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Southern union has been a great experience in my two years there. I attend the Opelika campus where I’m getting my associates. I think the teachers are great, however I’ve had some complaints about the advisors. I feel as though some don’t really care much about your future, or don’t really guide you. Besides that, it’s been an excellent school.
Southern Union State Community College offered my a strong and reliable connection back to academia after a 5-year leave of absence. A strong community with positive values.
I believed Southern Union State Community College is a wonderful place to either earn an associates degree or knock-out core classes at an affordable cost. The campus has clean and recently new or renovated buildings. The only complaint is the student life and social setting if you are an on campus resident. The town is extremely small and the closest town with a party scene is almost an hour away. Therefore, this school is perfect for someone who is solely focused on the academic aspect and loves a quiet setting.
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So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at Southern Union. My plan is to get an associate's degree here before transferring for my bachelors, but honestly I wish I didn't have to leave Southern Union. I love my teachers, and because I live in Valley, AL, I can sign up for classes at both the Opelika and Valley campus since they are not far from each other. This helps ensure that I can sign up for the class that I need. My experience at Southern Union has been amazing, and I'm proud to be able to attend this school.
Since my plan is to get a associates degree in nursing at Southern Union I really enjoy that the school has such a great program for cheaper, easier, and faster. Many hospitals have told me they prefer to take a nurse that went through the SU program vs. Auburn University because the program is that good. Their Health Science building is made to mimic an actual hospital, I was told if something huge happened to the city of Auburn or Opelika and the hospitals were full, they would bring patients to Southern Union. It really is amazing. I would probably change the scenery, I would like for it to be in a place where you could see more while you study or something of the sort. Overall I love the school.
What I like about Southetn Union State Community College is that there campus is really great because of the staff there. The professors are very respectful and corporative.
I love this school. It is a great school. A few things I would change is that they shouldn't put all of the business classes on one campus or at least have more online classes.
The staff at SUSCC are very welcoming and invite you to ask questions. Upon applying for school there myself, I was guided with ease in getting my credits transfer process started and registering for classes all in the same day.
I took my general prerequisites at SUSCC and loved it. The classes are small which makes the learning more personable. I also went to Nursing School at SUSCC. The instructors are the best! They care so much and will so much to help you succeed.
The professors are really helpful and want to see you succeed. The curriculum is challenging yet there are many tutors that are willing to help you. The classrooms are small so it's really hands on.
My experience at Southern Union so far has been very good. The parts that I like about it is the convenience of it being closer to where I live, I can get a start on my education which costs less than if I had started at a four year university, the food is very good most of the time, it is a smaller campus so it can be easier at times to make new friends, and Ms. Renee the lady who works at the bookstore on the Wadley campus has become my best friend. The changes that I would recommend are having more classes being taught during the summer the summer.
You can have a really flexible schedule of classes. Teachers are great. Challenging but not overwhelming.
I am a dual enrollment student. Taking western civ. I love the campus and love the people I have in my class and my professor.
Southern Union offers a dual enrollment program for high school students. It gives students the opportunity to receive high school and college credits simultaneously. I am so pleased to have this opportunity to begin my college classes as a junior in high school. I feel that I have an advantage over other students in preparing for my future. I will have my entire freshman year credits complete before I graduate high school. Thank you Southern Union for this amazing opportunity!!
I like the diversity on campus and the teachers concern about you succeeding.The only thing i would change is the food
It can be a rigorous school if you do not put in the effort the classes require. As long as you study, do the assignments you are supposed to, and ask for help when you need it, then you will succeed.
What I like about Southern Union is the small town atmosphere. The people there are always helpful and ready to help with a smile on their face.
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My experience at Southern Union State Community College was wonderful! The classes were small and personal and the teachers were helpful.
Southern Union State Community College has done a great job with providing me with every resource I have needed. They have given me a solid foundation to build on when I transfer to a university.
At Southern Union, there are professors that actually care about your grades. They want to help you and they are easier. The classes are also smaller.
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