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I had an amazing experience at SMU. Although I changed majors in between, the transition was smooth and supportive. I had various research experiences while attending SMU on and off campus. The professors are very passionate and supportive of their students. The campus itself is very beautiful all four seasons. During football season, there are many events on campus that involves enjoyable food and giveaways.
Gorgeous Worldclass Campus with an Ivy League vibe. The surrounding area is big city but retains a small town feel. I ranked this University not as a student but a short-term neighbor who walked the Campus & local area for excercise & occasionally used the Law Library. Law Library is awesome & helpful! When I stepped off Campus & visited nearby restaurants as a lone female I was followed by extremely unsavory people. I got stalked by drug dealer/rapist types. I was student age in appearance. The "Neighbors" are optimistic about everything & everyone and that results in a delusional attitude about personal safety & student safety!!
Excellent campus and reputation; good professors, lots of subjects to choose from. In a great metropolis.
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SMU offers a very high quality education and is located on a very beautiful campus. Furthermore, SMU has comparatively excellent dining and the residential commons are home to an absolutely charming community-oriented atmosphere. The faculty here is world-class and students have a very high chance of making a living in their chosen field. Despite all the good, it should be known that SMU has a very high total cost of attendance, being somewhere in the $70,000 a year range.
Fabulous school where professors are engaged and want their students to succeed and where opportunities abound both in and out of the classroom! It's also one of the most beautiful campuses in the U.S.!
I love Southern Methodist University for so many different reasons. The campus, location, and people are all amazing. The academics are outstanding and the class sizes are very beneficial to the students. Aside from academics, SMU has a great student-life. The residences are top-notch and there are thousands of extracurriculars to be apart of.
I had no idea, when accepting my admission to Southern Methodist University, that I would be entering a community that is as open and welcoming as this one. I am so pleased that I am able to receive a phenomenal education. I am beyond satisfied with the music program here at SMU. I could not have asked for a better facility, faculty, and curriculum. If I was able to go back and change my decision to attend this school, I would not.
I think Southern Methodist University is great for students who are looking to broaden their perspective on the world, particularly if they have an interest in Human Rights.
SMU is a great university, but your experience will be what you make it. As far as academics, there are many valuable resource available and SMU offers quality education.
If you want amazing academics and an amazing social life, this is the place for you! My classes are interesting and the professors really care about your experience. The parties are insane! We have a social scene unlike any other school. Greek life dominates, but in a good way!
SMU is not perfect, nor is any school, but I am so thrilled to be a part of the amazing community here. The campus is beautiful, the professors are world-class, and everyone actually wants to see each student succeed. I am a science student (which SMU is not known for) but I still find myself learning and being challenged as much as my friends at big STEM schools. The Cox business school is unparalleled, the Meadows art school is highly regarded, and a degree from SMU sets you up for a bright future. There is nothing like being so connected to campus through boulevarding (tailgating before football games, a very SMU-experience), being in the MOB (basketball student section), and having access to everything the school has to offer its students. I love SMU and am looking forward to another three amazing years here!
The music program is amazing. Everyone here is extremely talented and driven to work. Meadows is filled with such a beautiful community of like-minded individuals; I think it functions so well because of the kind of people it attracts.
its alright, the tours are very informal and dont give much information unless you ask. the information given when asked is very informational.
SMU strikes a great balance between many aspects of the college experience. The beauty of the campus and overall quality of the education reminds me daily of why I chose to come to this school. It can be expensive, but the school offers tons of merit aid that helps to offset the cost. The residential commons system, while still in a developing stage, is an awesome design. We have had a few conflicts recently with close-minded people striving to stop the diversification of the school, but these people in no way represent the majority (in fact, most of the school strikes back when hate gets spread). The University Curriculum has been revised three times in the past 4-5 years, and it's still a clunky, confusing mess. The good parts of the school far outweigh the bad though, and that's what makes me proud to be a student here.
I attend a six week at SMU for the SMU college access program.We stayed in the dorms and went to breakfast,lunch,and dinner as actually college students.
SMU is a state of the art private university in the Dallas area. Its beautiful campus, exceptional professors, and fun student life are all all aspects that make it a top university pick. The beauty of SMU is that it allows students to easily double major, minor, etc. in whatever areas they choose from. It is very common to find students who double or triple major in areas in different schools. The Cox School of Business and Lyle School of Engineering create world-changing students. The investment is most definitely worth it; around 97% of the students are employed by graduation. Cox is ranked number 3 in the nation for MBAs. SMU is a university worth investing in for every student: out of state or Texas resident, poor or rich, whatever the case. There is something for every individual.
SMU is a beautiful campus and made a major recent investment in new dorms. The quality of educations is strong and the school has a good alumni network and good relationships with employers in the greater Dallas area. It is not the most diverse school by any means and if you intend to be a GDI you'll need to build your own social schedule. It's a good school and in a great location.
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A lot of school spirit and boulevarding
Beautiful campus and very nice people. The food in the cafeterias was very good, especially for college food. The classes are engaging, and the alumni network has amazing connections.
There is a lot of networking and opportunities available. Once a graduate the likeliness of getting a job is pretty high.
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