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Southern Illinois University Carbondale Reviews

1,746 reviews
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While the academics at Southern Illinois University are not exceptional, the campus life and surrounding area make up for it. The professors care about their students, however, since the school focuses on teaching professors, some classes are lack depth. SIUC is surrounded by nature, with many places to hike, making the sights surrounding the school incredible. On top of the beautiful scenery, campus life is booming. The city of Carbondale is known for its bars and large parties. SIU does a good job of keeping students safe during peak party times, hiring a large police force to prevent drunk driving. Overall this is a good school that I would recommend attending.
As an alumni student of SIUC, it was a great roller coaster ride that I continue to reflect upon. My experience in school was great. Living on campus during my first two years was nice. They have a variety of dorm types that can fit you at all levels. The campus is large and beautiful. There is always something to do for fun as well as places to go in order to study. The scenery and wonderful additions for students have made the university a great place to continue an education. They provide many opportunities for students to get involved and an array of skilled teachers. It was a great place to complete my bachelors degree and I still reminisce about it.
The WiFi sucks. If your roommate moves out, they'll force you to either pay more for your room, find a new roommate, or be assigned a random new roommate. The tutoring services are a joke. There's no Easter break. It's just an awful awful school hahah don't go here
Overall, I have had a really great time at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The campus is great, the teachers/professors are very knowledgeable, and the course selection is huge. The are many place for students to hang out that are within walking distance of the campus and there are many apartments also located within walking distance, which is great for the upperclassmen that do not want to live in the dorms anymore. The only thing I would change about the campus is that it is very old, nothing has really be updated since the 1950s-60s, so some things just need repairs, while others need remodeling and such.
When I first got to SIU I was worried about not making friends. But once I got here I realized how friendly everyone is , including the town of Carbondale. SIU is definitely an amazing school to attend, you just have to make the best of it.
The school overall is good. Most classes are fairly large and usually require specialized books for SIU which makes everything a bit more expensive. The dorms are gross and I would recommend avoiding them at all costs. The campus is gorgeous and the people are friendly, but the overall town of Carbondale is seeming less safe each year.
SIU is a pretty decent school overall. For academics, my professors were very helpful and had in depth understanding of what they were teaching. But it all depends on what major you are taking. I know firsthand that SIU has one of the best aviation programs in the country which made my time at the school totally worth it. If you are an outdoor kind of person, you will find SIU very pleasing. The Giant City state park is nearby which has wonderful hiking trails. SIU's Touch of Nature also organizes a lot of outdoor activities every semester (camping, hiking, canoeing etc.). There are also numerous lakes around to go fishing or canoeing. If you like to party, SIU is a sure bet! Carbondale has really good bars and clubs and there are always parties every weekend. In all, College experience comes down to what you make of it. The school certainly provides everything you would expect in a typical college environment.
SIUC has a beautiful campus set on the southern edge of Carbondale, IL. The university offers a wide variety of majors, and is well known for it's aviation and engineering programs. SIU's system also offers a nursing school, a med school, and a law school. The region of Southern Illinois offers many outdoor activities (i.e., hiking, camping, wine trailing, etc.) and is within hours of St. Louis. Amtrak train service is also available to all stops from Chicago to New Orleans.
I love Southern Illinois University. IN the college of Agriculture, the professors are excellent and care about the success of their students. There is also many hands on opportunities. The campus is beautiful and there is definitely fun to be had if you want it.
Southern Illinois University faculty and staff are very helping when it comes down to making sure that you understand the assignments, or just anything in general. Overall, the campus is very warming and live.
In my opinion, I think SIUC is a great school. Most people say the school just 'isnt right for them' which is a really weird statement to say because well.. what did they expect? Most people also say it's a party school but it's only a party school if you make it one. No one is forcing you to go to parties or anything like that so that argument really doesn't matter. I love my dorm, roommate, dining halls (sometimes), and my classes. I will admit, some of the bigger classes are hard but I definitely love my smaller classes like English and UCOL. Also, I'm a freshman.
I have just completed my first semester. I really have enjoyed myself and have learned a lot at the same time. The classes we challenging but not to the point to where I could not understand them. Siu was a place where I learned and had fun.
This place is a trash heap. And it is run by idiots. I find myself wondering why anyone goes here especially for as much money as they dooped us into paying. Carbondale is nice. Siu ruins it.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale is such a vibrant community. I have visited a few times, and each time I return it is like I see more things I have never seen before. It is a beautiful campus, with beautiful people. Once I saw that school I knew I wanted to be apart of such an awesome atmosphere. It was by far the most sure I had ever been about where I want to attend college. I applied, and a few weeks later I got an acceptance letter. Choosing Carbdonale as the place to continue my education after high school is the best decision I have made. Go Salukis!
I absolutely love SIU. The campus is stunning, the people are friendly, and the classes are fun. Although, it does depend on the major that you choose and which professor that you get. I have had an overall pleasant experience with my teachers and teacher assistants, but the downfalls are that the counselors don't always know what they are doing and some of the teachers can be grouchy.
I visited Southern Illinois University Carbondale with TRIO and it was the best tour I went on, I really have not been on many college or university trips but this one spoke to me. The campus was nice and the study abroad opportunities were what I wanted not to mention the course I can take and the people I can talk to to get a more information. When I talked to some of the people they were really nice and the way they talked about their classes and course shows how much they love doing what their doing and get along with each each other nicely.
Southern Illinois University is a great enviroment. It isn's difficult at all to make friends or even become situated in the school. They are beyond helpful when you need it and make coming to a university enjoyable. Academics wise the teaching staff is there to help you graduate and find a career. They are also firm believers on one-on-one teaching and assistance and also getting you to research in your field.
Siu is a great platform for furthering your education and preparing you for a career in your desired field.
I am hopefully going to be a freshman at SIU and I absolutely love it there. The campus is beautiful and the students and professors there are all very friendly.
Southern Illinois University is a great place to learn. The work here is more tedious than it is hard. The professors I have are very hard not really understanding. Also there is nothin to do in this town except go to the bars; no underage fun here.
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