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Southern Methodist University has given me an incredible experience in terms of fantastic faculty, amazing social life, and beautiful campus.
SMU is an amazing place to study. It feels like a home away from home. The professors are excellent scholars in their field and also care about the students as individuals. I have really enjoyed my time here so far and love the experience of studying here.
Academics are what you make of them and what major do you have. Overall SMU graduates are well respected in Texas. Rice being too competitive and UT being too huge and public, most wealthy parents send their kids to SMU, Baylor and TCU as these are small private bubble schools with strong academics and good athletics. If you are a business major then SMU and for pre-med, Baylor are school of choice for ones who can afford insane cost of attending.
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SMU is a great school with a broad range of student-types. There are the highly-motivated scientists, artists, business professionals, &c. who are constantly pushing themselves to go above-and-beyond course requirements, and there are also more casual students who remind the more work-focused ones about the importance of work-life balance.
The campus has a culture like no other, located right on the edge of downtown Dallas. It has a homey, college-town feel (they call the university city Uptown), with all of the social and career opportunities of the big city. SMU really made sure to reach out to me while I was applying and trying to make my college decision, which convinced me of the commitment the university has to each and every prospective- or current student.
I visited SMU multiple times and it is such a wonderful and welcoming campus. The people in the campus were so helpful when it comes to navigativing the small, yet huge campus. I really enjoyed the dining hall because it was very organized and the food was amazing.
I transferred into SMU as an incoming sophomore and the people here have made the transition as smooth as possible. Everyone is here to make sure that you find your place and people in order to have the best college experience possible! The small class sizes for difficult subjects are also a HUGE plus since it is easier to go in and talk and get help from very educated professors!
The staff and students are friendly and helpful. The campus has easy access to the freeways and downtown. Enrollment was seem less. The curriculum is most current and the professors are knowledgeable. The social network is broad.
Besides the hefty tuition for being a private schools, SMU has so much to offer they have top notch academic programs as well as a great student senate to support different student organizations,
Souther methodist university has a great selection of classes to chose from. The best thing about the classes is the class sizes. Classes are small which makes it easy to pay attention and communicate with the professors
Difficult to fit in unless apart of greek life or an athlete. Academic advisers change yearly so the advising is severely inconsistent. Quality of education is exceptional with notable and credible professors with extensive and highly qualified backgrounds. Great school spirit!
Southern Methodist University is a very prestigious college located in Dallas. They have a beautiful campus and many highly qualified staff. The only downside is the price. I would only consider attending if you are on scholarship.
SMU has really challenged me as a student to study harder than I ever had to attain an average grade. I am encouraged to make relationships with professors and go above and beyond what my initial definition of success was. The party scene is awesome. Campus is the most beautiful.
The campus is very beautiful and there is clearly a lot of time and care that goes into the student experience. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved in some form or another however the Greek life scene can sometimes feel a bit polarizing. Also the campus is embarrassingly Environmentally unsustainable. Overall though, the teachers are great and there is plenty of opportunity to succeed and grow.
Student body majority are rich, white, and some hard worker. I feel like they admit everybody who could pay for tuition. If you are an athlete you have a greater chance to get in. You will feel out of place most of the time if you are from minority and not white. Also, no one know of SMU outside of Dallas. They should change the school name to Southern Mustang University.
I have mixed feelings about SMU. There is no doubt that SMU has a beautiful campus and that there are plenty of academic opportunities/jobs. This school has A LOT of money. But it seems that they’re more interested in grabbing money from students and family than putting the students first financially. The scholarships/grants that the school gives out is not enough to get by without loans. I couldn't think of one year when I didn't borrow money. Another issue that I had with SMU was the constant construction. I have against nothing against new construction but I noticed that the existing dorms that needed remodeling were hardly touched. The last issue I had is the rudeness among students and staff mixed with elitism and racism. The elitism is very strong among Greek life students and there have been incidents of racial slurs/racist posters used on the campus.
The campus is absolutely beautiful! The architecture of the building are very similar to those of Ancient Greek. The staff that was giving us a tour was nice and answered any question i had to ask. One of my favorite parts of the visit was that they have "therapy" dogs in the library, which is supposed to help students with stress that they get from school.
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Southern Methodist University is a very good school academically challenging and very personal. It is a smaller school providing unique learning opportunities with professors and personal relationships. The student culture and focus on Greek Life is a bit extreme at times but other than that a very good institution.
I enjoy the lectures, the professors are more than perfect. Very friendly and calm environment in the busy city of dallas. What are would like to see changed is a reduction in tuition fees.
Loved my experience at smu. Dallas is a pretty great area. My time at smu has been filled with great friends and great professors to.
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