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The school is cheap, which is great for students just getting started in college. But unlike most cheap schools, this one is good because there are lots of options on what to study. The housing is pretty good, as is the food. As a student with a disability, the services here are excellent. They really try to help you succeed to the best of their ability.
I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I started coming to Southern Maine Community College. I have no regrets because everyone is incredibly nice and informative. Everyone truly just wants to help other people out. The only thing that I would change is more availability of classes. Although, thats only a minor complaint because the school overall is amazing. Great food on campus, easy transportation, and a cheaper tuition than a University.
The first thing I will say about Southern Maine Community College is that the professors care. All of them, I seldom had a professor who was just in it for a pay check. They all truly wanted to see me learn at whatever cost.

My biggest issue with this school is the lack of involvement from advisors and management, so to say. I felt very secluded and almost 'thrown to the wolves' while attending this school. If it weren't for my professors caring as much as they did, it would have been very hard to succeed.

The lack of involvement from honestly every level except professors truly made it hard to have any school spirit. I truly felt like I was just their to get a degree, not to enjoy my time.
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In South Portland, Maine lies Southern Maine Community College (SMCC.) The campus is located on the rocky, southern coast of Maine, and will make you feel at home with its salty sea-front geography. It offers a wide range of majors, and on-campus housing. Attending SMCC is a great way to obtain an affordable education with their lower-than-average tuition rates. It's an easy place to study, or to de-stress. Doing homework with your toes in the sand has never been so simple.
Beautiful campus and a great community college. The small campus is easy to maneuver around, a close-knit overall feel between students and staff. The best part is it's an affordable education without the staggering price tag. After your two-year degree so easy to transfer your credits and yourself to a higher education and degree. This school is so worth looking into, you'll be so glad you did!
I love it. great campus, great teachers and staff. It's cheap and a great experience. Theres a great gym and library is perfect. For my first year it's all I would want for a college.
I love the professors. This campus is in a beautiful area with a diverse group of friendly people! I do not recommend living in dorms. It's overpriced, way too strict, and just overall not worth your time nor money. The elevator in the dorm hall is gross and because of this, no one gets their security deposite back. Not fair because not everyone contributed to it.
I like the college itself, it's a very beautiful and peaceful place to take classes. But the process for financial aid is unhelpful and offers no resources when running into family financial problems like I did.
Great professors, great campus, great food, and for students who are adults/parents, and work full time, good class times to work around your schedule.
MORE Classes need to be offered at their Satellite Locations. IF THEY ADVERTISED it better, they would get more students from as far away as Fryeburg and parts of Oxford County as well as more students who live in the Lakes Region area of Maine attending these locations for classes instead of looking at other schools that do. All of the satellite locations indicate the same thing--that SMCC and CMCC do not talk to each other as far as what they're offering for classes and how many students would be willing to travel to a satellite location for these classes. The instructors at SMCC's "Off Campus- Satellite Locations" are excellent.
I really enjoy completing my degree at SMCC. I love the atmosphere, the beautiful landscape, and the teachers/class sizes. Almost all of the teachers I have had were very knowledgeable and passionate about their professions. It was amazing learning from them. I have learned more than I ever could have imagined, I am very glad I started my educational and professional career at Southern Maine Community College.
Very liberal. Very diverse and experienced teachers. Lots of on campus activities and groups. Beautiful Campus. Gorgeous location by the ocean.
The nursing program is amazing. There are top of the line simulating robots that allows the students to be very interactive and creates a very realistic feel. Nursing is a challenging profession to learn, and it reflects in the workload. Southern Maine Community College students do clinicals at Maine Medical Center, the top ranked hospital in Maine. Many students are offered jobs or internships following the clinicals.
Southern Maine Community College is a school for everyone. It is a very diverse school, and is a comfortable learning environment for all ages. There are many clubs provided, the professors and other students are relatively friendly and approachable. This school also offers two campuses, which is great if you live locally, one might offer less of a commute. The South Portland campus is right on the ocean, so in between classes you can relax by the water, do some homework, or take a little hike to Bug Light. I would, and will, continue going to this school until I get my associates degree, and from then I will be transferring to continue my studies. If I could start over, I would potentially try to go to another community college to start my degree, only because my specific degree (nursing) has a very long wait period, and you cannot go onto the wait list until you have completed all prerequisites, so my associates degree that should only take two years will take 3. This school does however have higher standards and graduating nurses have a better success rate when moving forward in the field.
Everyone at SMCC is friendly and helpful. The professors really care about their students, and want them to succeed.
I honestly do not know too much about this.
Review Southern Maine Community College
I honestly do not know too much about other courses. I know there is a plethora of courses you could take and major in. I've heard quite a great amount of things about the professors. Overall good things about them too, such as how nice and diligent they are to work with you. To my understanding they hired the best people they could for the classes they offer.
So far I haven't heard too much about these types of things for programs other than mine. Sadly I'm a little self-oriented when it comes to these things. I know if you are going to school for Culinary Arts there are plenty of these opportunities once you are enrolled.
My Major is Culinary Arts and one of the cool things about Southern Maine is that the professors and the entire program is apart of this organization called the ACF which stands for The American Culinary Federation. This program helps students like me and everyone that is going to school for something dealing with food, get scholarships to further their careers in college and in the real world. They have lessons to teach you things you already didn't know they have volunteer opportunities which help you get some experience with catering.
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