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Long story short, if you can afford to go somewhere else PLEASE DO. SIUE wants to be a great university and could be but they're simply not. It's a VERY cliquey atmosphere and most people only socialize with those they know. This campus is not nearly as friendly as they advertise themselves to be. There is so much more I could say and so much that I won't. The bottom line is SIUE is nothing like it is in the brochures, commercials and other advertisements. Please consider all of your options equally before deciding to come here. Save yourself the headache.
I love the campus at SIUE, it is so full of wildlife and design. Every building is fairly new and the campus itself is very clean. The only thing I would like to see change at SIUE is more greeklife and campus housing.
Nice campus with beautiful scenery, good professors and plenty of activities to be a part of. One of the things that could be changed is to update the materials used for class advising.
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Nothing i love the place as a whole after my first year there. Nice places to eat and a gym to work out at.
SIUE is a wonderful place to earn your bachelor degree. It is a safe environment with lots of parking. The professors are experienced and knowledgeable. My four years went by quick with ease.
This college helps you succeed. What i like most about this college is that if you are feeling behind they have so many resolutions help you soar.
Pretty good school. I enjoy! The food is also good and the academic life is great. The only thing is they don't have and football team so there's only basketball games. The campus itself is pretty well kept as well as the dorms. The safety around the campus is good too I never felt unsafe before.
What I love about SIUE is how easy it is to get involved! There are lots of clubs to get involved in. I also like the size of the's not to big or too small.
I really loved that it was very affordable and they offered my major which is Exercise Science. I really loved that upperclassmen had affordable apartments to live in for Fall and Spring semesters. They have very professional professors who are very educated and experienced in the courses they teach at SIUe.
Edwardsville is a good place to go after high school. Their beautiful campus, along with the caring staff, makes it so much easier to adjust to a four year university.
I like how the University provides students with resources to succeed. I think the school could improve in some areas with more funding.
The professors I had who were employed permanently by the university were all excellent. There was one visiting professor who was exceptionally bad and, unfortunately, was teaching the capstone course for my major. He is no longer with the university.

The campus is beautiful and very safe and has adequate public transportation available to Edwardsville and St. Louis. Uber and Lyft are also available in Edwardsville.

While athletics seem to comprise a significant portion of the student body, the events don't seem to be a big part of the culture.

SIUE is an excellent school in a great community. I highly recommend it!
The school is very beautiful and inviting. You feel safe all over campus no matter the time. The faculty is very friendly. They take the time to get to know you and help you the best way they can. The courses are very informative and each class I've taken has help me grow as an individual/student. I've made many friends here and through joining organizations I have been given many opportunities to better myself. The university housing is also great, living on campus(especially as a freshmen) is the best way to meet new people. Southern University is like a second home, the campus, faculty, students and more will prepare you for the future/workforce.
The school is very maintained and has a good environment. The town of Edwardsville is also very supportive of the school and does what it can to keep it running smoothly. One thing I did not like is how many people seemed to be very unfriendly and uninviting, I may be the only one to think this but most of them stuck to their old friends or roommates.
Some professors are terrible and make the classes very difficult to succeed to your full potential. Although the class may be challenging students are always willing to work together to help each other out and learn from their mistakes.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides students with a diverse and inclusive community. It is tight-knit and student-focused, and the professors are knowledgeable in their fields and are passionate when teaching and interacting with students. SIUE's campus is safe, being ranked the 11th Safest College Campus in the nation. Residential life on campus is a great way to stay involved and active in the abundant number of organizations on campus. The city of Edwardsville, IL provides various experiences from local bike paths and trails, to restaurants and shops galore. Only 20 minutes from St. Louis, it is a great way to take a trip across the river. There is never a dull moment on SIUE's campus, whether it be eating a banana split from a canoe or attending a sporting event with the rest of campus. College is what you make it; make your experience worthwhile at SIUE!
I enjoyed my time at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I was able to make new friends and a lot of different experiences. The campus is very nice and well kept. The food at the MUC is usually on point. However, during my time at SIUE there were blatant acts of racism on campus, which can make a lot of African Americans, like myself, and other minorities feel uncomfortable, and unsafe on campus.
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Everything is kept clean and the teachers, there are plenty of places to visit around campus, and the teachers are usually more than willing to meet up with you if you need extra help. Downside is that there's so much walking to do. Sometimes I have to race to my next class!
I received my Bachelors degree at SIUE and loved it! All of my professors were very professional and supportive. The classes were hard, but the material was taught effectively. We lived in family housing on campus. There was a free after school program so parents could attend class or study. Living in a place surrounded by others reaching for similar goals was amazing.
I recently transferred here, and I don't regret my decision. Everyone has been very kind, and the classes are better than my previous university.
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