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As a freshman at The Southern University & Agriculture and Mechanical of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I have come across many faculty and staff members who genuinely care about your future. The advisers, professors and administrators see to it that you are on the right track and you always focused on your studies. Being Southern university is a small campus and has just about 6,000 students, administrators cares about each and every one of us just as much as the next student. The only thing I would like to change on this campus is the appearance. Because we are a smaller school compared to Louisiana State University, I feel as though our needs for our campus goes unseen whereas Louisiana State's campus is constantly flourishing.
It's a better experience then Highschool but that is technically all it is a big campus and a lot of students the classes are going well
My overall experience with Southern University so far has not been pleasant. We have had several shooting on campus this year and security has not made much of an effort to fix the issue. The financial aid office is extremely unorganized and the workers seem to always have an attitude. The food and housing is extremely overpriced for the poor service that we get here. Professors rarely update grades on Moodle.
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What makes Southern University so spectacular is the loving atmosphere and great scenery on the campus. The professors are encouraging and helps you to manage time wisely. Im glad I chose Southern and I hope you do too!
I love that southern is so accepting to everyone, you feel at home. The athletics are great. The food in the caf is so good. There could be more places to park on campus and the classrooms need some repairing but other than that its a great school.
Southern University is a great place to actually figure out your talents and what path you should be on. There are so many great opportunities at Southern University that helps you get involved with your peers and learn how to properly network with others. It is a school that helps build character considering it is an HBCU one can better understand who they are as a person and helps them grow and flourish into the person they are becoming. With all the challenges we may endeavor we are taught to continue to strive until our goals are met.
My first experience I encountered when I first began to attend this university was very intriguing. The orientation leaders stressed how important it is to go to class, but also how to enjoy the best years of your life we all call college. Move in day was about a week before classes started so there were a lot of "back to school" parties. Some I went to others I blew off. It was a great experience meeting new people and having fun the way young adults should. On the educational side things were for the most part reasonable. Some professors are great while others aren't so great just as any other university would have i'm sure. One thing I would love to see change is the student union. To say we pay for things in our tuition those features aren't even displayed anymore. My overall experience of Southern University would most likely be a four out of five.
I love that the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and available. However, the other staff is hell. I'm a online student. I can't ever reach my financial aid counselor. Staff members are super rude on the phone. They make you feel like you're a burden. They never respond to emails. They need etiquette training.
Southern University and A&M College is very family oriented there's always someone who can assist you on campus whether its classmates, other students you don't know, faculty there's always someone there when the time is right. At Southern you will find friends that you can call family and their family would take you in as if you were there own. Southern has many ways to get to meet new people whether its a bible study, the gym also at a dance class. Southern was a great choice for me.
Southern University is probably one of the best decisions Ive made in my life. Growing up seeing the band play really drew me to the college. The atmosphere of the HBCU presence makes students feel like a brother or sister and to have that connection from professors and faculty that act as mothers and fathers. Southern University also is one of few HBCU that offers College of Engineering in the state of Louisiana. I would like to see Southern University have better connections with Baton Rouge to be able to have a bus route thats effectively gets to the downtown Baton Rouge and also around Baton Rouge in a timely manner.
Overall the experience I have had at Southern University has been great! The education I am receiving will prepare me for the competitive workforce I will one day enter. I am assured that the training I am afforded is exactly what I need to do excellent work in my field of study.
It is a very open and welcoming campus. There is a lot to do in the city around the campus. The dorms are what you expect at a public school but who am I to complain it keeps me dry and warm. The campus isn't very ethically diverse, being mostly black, but the school tries. Over all it is a great school to go to and learn compared to others I first looked at.
The school grows on you.
my experience attending southern university A&M i would have to say it was a life changing experience. the first day i arrived on campus i knew southern was for me. the staff and student environment was so comforting i knew i couldn't go anywhere else. although southern does have many flaws. it is also a great place to enhance your intelligence while maturing in life. while academics isn't the only hurdle you will face wile attending southern. you can't forget about the great experiences you will have as a jaguar.
Southern University is an HBU, although its open to anyone who apply I've mainly seen African Americans. However, there are other ethnic groups there also.
The use of drugs of any kind is prohibited. Southern have a strict no drug policy. As a result there are no drugs on Southern's campus.
Their are a lot of courses offered at Southern. With regard to the courses, it was not difficult switching my major at freshmen orientation. Also at freshmen orientation, they stretched the importance of attending classes and establishing a relationship with your professis that will be very beneficial to furthering your academic success
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Getting a college degree especially this day in age is of the utmost importance. A college degree is the difference between having a successful future. At freshmen orientation several programs that lead to a couple of Southern's graduates getting great jobs offered us the opportunity to work with them. Southern's alumni in my opinion opened the gate to the current undergraduates success. By showing us what Southern was able to do for them in person, they showed us that if we work hard and show fierce determination, we too can leave behind a legacy that can pave the way for employers who want to recruit the future generation; who want to help establish a promising future through the new generation.
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While I was at freshmen orientation, the individuals responsible for our group and who providing us with a lot information that will be very beneficial to our success as college students, touched on our well being is of great importance. We where to alert an officer if a friend or someone we've never have been sexually assaulted. They stretched the importance of public safety and the prohibion of drugs and the rules of tge road. Thus, I assert they take the safety and security on campus very seriously.
When I went to Southern's, it was required that we stay on campus. While I was living on Southern's campus, that's I felt like a true Jaguar. I really received a feeling for Southern's environment, its atmosphere, and its friendly. At that point I truely felt welcome.
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