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I’ve been looking foward to attending this school since i was born it’s an amazing school that has oh so much to offer, my whole family has spent their whole lives trying to do what they can to assure that i get into this school.
Southern University Baton Rouge is one of the best HBCUs ever. All of the professors that I’ve had thus far make sure that the students understand the work that is given. They continuously ask if anyone has questions. College is tough overall, I think it’s wonderful that the percentage of nursing student passing the NCLEX-RN is very high. Considering that nursing is one of the hardest majors and SUBR is known for having the best nursing school in the state of La. I’m very proud of my university.
Hello, my personal overall experience here at Southern University A&M College has been average. I really blame myself i'm more of an homebody so I stay to myself and in my dorm. The schools academic work is great you learn a lot and my professors are excellent. SouthernU offers many opportunities to get involved in campus which is great! The cafeteria food is disgusting I dislike going to the cafe.
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Knowledgeable instructors. Accessible resources. Customer service within the offices of the not the best but overall good college experience.
I like that my school is very small so everyone is involved. I love my department we are involved as well as others. Our advisors do a great job with guiding us in the right direction as far as our career and keeping our GPA up!! I would love to see southerns WiFi change. Each building should have its our WiFi. I only suggest that because the WiFi connects runs slow or even stops and no one is able to finish assignments, teach class, or do test.
My experience with Southern University and A&M College is overall excellent. Everyday I meet new and friendly people. The teachers are wonderful at their jobs, they make sure that we understand the material and we are efficient with our work. Southern's staff are very kind. Southern has been a great school to be at.
I think that Southern is a great place to go to school and that everyone is very active in something. The reason I would like to go is just because unlike a lot of schools it doesn't just focus all of it's time and on one thing it's very well rounded .
The Academic Aspect of the Agriculture Program is very good, but the communication between clubs/organizations and students is very poor.
Southern university has to be one of the worst HBCU organization in the country. The unorganized administration they unprofessional staff the school is stuck in a I don't have to do my job deal with it attitude. Nobody is truly there for the sake of the students. Stealing of student funds, scandals with faculty and students run amok on the campus causing shame and disgrace. Majors being dropped incompetent professors teaching students not correctly preparing them for the career force.
southern has a great student life. numerous people would greet with a hello even if they don't you. many would help if it needed. the teachers are amazing to talk to. some would help you in there office hours. even their activities are something to come for.
Southern University A&M College is a historically black college located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Southern University is very family and student oriented. Without a doubt, I have enjoyed my experience.
I love my HBCU, Southern university is a wonderful school although it has some failures that need to be corrected.
Southern is a lively school that connects each and every student to the campus. We are very well educated about campus policies, help out areas, and any general information that keeps us engaged in extracurricular activity and academics. Professors here are very kind and help you to succeed no matter what obstacles you may face. Southern is a family and any student of any background would absolutely love it here.
Overall, Southern University is a really good place to earn a college degree. The setback for this university is the really old buildings. A tad bit of remodeling would take this school from “average” to “excellent”!
Southern University has changed my life in so many ways. Such a family oriented school! The professor are easy to talk to and you get more of a closer relationship with them. The campus life is always fun, from homecoming to spring fest it is always LIT. Our Greek life is always informing us on new things and health care to.
I really like the environment sometimes, theirs days you might be stressed out and it'll be something going on, on campus that you can go to and clear your head. If i could change something it would be the communication between the clubs and scholarships and opportunities going around. If you're not in the mix, you never really hear about anything.
I liked that everyone was friendly and you could help one another. One thing i think could change is , they can have more educational activities.
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Southern University and A&M College is a public institution that was founded in 1880. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,347, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 964 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Southern University and A&M College's ranking in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities South, Tier 2. Its in-state tuition and fees are $9,332 (2016-17); out-of-state tuition and fees are $19,332 (2016-17).
I’ve had a good experience going to this school. They have a great law and nursing school program. The administration makes you feel welcome and the professors I’ve had have been helpful.
What I like about Southern is that in each department there is some type of club you can join and find out more information about your major. What they need to improve on is campus parking lots and area of parking, along with the walking area at SU from class to class.
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