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Southern is very family oriented and always try to make sure that the individual is successful. Always caters to the student and would give the benefit to the student. One thing that could change is the dorms and they need renovating.
My experience overall has been okay. I wish there were more organizations, and activities for me to be involved in. Even though, this is an HBCU, I didn’t expect for there to be any diversity. So, the little diversity they do have is interesting. However, the student life coordinators do try to make everyone feel welcome, which I do appreciate.
It’s my first semester at southern university yet I feel this home like vibe. The students as a whole are trying to look out for each other and help guide each other. Since it’s an hbcu we don’t get the amazing funding like LSU does and that’s where it lacks at.
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I loved southern, and I would recommend this school for anyone. There is no other atmosphere like an HBCU and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.
SU is a HBCU so the music and food is always amazing. They/we have the best concerts, Tailgates and homecoming events. The professors are super cool and helpful. The advisors want nothing but the best for you and are always welcoming with open arms
Residential life needs lots of improve mentioned and the road conditions continue to deteriorate. The professors are wonderful and very helpful even outside their area of experrise if they can help it. The school offers an abundant amount of opportunities of study and outreach into the community.
Southern university has an amazing honors college! If you want to be challenged academically please join! The only thing is if you want to get a scholarship you have to apply to the college very early on! Also call the college because admission has changed within the last year!
I like southern overall there very people friendly and I love the hbcu culture I would like to see all the dorms get updated and to get rid of the community bathrooms I don’t think that there safe nor clean
Southern University is a very good school for me personally. I have enjoyed my experience and the opportunities afforded to me. The teachers seem to really care and the students are from different parts of the world.
When I first attended Southern University, I didn’t think of getting involved as much as I am. I would say these three years have been good to me and I tend to continue to strive to be the best me I can be.
One of the best HBCU who are invested on graduating their students on time and provide them with internships to better position themselves and work in a dream job.
The thing I enjoy most about the university is the culture and the friendly people. However, I would love to see the campus more clean and the food to be more healthy.
My experience at Southern University is eventful. There is always something going on. Southern University is the best University to attend, even bough I would make changes to the University. I would like to see better road ways, dormitories, and transportation system.
I love the professors, but administration has to change. The students voices are not being listened to when it comes to what we need in the departments.
I like the fact that Southern University allows African American students prosper not only as individuals but as well as a community. Southern offers a wide range of fields that one can go into including one of the nations top nursing programs. I also like the fact that Southern offers student advisors to that communicate with every student letting them know what might be best for our academic future. Something that I personally would like to see change is the pavement of the streets that lead to the dorms. There are a lot of pots holes and bumps down those streets and imperfections like that can cause extreme damage to student’s cars. That is my ratings about Southern University.
I like the professors. I'm nontraditional student so I need more evening classes available. Southern College of Business doesn't offer many evening classes.
Southern University is a wonderful school, and I recommend that everyone should attend or visit the school.
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My experience consists mainly of be being involved with the band during the fall semesters. The food is okay. They definitely better academic programs. The entire administration needs to be looked into. The entire campus needs to be renovated. The dorms and the campus housing needs to be completely destroyed and rebuilt. The students really don’t want to eat the campus food. I’ve had a very challenging time since I been there a lot of issues with financial aid even though I always have my information together and fill out things ahead of time. Being in the marching band is the only thing that makes my experience attending Southern worth it.
I am currently transferring to this university because of how nice, helpful, and close to home everyone is. It's great to be in an environment with others that can relate to your lifestyle as well as your struggles. I have been welcomed with open arms & was checked on frequently throughout the transfer process and I am loving it so far.
My experience has been exfoliating. My peers look up to me and I feel appreciated because we help each other. I think we need to have more professors who are passionate by teaching.
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