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Southern Illinois University Carbondale Reviews

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I've had special times at SIU and overall enjoyed my time here. The campus is beautiful, the area nice, and the people kind, but the leadership of the university has somewhat dampened the good spirit at SIU in recent years. I've made some of my closest friends here and excelled in my studies. The programs here, especially the College of Business, are truly top-notch.
Its an okay school but it is starting to go down hill. I had good times there and bad times. I can't wait to graduate and move on to a new chapter, away from this school.
Hi, i am currently going into my junior year at southern illinois university carbondale and i can honestly say its been a journey. No one ever told me this, it was something i had to learn but college is not hard at all. If you want to succeed you have to put in the work yourself, yeah their maybe some shortcuts sometimes but college takes a lot of focus, and preparation. You got to tell yourself you want it bad enough and put in the effort to get it. No matter how many times you fall down always get up! failure should never be an option for anyone. Being here at SIUC i have learned a lot, and is still learning. Being in college, time management is very important when talking succeeding. If you don't manage your time well from school, RSO's, work , and etc you will be lost and stuck.
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I love the campus! I feel like I'm at home. I've made so many college friends and hopefully turn into life long friends. If you like southern country boys then this is the school for you! The education and staff is amazing! will recommend to others!
Southern Illinois University is a fairly small, public university. It is presently under-funded, as are many schools in Illinois. However, this has not stopped Southern Illinois University from doing its best to provide a quality experience for its students. The College of Agricultural Sciences especially has continued to offer many exceptional programs. The COAS has continued to grow in a time when many of the university's colleges have seen a decline in enrollment. I am very grateful for the quality experience they have provided me with.
However, despite my great experience, there are aspects of the university that could be improved. Emphasis is placed on research, and those who participate in research are clearly favored. Unfortunately, the opportunities to get involved in research have continued to dwindle. Furthermore, recent administrative turmoil has caused further stress on the university, and it has been reflected in its operations.
What I liked about Southern Illinois University Carbondale was that everyone at the University was so nice and helpful. If the teachers saw a student struggling they would pull the student aside and set up a plan so they could succeed in their class. The teachers were always available even outside of their office hours. I really enjoy the school and glad I'm a Saluki.
Depressing town matches perfectly with a depressing school. everything is old and not in a cute old vintage way. its very out of date. unless you have access to a car it will be hard to get around. theres barely anything to do there except drink
You can literally find a party everynight if you want to. If you arent into parties, there are plenty of other ways to get involved on campus and find your people.
Overall, my experience has been excellent. The instructors seem to really care about my well-being and academic achievement. I would like to see more of the professors and department heads care that much as well.
I love the school, but unfortunately they are going broke. Enrollment is way down and they started to shut down the towers.
SIU has a lot of potential in being a great university but lack of funding and enrollment have certainly made things more difficult.
I think that overall the university is divided, regarding the races. Considering the dorms separated amongst two different areas on campuses, there is a division amongst white and other minorities. I think that the school has very good resources pertaining to helping students with tutoring getting a job during, and after college.
What I like about Southern Illinois University has to be the up to date technology and resources that they offer to the students. For example the Library is my favorite place to go because of the environment and its always tools there to help me succeed.
I will graduate SIUC in May 2018. I transferred here from a small junior college. I did not enjoy most of my courses and professors. I had a hard time getting involved in extra circular activities because there are not a lot of options for the type of major I went in to. It was hard to make professional connections and relationships because most of the professors were very hard to confront.
Being that I am a student that is from the area, Southern Illinois University Carbondale was close to home. The campus is gorgeous, especially in the fall and spring time. The organizations that a student can become a part of is endless. The class sizes are just big enough where you don't necessarily get lost in the crowd, but you can still get the one on one help if you need it.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the students. No one is rude, we all help each other out. Everyone smiles and says hi to you when you walk past them on campus. Which is something that I wasn't used to at all, due to where I came from.
SIUC is an amazing community. I feel like I belong here and I am actually learning, so overall my experience has been excellent so far. However, this school is broke and the Chancellor currently is worsening the problem.
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I love siuc, my grandpa worked there, my other grandpa went there, and now i'm an graduate of the university. I was extremely pleased with my classes, not moving out of the area have decreased my return on my investment, but otherwise a great experience. Siuc is known for the saluki shuffle, so if you are planning on going there, you will have a lot of running around to get things accomplished.
I like the surrounding area, small town but still enough business to not be inconvenient. I have had an enjoyable college experience here and I feel very at home.
SIUC is a great school, I am an aviation student here. Their programs like aviation, auto-tech, and many others are some of the best in the country. It is a great school with very few setbacks.
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