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I have had a stellar experience with Southern New Hampshire University. The classes are challenging, the instructors are responsive and supportive, and the students are engaging. It is affordable and I am doing better there than any school I have previously attended. My advisor is always willing and able to offer advice and I would recommend checking them out to anyone.
Everyone from the advisers to the teachers have been more than helpful. They have worked hard to make sure that the process is streamlined and understandable.
SNHU online is flexible and affordable. Each term is 8 weeks long and easy to follow. Teachers are able and willing to help students through a variety of contact methods. Deadlines are consistent each week and assignment prompts are posted ahead of time so there are no big surprises. Most classes are focused around a final project.
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This school goes above and beyond for its students. Even the students that have disabilities. The professors want to make sure that you learn and stop at Nothing to help you until you understand.
Upon apply to Southern New Hampshire University, I was a little hesitant on the quality I would receive. After all, I was applying for their online Criminal Justice program and after unsuccessfully trying to enroll in a previous online program at another institute, I had doubts whether this college offered premiere academic service. I am now six months into my classes and I love Southern New Hampshire. Their academic and financial support team are there whenever you need their assistance and I can work through my classes on my own time. The course work is designed in a easy, efficient way to learn.
There are a lot of things to love about SNHU. I really appreciate the project-based coursework. There seems to be minimal busywork. I wish there had been a little more variety in the assignments, and perhaps a little more rigorous feedback from professors about my work, but overall I am very happy with my experience and my education. Doing an online degree requires a lot of self-discipline and probably a little background knowledge in the subject you are studying doesn't hurt. It is hard to get personalized help and attention with any online program, so the more independent and resourceful you are, the better.
Flexible school with a great structure, the financial aid department has allowed me to senselessly attend for 4 fluent terms and handles everything perfectly. They will handle any issues quickly and professionally. I love the program designed with 8 week classes. I highly recommend this school if you work full time and are trying to obtain a degree.
The entrance process has been very painless. I am an online student and have found they have everything I need as a transfer student to complete my senior year for a BA. One of the selling points with SNHU is they offer two master's programs that I am very interested in.
The advisors and the rest of the staff are helpful. They are kind and will help you fix any problem you have. They courses are decent and not as expensive as some other places.
Great online college with full staff support, great online resources, and effective 10-week 2 course rapid progression.
I have not started classes yet, but my experience with the advisors at SNHU has been first class. They have answered every question and provided me with everything I need to begin class next term. The advisors regularly check in via email or phone to see if I need anything more.
My experience so far has been great! I am currently enrolled online for the undergraduate program and it is the best decidion I ever made. The professors are wonderful, always available to help and very encouraging. I don't think there need to be any changes.
Online postsecondary education is a force for progression that can only enhance dissemination of long-held differences among newly found common ground. My collegiate experiences comprise state-funded, for-profit, and non-profit pedagogic algorithms. Succinctly, Southern New Hampshire University is among the best student-centered postsecondary institutions of higher learning when compared to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and Argosy University-Phoenix. It includes high end soci-academic contact among classroom and administrative peers; a critical element of success. The one thing necessary to catapult SNHU beyond its competitors is strengthened program audits toward conferral. In short, learners need to be informed about probable impediments months, not weeks, ahead of forecasted matriculation. In short, correspondence with academic advisors must be unwaveringly coordinated with other departments, such as the registrar and bursar, to bolster petitions to graduate.
So far I have gotten a great experience at SNHU Online. The instructors are well educated and accomplished in their field of study. The work is hard yet I feel as though I can do anything with the help of my instructors and fellow students.
Completed my undergrad here online and really enjoyed my time here as a student. My advisor was fantastic and I felt the school was really supportive in all circumstances in getting me to the finish line.
so far I've had nothing but great experiences with Southern New Hampshire University the teachers are friendly helpful and reliable they have plenty of learning resources tutors and advisors that help with whatever is needed to help you along your educational Journey their online program is great and allows you to be flexible
SNHU has been wonderful from the minute that I picked up the phone. Everyone is wonderful from Admissions to the Professors and Financial Aid. The professors are always available, very encouraging, supporting and helpful. I really feel like they go out of their way to help their students succeed.
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SNHU has been such a supportive environment for furthering my education. From updates with my academic advisor to high touch professors, I have not been let down by the flexibility of SNHU. SNHU accepted 90 transfer credits and made it possible for me to actually see the future in completing my BA. The price is not bad at all at $320 per credit. That is comparable to my local state school. Their online programs are phenomenal and I am looking forward to completing my BA and possibly even a master's degree!
I love it. It made going back to school easy and fun. The teachers are great students are friendly and class are fun.
The online program is without equal. The advisors and faculty really care about your education and are very proactive about you meeting your goals.
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