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Overall, the university is boosted. Classes are small with the exception of lower level classes. Some buildings are old and nasty. I sometimes question why tuition is so high. The student life is fun and elaborate, as a lot of money goes towards these campus events. The professors are average and some actually care about education.
I love the campus, it is beautiful. I like the small classroom size. The Greek Life is great. There could be a better assortment of food. I love that they have Starbucks in the Library . There is always something going on at campus.
SMU has amazing academic programs, however, I feel that it is easy to feel lost on this campus if you don't fit into the predominant social group. There are many stereotypes that are associated with this university, but one that holds true is how prevalent greek life is on campus.
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The university has a unique curriculum that allows students to not only focus exclusively on their area of study, but allows flexibility to allow the student to study everything they're interested in. The classes are rigorous, but the professors have a clear value of learning over grades.
SMU has provided a unique establishment of community in order for all students to feel welcome! However, the diversity presented within the school is quite low. There are sparse percentages of Latinos, Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians. Even though this is the case, the gradual enrollment of multiple international students does decrease the evident ethnic gap among students. Additonally, many of the teachers and remainder of the faculty are friendly and supportive for all students to succeed. With constant reminders regarding the A-LEC center and its workshops, students are free to ask questions from a variety of multiple disciplines to tutors who are readily available! Without a doubt, the student life at SMU is the best!
I think SMU is a fantastic school and the faculty really works with students to make sure they are well equipped and prepared for the real world
It's a beautiful campus with highly rated law and business colleyes. From my experience so far the science, especially geoscience department is highly under-rated. My professors have both impeccable backgrounds and projects for those who want to work in industry or remain in academics to proceed into high levels of research.
The campus is always well-kept and well maintained. The teacher to student ratio is excellent and I love the community and unity on the campus.
I love my time at SMU. It is a very beautiful school and the majority of the staff are super friendly and very helpful. There are a couple things I would change about the application process, but I am still happy I came to SMU.
Southern Methodist is a university close to home and I feel like the environment and culture is amazing.
I really enjoy the friendliness of the students and faculty at SMU! Saturdays during football season are a great chance to meet people on the Blvd and to take a study break. Lots of people enjoy Dedman Rec Center, where you can meet new people while you get your sweat on. Plus, there's plenty to do in the DFW area!
SMU wasn't even on the top five on my application list. Now is my third year here and my view has shifted. The most crucial element that breaks my negative opinion to SMU is the quality of professors. All the professors that I have met are both highly responsible and helpful. I'm surprised that almost all of them are from schools like Princeton and Yale. I don't want to emphasize on the glamor of the Ivy League, but it is a factor to see how SMU can attract some highly regarded professors in the U.S. Of course, it is not a determined element to guarantee teaching quality. I genuinely appreciate how every single professor dedicates time to talk with students even when it's out of the office hours. They not only help to solve the academic questions but also willing to chat and give guidance to some personal issues. I hear from many of my friends who also have the same comment to their professors. They are not just here to teach; they treat their students like family.
frats don't own their houses so they rent out clubs and bars to "party." no college town and you can't walk anywhere. Everyone spends an average of $50 on uber per day.
Southern Methodist University is an excellent place to attend college. Especially if you start out as a freshman, the campus makes it easy to join various organizations as well as Greek life. The faculty is helpful and the advisors know the students by name.
SMU is an outstanding university. It is located in a great area and has many things to do and good restaurants in the surrounding areas of Highland Park, Preston, Greenville and Uptown. The business school is very competitive with an excellent return on investment. The greek life is also very prevalent on campus. The student life is great and SMU provides students with many opportunities to learn and grow as leaders.
SMU is such an amazing school. The connections you make are phenomenal and the friendships will last a lifetime. The campus is also beautiful and there is always something to do because there are so many parties and it is so close to the city!
The quality of student that got into SMU 10 years ago could not get in today. The incoming class of 2021 has an act middle 50% of 29-33. in 2008 the class of 2012 had a 24-28. The overall quality of the student population has been rapidly growing. The classes are small and the intern and job prospects are incredible. Sports are trending up as is diversity. Most of my friends are here on scholarship and they built housing only 3 years ago for about 1300 students. There is always something happening on campus or in your residence hall. The surrounding suburbs are some of the safest in the country and having Dallas 5 minutes away is great if you like to go to museums or the arts districts. Couldn't imagine myself anywhere else and thankful for being at an excellent school.
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-Good student to professor ratio. - The Lyle school of Engineering has a high female ratio.
- Classrooms are well equipped and distant students have access to recordings of teachings, which I think is really cool
- You're given $100 print credit as an engineering student
While SMU is a good school overall, they tend to have issues prioritizing their budget. Our tuition and alumni donations are spent on things we don't really need, like replacing all of the flowers around campus every season, or remodeling several areas of campus which were already functional. Many members of the administration (and much of the student body) puts a strong focus on aesthetics rather than substance.
During freshman orientation, we got to explore the beautiful campus, talk to upperclassmen and ask them any questions, and got one-on-one advising when making our fall schedules. The days approaching orientation, I thought I would be alone since I was the only one from my high school attending SMU. However, when I arrived, I made instant connections; the group I was with quickly became the first friends I would make before even starting college. SMU priority during freshman orientation was not making sure we got registered for college or making sure our schedules were perfect, it was making sure that the incoming freshman class was comfortable to start making connections with people we never meet before and that the upperclassmen made sure the freshman knew that they would be there for us if we needed anything. Although I haven't started my freshman year of college yet, I am looking forward to starting it my SMU.
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