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The business department was wonderful. I cannot stress enough as to how well the teachers new there fields and had a passion for teaching.
I like the diversity of SIUC. It's inclusive and creates a melting pot of many cultures and backgrounds.
Southern Illinois in general is very beautiful. I come from a small town, roughly five hours north of Carbondale, I can say it is refreshing not seeing corn at every corner. The people here at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale are very, very friendly. All the professors are willing to stay behind to help students succeed around the clock. I am very thankful that I chose this to be my home for the next four years!
Review Southern Illinois University Carbondale
I love Southern Illinois University. I believe that I am challenged every single day in my classes and I am always learning something new. The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly. I am so thankful that I decided to attend Southern Illinois University.
I like it at this school, there’s so many opportunities that I have came in contact with. My only problem I’ve ever had is the fact that the school appoints foreign teachers to core curriculum classes and I can never fully understand them while they’re teaching.
SIU-C's campus has an rural atmosphere to it. The campus itself is quite large but the average student to teacher ratio is 15:1. Class sizes are very small so you get the opportunity to really know your professors and classmates. On top of that they have beautiful plant and animal life that play a big role on campus life. Finally, the staff is very understanding and truly wants you to succeed
The environment down here in Carbondale is great. The scenery is to die for. The professors really make the material fun to learn.
Great campus, extremely liberal, outdated facilities. Enrollment is down so housing is cheap in Carbondale. Large foreign population.
Carbondale is a very diverse community in Southern Illinois surrounded by many beautiful and natural wonders.
Very pleased with my experience at SIUC. Great education, great professors, and so much to do around the area.
SIU is a great college to attend. However, I have had more than 1 experience in which an advisor has not seemed to have my best interests at heart.
One thing I love most about SIUC is Saluki Startup, the weeklong welcome events for all new incoming students. As a student here at SIUC, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a Startup Leader, and I got to help welcome the incoming students, which was a very rewarding experience that let me see how much effort is put into making sure all students feel welcome in Southern Illinois.
What I wish could be changed at SIUC would be the fact that in the surrounding Carbondale area, it can be difficult to get around without a car. The distance between places can be deceptively close, and there aren't a lot of crosswalks.
I would like to see a push for more unifying events. The school is great, plenty to do after school work.
Teachers cared about students, and helped during study hours. Beautiful campus, big, and many activites including school group and social groups. Dorm food wasn't to shabby either. Truly enjoyed my time at SIU!
SIUC has a wonderful atmosphere that allows all students to feel that they have a home away from home. While letting students enjoy their free time, SIUC also gives students every opportunity to get the most out of their education. There are always tutors available to help students and resources all over campus to help with studies. Professors also make themselves very accessible so that students can ask questions and receive help from them as well to be the best they possibly can be.
I enjoy going to Southern Illinois Universty, the people are pretty friendly, as well as the teachers. However, the Advisement staff is terrible. I would not recommend listening to their advice, my friend currently graduated in May and received a phone call saying that he did not actually graduate and still needs to take 3 more credit hours. This should have been discovered before he was allowed to walk at graduation and started his new full-time job. Other than that, I feel pretty safe walking around campus and enjoy living in Carbondale for the most part.
I recently enrolled at SIU. I started the summer semester and was informed there was a change in my program, new core courses were required. The core courses went from 3 to 8! Also, after further investigation, my entire degree area had been done away with and no one even told me! Not a good first impression. They also have a ridiculous number of fees on top of their tuition. 14 fees in total on my bill this semester! Also, they used to be a huge party school and have gone extreme in the opposite direction in an attempt to fix that. You cannot have more than 2 unrelated people living in a house, and alchohol is not permitted at school events or sporting events.
Review Southern Illinois University Carbondale
So far it's been smooth sailing with the occasional mishaps. In general the University has been a great experience, and the only thing I could think of changing is my attitude towards work ethic.
Overall a good university. I was a student when SIUC did not have a permanent Chancellor and when budget cuts where occurring. Even with this, it made the transition from high school to college life very easy. There is something for everyone there.
My college experience was great. I had some really good but tough professors. i picked classes that I knew I would enjoy, the core chemistry classes are difficult but manageable with a 16/17 credit semester.
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