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There are a few teachers that are great and reasonable, but some are very strict and don't allow creativity and diversity in writing (would not recommend Crump for English at all). Very inexpensive college, small but comfortable.
The classes here are small; you won't be stuck with hundreds of other students in a lecture hall, so teachers here can help each students more.
Southern State Community College is wonderful. The staff is so welcoming and genuinely care about each and every student's success in their degree.
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I have not yet started college and I already feel welcome! The staff is so nice and friendly, the resources they have available are very useful. The staff is also very helpful with whatever you need.
Southern State Community College is a great place to start out for people like me. I am a CCP student and that means I partake in both high school and college courses. Southern State is very understanding with high school students and actually takes the time to work through problems. I find that their staff is extremely helpful and kind. The classes that I have taken so far are structured very well. I had come to find out that it was the right amount of challenge that I needed to be able to keep up with my work, but to also being learning at the same time. The only thing that I personally feel like it needs to change is the timeliness. I find it to be quite often that the college will be very late when giving information out to the students. I have had to deal with many issues regarding the college waiting until last minute to give out important details. However, the school is a very good place to start out with and I am glad that it will be a part of my college career.
small school, no dorms or housing, few athletics but all my credits tranfered well. little to no diversity
Most of the professors are very nice and welcoming. They always are there for help and the councilors are very nice and encouraging. There is even free tutoring and multiple campuses to help fit your schedule. Many classes to chose from and the school is a very good school for CCP. I am taking classes free through their CCP program which is saving me a lot of money. There are online classes as well that can help fit around your time frame. The college is a 2-year college and I recommend it for anyone who is starting off and willing to transfer for higher education.
I love the small class sizes. The downfall is the lack of diversity in class times. The atmosphere is great. A comfortable lounge area to study, snack, or chat. Convenient chairs along the hallways to sit in before/after class. Private study rooms with resources available to all students. 24 hour vending machines with general drinks and snacks. Nothing great for good nutrition however.
Overall, the campuses aren't bad and everyone is nice and here to help you. However, some procedures seem questionable. For example, for a computer class, the college keeps the rates down by not including the cost for a software into the course. So you're left trying to find funding to buy this software when you find out you need it on the first day of classes. I was once told that I had to buy VISA gift cards from the bookstore in order to use financial aid to pay for the software.
Would be nice if school offered business and basic classes on Saturdays to help the working students. Not all classes are avalable after 5.oo or 6.00pm. Classes are small and most teachers are good.
Small class sizes which allow for more teacher interaction. Very affordable and close to home. Schedules are very easy to work around in order to hold a job.
Southern State is a great and outstanding Community College. Its a college that not only reaches out to freshman students but also students that are in High school and want to start their college career early! I started Southern State my Senior year of high school and have loved every minute of it. Not only is it superior education, the staff and professors are exceptional. The environment at Southern State Community College is great, you always help if you need it and support from everyone!
I have had a great experience as a student at Southern State Community College. The faculty members are eager to help you reach your educational goals and the majority of the professors know what they're doing. I have greatly expanded my academic horizons and improved my study skills here in the comfort of my local area. I benefited especially from the math classes because they were a much greater challenge than what those I experienced while in high school. Additionally, the class sizes are usually no larger than 20. I would definitely recommend this school for College Credit Plus students as they are well-acquainted with this program and tailor their classes to it.
Southern State Community College is more than I had ever expected it to be. The professors and administrators have exceeded my expectations and my time at the college has only gotten better. The college does a good job of notifying the students of any activities they may wish to participate in, or about scholarships and tutoring sessions they may attend. I honestly only see the college growing bigger, and not much needs to change. The classes are great, the environment on each campus is great, and it is a good school to start off on. I am glad to be a part of such a well organized and sought out school.
Southern State Community College is located in 5 different smaller cities in southern Ohio. This provides the opportunity to enjoy smaller class sizes for a more personal educational experience. It offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs as well as a transfer program.
Staff was always friendly and nice! I loved the close, community feeling it gave to the students. Even though I took classes as a high school student, the students were very welcoming and I was not treated differently by anyone. The staff was always very helpful whenever they were needed, they always went out of their way to help us. The teachers always made it super easy to get in contact with them and they always responded to their emails and questions in a timely manner.
I liked that most of the classes are pretty easy, or at least easy to get help in even if you don't understand the material. What I would like to see change is more teaching from the actual teachers, instead of having to have fellow students help you with your questions.
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The academics here are not challenging. There are also certain professors who display clear bias in their grading, but it is hard to find any college without those kinds of professors. There is very little diversity, but the students and faculty are friendly. I have never felt unsafe while attending this college. The college offers many courses online, which is helpful if you are trying to earn a degree while working. If you find yourself busy with a career, family, or both, and won’t have much time for studying, then this college would probably be a good match for you.
The availability of evening classes made schooling convenient for the working class.
The majority of my professors were amazing.
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