up bigger signs or add more signs on campus, I always get lost looking for the brown building, but the brown building is really the old science building.
I attended this college 2011-2012, i didn't really like it. It was very unorganized, and alot of the professors didn't teach. The on campus housing was over priced,i was moved from dorm to dorm the whole semester because of pest controll issues. It just seem liked everything was thrown together. The only thing i enjoy was the extracurricular activities, you know, the fun stuff. Thats the only things they seemed to have been organized.
There is always something for you to do there. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help you. All the teacher want to see you suceed. There's nothing better than that. Also a lot of scholarship opportunities.
The atmosphere is great! The administrators are more like family. The institution is more concerned with you understanding the information in which you are being taught. The classes are small, which makes each class more engaging and personal. Instructors are available during their office hours to assist you if need be. The instructors are SUPER helpful. As long as you put forth effort as a student you will do well at the institution. I recommend anyone going to this university or any others to stay at one institution all four years. They say transferring an Associate's degree is easy, but it's not. Staying at one institution will help the student become molded with the proper mindset of one institution. I enjoy the people and am excited about my future upon graduation from SUNO!
My overall experience has been awesome. I love how the professors really care about the course they are teaching. They also offer extra help and one on one with students that need help. The only thing i would like to change is that everyone who does not live on campus has to purchase $125 in cafe cash. It is not beneficial to someone who takes online classes or off campus classes.
Sports life is nit very popular
Suno is the working person University
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After I recieve my degree I'm not sure what type of opportunities may be presented to me. It's not many opportunities for internships here. I rarely here students speak of getting internships. Since I have been attending school here I have not encountered one job fair or employers recruiting here on campus. We don't have a career center to help us with job placement or services. We are definitely lacking one for the students who attend school here. Their is no alumni network. However, the alumni is not strong.
I have encountered some great professors at this university. I have also learn a lot in the courses I have taken. I just wish they were more courses offered during the semesters. The class styles are mainly small it's rare you have a large class. The style of the class are great m.
I rarely see campus police visible. If something would happened or take place they are not around to help.
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