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My overall experience with Southern University was great. I am looking forward to the upcoming year. My experience was great:however the struggle of coming up with the out of state fee has been very stressful.
I will continue to stay focus and find positive ways to help my family help me. I will have a work study and looking to work as well.
I have family in Louisiana that i am now residing with hoping to prove my residential status in Louisiana.
I really love the school and trying everything to finish up there!
Hello , my name is T'Kenya Browden, a nineteen year old Apparel Merchandise and Textiles major. I am a freshman at Southern University and I enjoyed the fall semester to the fullest. My experience at Southern University was an exciting one, I became more social. Attending the university, I've learned plenty of techniques to prepare myself for the real world. I've taken seminar classes that taught me to organize and set time management which benefited me throughout the rest of the year. One thing I would change about the university is the lack of communication with the financial aid workers. Students have reached out to financial aid about their fees and tuitions early in the year before classes resume, and no one communicates in a timely manner,but when they do, it's sometimes nearly too late to establish any of the problems that the students had. If they were to communicate in a timely manner that the student reached out to them, situations like this would decrease.
Being at southern I loved the diversity.Being around many different people from all over the world you learn interesting things.They teachers at southern care about your success and is will to give help if you put effort into reaching out to get it.
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My experience at Southern University is pretty okay. The instructors are nice and very friendly with you but can be hard to understand in the classroom. Going to them one-on-one will help that teacher understand more about a student and the type of learner her or she is.
I love my beloved HBCU. Southern has its pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. There are a lot of great professors and just overall a great school.
I was going to enroll there at the school. The school was well kept. Really focused on academics, and had nice dorms.
It's a very homely environment and there's so many ways to become involved. There is always something to do on campus, and the people are really nice once you get to know them. Everyone looks out for each other.
I enjoy attending Southern University. It is a great school and I probably will want my children to go there. It is most likely one of the best HBCUs in the USA.
What I like about the Southern University and A&M College, is the student life and opportunities that are open to all students! Regardless of where you come from, you will get treated like home here! I honestly would like to see the communication between professors and students to increase.
I transferred to Southern University in the fall two years ago. I didn't know what to expect. The transfer orientation was very informative in helping me to get registered and they had a greet and meet session with all incoming freshmen's as well. Being that I am an athlete the coaching staff worked really hard with me to make the adjustment. I started making new friends right away.
The change I would suggest is that the college give us a longer period to learn the campus, give us a bus tour of nearby sites, and to be able to spend time with our advisers.
My experience at Southern University is pleasant so far. It's what you make of it. Being the capital of the state, so much is bound to go on. You just have to remain focus and keep a balance regarding to partying and academics. The professors care so much about their students, providing a family atsmophere regarding to the small class room sizes. I don't know where I'll be without them. While I'm currently a senior and soon to graduate, I recommend this school to anyone looking for a family friendly environment.
Southern University is a great school. Professors are very understanding and friends are the best thing to have when studying for a test. I studying with a wide range of friends for an upcoming test. There are lots of fun organizations and activities to join. The school spirit is also a huge part of the school. Last but not least WE HAVE THE BEST BAND ON THE LAND! FACTS!!
My overall experience with Southern University & A&M College has been outstanding. The teachers and students make you feel like you are family. The professors are outstanding and push you to do what you have to do. There are many different opportunities to get yourself involved on the university. Although I have had some great experiences there are some changes that need to be made. Changes need to be made in the cafeteria, the roads, the scholarship funding and many other things.
My experience at Southern University A&M college, in Baton Rouge, La was very nice. I've had my ups and downs with my classes but i've made it through. I've made new friends throughout the school year and I've gotten closer with the ones from high school. The college food in the cafeteria is good most of the time.
As a freshman at The Southern University & Agriculture and Mechanical of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I have come across many faculty and staff members who genuinely care about your future. The advisers, professors and administrators see to it that you are on the right track and you always focused on your studies. Being Southern university is a small campus and has just about 6,000 students, administrators cares about each and every one of us just as much as the next student. The only thing I would like to change on this campus is the appearance. Because we are a smaller school compared to Louisiana State University, I feel as though our needs for our campus goes unseen whereas Louisiana State's campus is constantly flourishing.
It's a better experience then Highschool but that is technically all it is a big campus and a lot of students the classes are going well
My overall experience with Southern University so far has not been pleasant. We have had several shooting on campus this year and security has not made much of an effort to fix the issue. The financial aid office is extremely unorganized and the workers seem to always have an attitude. The food and housing is extremely overpriced for the poor service that we get here. Professors rarely update grades on Moodle.
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What makes Southern University so spectacular is the loving atmosphere and great scenery on the campus. The professors are encouraging and helps you to manage time wisely. Im glad I chose Southern and I hope you do too!
I love that southern is so accepting to everyone, you feel at home. The athletics are great. The food in the caf is so good. There could be more places to park on campus and the classrooms need some repairing but other than that its a great school.
Southern University is a great place to actually figure out your talents and what path you should be on. There are so many great opportunities at Southern University that helps you get involved with your peers and learn how to properly network with others. It is a school that helps build character considering it is an HBCU one can better understand who they are as a person and helps them grow and flourish into the person they are becoming. With all the challenges we may endeavor we are taught to continue to strive until our goals are met.
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