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Overall, my experience at SIU has been good so far. I got my undergrad from SIU and am working on my Master's degree currently. Carbondale is a nice town with lots of good food and shops. SIU has a wide variety of majors to choose from and is highly diverse.
I really like how much diversity is on the campus. SIUC is also extremely affordable! The graduation rate is up which implies to me that there is a lot of one on one communications with students and faculty. The acceptance rate is also up in the charts, which means that they are accepting of all types of backgrounds.
I really do enjoy the oppurtunites as well as resiurces provided for the LGBTQ+ community, which I am a part of, as well as their mental health resources. However, I do feel like there could be more oppurtunities and resources for people of color on campus.
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Carbondale has a great ratio of staff to students. I feel that once i got into my major courses i had a fantastic educations, however, the general education classes were sub-par. Also the parking division was a complete mess.
I love Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I am in the College of Agricultural Sciences. I study Animal Science Production, we have a very unique program because our farms are less than five minutes away from our main campus. We have lots of hands on classes where we go out to the farms and learn real life skills on real animals. Not many people get that kind of in field experience before they enter the workforce. The only reason I have not given my university 5 stars is because the administration does not support their students or staff. We have had a couple incidents in the College of Ag where our administration has not been completely truthful with our staff and students. Honesty is the best policy, practicing that is key.
The school is very accepting of all people and offers a wide array of job and career opportunities on or near campus. The student body is welcoming, and provides its students with volunteer and job opportunities that are beneficial while living on or near campus.
So far the school is welcoming and helpful. They offer a lot of benefits to improve your academic status. SIU really wants their students to succeed and it is proven through the staff and their encouragement to give it your all.
I actually love this school so much! Academics are great! The hands on experience is great!! Facility is super nice !!
SIU is a beautiful campus. Everyone is easy to talk to and communication is never a problem. All the advisors, all the professors, they care. The campus itself is environmentally friendly and overall beautiful.
I have really enjoyed SIU. The campus is beautiful and it is very easy to find your way around. The staff is very helpful, when it comes to finding a building or helping you understand the materials. I have never had a professor who was not helpful or willing to give extra help if needed. They offer a ton of clubs or activities for students as well. I met my absolute best friends here because of the organizations they have offered. They even have alarm systems for students so they feel safe in case someone is walking home alone in the dark. Overall, I love the staff and feel this is a great place for someone to further their education.
I love SIU! The area is amazing, ESPECIALLY if you love the outdoors. Tons of delicious restaurants and great art/punk scenes. Very diverse and full of interesting people. Enrollment is down, but it doesn't have an impact on the quality of my experience. It's a really great school--perfect size, pretty affordable, and a quality education.
The school is average but there is not a lot to do in Carbondale. You can make the best out of it though. The strip has a couple restaurants though.
I liked how everyone that I interacted with at the university were very nice and cooperative. The dorms and classrooms were decent and manageable. I like how everything is spaced out and how everything is walking distance.
They are very friendly and have lots of majors and classes to choose from. The campus is LGBT friendly and has many organizations and opportunities for each and every student. The staff is more than willing to help out with questions and more.
I like how student are willing to help each other out when it comes to class work and how the professors are willing to help out when you need help during their office hours
Overall I love this school. The campus is pretty, though some buildings could be cleaned. There are some professors that I personally wouldn't recommend, but that is common among all schools. There is a lot of campus involvement and generally everyone is friendly.
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is a college which provides the student with opportunities equal to the effort they put in, more so than most. There is a large undergraduate research present at the college which provides those students who take the time to become involved the ability to have hands on experience in the fields they are planning on working in. However, if the student takes no effort to become engaged in the community, SIUC will seem a boring college.
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From the moment I first stepped on the campus to visit I felt it was the place for me. I am supper excited to begin fall 2019
I had a really bad experience here as a freshman. The campus is depressing, the faculty members are decent but the curriculum is certainly sub-par. They aren't preparing students. The funding for this school is going downhill, and the rate of employment after is declining as well. The name brand is losing its touch.
Southern Illinois University is a great school! It has a lot of different majors to chose from! It has different opportunities for housing and for classes
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