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I enjoyed the resources the school provided such as silent floors for studying in the library and the recreation center which is free to students. The professors were great and encouraged students to ask questions.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a great college. It offers so many degrees and is in the heart of Southern Illinois making outdoor activities plentiful and fun. The teachers are good and it gets you prepared for life after college.
So far I have been at SIU for a semester now and I really enjoy it. The school has an amazing education program. The teachers are pretty friendly for the most part. I have had a few issues with one or two teachers. By that I mean his tests were pretty out there and didn't follow his lectures at all. I love the environment along with the library and rec center available for students.
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Southern Illinois University of Carbondale has changed my life for the better. It has showed me that I need to use my resources better and better my time. It has also showed me that you can not take things for granted.
The campus is beautiful with many activities to do. The professors are great too. You'll love everything about this school.
My experience at SIUC has been well. The best thing about the university is all the free resources they offer such as tutoring and the writing center. They also have saluki express which is the local bus service which is free for students. It is very convenient.
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I was surprised with the diversity of the student population, not just with ethnicity and race but with moral backgrounds. I have come to love SIUC and have learned to really appreciate my time spent there.
I would say something they can change is letting students know more about any political issues that are happening on campus
Its been a pretty great experience I do hate how they usually tell you that you will be there for two years if you are a transfer and it is a consistent three years so do keep that in mind.
I like the campus of SIU. It was nice and the staff was friendly. The professors i met were very nice and enjoyed most classes. There was lots of different cultures there so it made it unique.
This is my first year at a university beings that I just graduated high school in May 2017. Credit wise I am a junior because I took online courses as well as dual credit while in high school but I will graduate in 2020 which makes me a sophomore. I love SIU campus, it is a perfect place for me. I love walking around with the trees and leaves everywhere. I feel safe when I am here and its definitely easy to make friends!
As an international student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I have never felt homesickness. SIU has been my home away from home. Overall, I'm satisfied with the academics and the housing facilities provided in the campus.
This school has a beautiful campus, and a lot of kids go there. Coming from a small high school pushes me more to want to go to a bigger college. Go Saluki's
the school is pricey other then that the school is quite enjoy able their are teachers who are hard to understand but if you keep asking over and over they will change up the way they trying to share to you but if they cant get you to understand they will a point you to someone else .
So far, my experience at SIUC has been amazing! The professors are very professional, yet you can go to them with any question or comment, academic or not. The campus is gorgeous, built around Thompson Woods and Campus Lake. Everything is clean and enjoyable. I am a physics major, so I have not communicated with the other departments, but the physics department is close-knit and casual. You can research almost anything, but there is a focus on Material Science. One can easily get to know the faculty and the small student body of physics major and make lifelong friends and connections.
Very friendly staff. Instructors and TA s are easy to get a hold of and very helpful. Academic advisors are easy to contact and very friendly and helpful.
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I am not currently a student there, but i have had a family member go to this school. They say that there are one or two student living areas that are not that good, but everywhere else is either above average or good.
The business department was wonderful. I cannot stress enough as to how well the teachers new there fields and had a passion for teaching.
I like the diversity of SIUC. It's inclusive and creates a melting pot of many cultures and backgrounds.
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