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I am an African American female and there is very little diversity in this school. Most of the parties and other things are more tailored to the caucasian students so I feel as though I am not getting the full college experience.
Objectively this is a great school. It has good student facilities, competent administration, a rigorous curriculum, and prestigious faculty and alumni. It just really isn’t for me. If you are high class you will probably feel at home here. There is a heavy focus on Greek life and, to a lesser degree, athletics. I was disappointed with the extracurricular options on campus. There is a strong religious community on campus for obvious reasons. Again, this is a great school and if what I described doesn’t put you off you should go for it, it just really isn’t for me.
The campus is so beautiful. The only thing I would change is how much time I spent OFF campus! The Celebration of Lights festival is the only way I truly feel like it is Christmas. Dallas Hall is breathtaking and no other university will make you feel the way SMU does.
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So far I have enjoyed being a student at SMU. It is a little different from where I grew up but I am still adjusting. The professors here are great and the food is pretty good for a college cafeteria.
Basically if you are white and rich and are into Greek life this is definitely your place. Everyone goes to parties and getting drunk seems really cool here. There is no lack of students who are not into parties but they are really minorities. Mostly students come here only for Greek life. If you are not white and go to the community of your ethnicity group you’ll know everyone from your group in one semester. About academics teachers don’t assign that much homework and you’ll have lots of free time.
No where I’d rather be at. Diversity is low, and some professors are hit or miss, but great academics and party scene.
SMU is a good school! Get ready to learn and write tons of essays! But in return its perfect because you'll progress in your writing skills. Really pretty campus overall!
The campus was beautiful and full of life. The academics are outstanding and the councilors really take the time to get to know every student individually. There is so much rich history in Dallas, from the architectural design of the campus, to the football tailgates on SMU boulevard.
I've really enjoyed my time at SMU so far. The academics are great, the campus is beautiful, and there are plenty of organizations to get involved with. The student culture can be a bit materialistic, especially within Greek life, but there are plenty of great kids to go around. Would really recommend SMU to anyone!
I just completed my first year at SMU, and I'm starting my second this fall. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The academics and professors are very good and the class sizes are smaller than at a large university, which allows for a better learning environment and more time with the professors. The campus is gorgeous and has been rated the most beautiful college campus in Texas. Although I don't live on campus, I've been told that the dorms are nice and the food is very good. There are also ample student resources and organizations here.
SMU is a private school which offers world-class programs taught by experienced working professors! My program is for working professionals so all my courses are from 6-9pm! The campus is safe and beautiful. Professors want to help you succeed!
SMU is providing excellent customer service and my professors take the time to answer all my concerns and are always encouraging and supportive.
After my first year at SMU, there were specific qualities that I loved, while also some that I did not favor. Something I feel the university is exceptional at is providing a superior education. The school accomplishes this by having small class room sizes, and dedicated professors. These two aspects enhance student's learning capabilities and promote relationships. Student life is very prominent at SMU, with hundreds of organizations/clubs, it is hard to not find somewhere you belong, or something you enjoy doing.
I believe that this university helped me grow both personally and intellectually. SMU is a smaller school with significantly less students than most known colleges. This can be good or bad depending on what you prefer. However, I have always succeeded better in smaller education environments, and that is a reason I feel contributes to my overall success at SMU.
They are very stingy with their money. They are reluctant to give it away to students who need it and racism is a huge problem among the administration. The financial aid advisers rarely know how to help or offer help and everything is a process. They make it very hard to get anything done there properly especially for the cost
I am a Tower Scholar, BBA Scholar, and University Honors Program member. I had a tough start at SMU because I am personally nerdier than a lot of the demographic. However, after I started making friends on campus my overall experience changed. I always thought the academics were good; I am also in the most rigorous programs on campus. From an academic perspective, I feel really valued as a student. I am now starting to find my place on campus socially. Tuition is VERY expensive. Without scholarships, I could not go here. I have a half tuition scholarship and a business school school specific scholarship. Even with $32,500 annually in scholarships, I still struggle to afford SMU.
Overall, SMU has probably one of the worst college atmospheres in the country. I found the level of pretentiousness and entitlement just unbelievable. There's an abnormal amount of wealth and students are out of touch with reality. I also want to emphasize that YOU ARE LOOKED DOWN UPON IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF GREEK LIFE. People wonder what's wrong with you if you don't rush, but then if you're cut during recruitment (so so many people are) you're still judged. This school is full of people in their own bubble who truly lack empathy and compassion for others. It's all just a big competition--who is in the best sorority or fraternity, who has the latest and most expensive Gucci bag, who goes on the most lavish vacations. I am not exaggerating and that's why I'm writing this review. While the academics are great and there's a beautiful campus, I truly hope you take into consideration this overwhelmingly toxic environment. I had no idea of the extent of it as an incoming freshman.
SMU is the best decision I made. I am so happy with every aspect of the school. From the professors, to the dorms, to the athletics, it is the perfect fit for me. I am a BBA Scholar and I am enrolled in the Cox Business School. The Professors are great and class size is small so you have a personal relationship with your teachers. I highly recommend SMU to everyone looking to attend a top university in an amazing city.
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SMU is a great school with wonderful facilities and amazing professors, depending on what your major is in. The students can be pretentious. The Greek life is very dominant here. You're either Greek or a nobody (Greeks refer to them as GDIs).
An amazingly beautiful campus with great resources. The school really cares about and takes care of its students.
My experience at Southern Methodist University has been amazing because they have an amazing environment, people, cultures, sports, and most importantly education to whatever you have a passion for. I would like to see change that they’re be a little more diversity between students so they can encourage other ethnic groups to come apply.
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