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I love the school, but unfortunately they are going broke. Enrollment is way down and they started to shut down the towers.
SIU has a lot of potential in being a great university but lack of funding and enrollment have certainly made things more difficult.
I think that overall the university is divided, regarding the races. Considering the dorms separated amongst two different areas on campuses, there is a division amongst white and other minorities. I think that the school has very good resources pertaining to helping students with tutoring getting a job during, and after college.
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What I like about Southern Illinois University has to be the up to date technology and resources that they offer to the students. For example the Library is my favorite place to go because of the environment and its always tools there to help me succeed.
I will graduate SIUC in May 2018. I transferred here from a small junior college. I did not enjoy most of my courses and professors. I had a hard time getting involved in extra circular activities because there are not a lot of options for the type of major I went in to. It was hard to make professional connections and relationships because most of the professors were very hard to confront.
Being that I am a student that is from the area, Southern Illinois University Carbondale was close to home. The campus is gorgeous, especially in the fall and spring time. The organizations that a student can become a part of is endless. The class sizes are just big enough where you don't necessarily get lost in the crowd, but you can still get the one on one help if you need it.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the students. No one is rude, we all help each other out. Everyone smiles and says hi to you when you walk past them on campus. Which is something that I wasn't used to at all, due to where I came from.
SIUC is an amazing community. I feel like I belong here and I am actually learning, so overall my experience has been excellent so far. However, this school is broke and the Chancellor currently is worsening the problem.
I love siuc, my grandpa worked there, my other grandpa went there, and now i'm an graduate of the university. I was extremely pleased with my classes, not moving out of the area have decreased my return on my investment, but otherwise a great experience. Siuc is known for the saluki shuffle, so if you are planning on going there, you will have a lot of running around to get things accomplished.
I like the surrounding area, small town but still enough business to not be inconvenient. I have had an enjoyable college experience here and I feel very at home.
SIUC is a great school, I am an aviation student here. Their programs like aviation, auto-tech, and many others are some of the best in the country. It is a great school with very few setbacks.
I would like the University to spend their funds a bit better. For instance the program I'm currently in (Aviation Flight & Technology) is using curriculum that is good but equipment that is outdated and getting closer to retirement age. It would be nice if the quality of the teachers and other faculty (excellent) would match what they have to use to teach.
I enjoying the school so far. Even though everything is hard. Just had to deal with the hard things I got here at SIU. I have friends here and we get along great.
Large Campus but easy to find classes. Class size range between 20 or less or a larger classroom setting. Diverse. Always activities.
I started college here this past fall and I really like it so far. I really like the layout of the campus my environment in general. Where I live is really close to the campus lake and overall it's a very woodsy area which I enjoy viewing. I another thing I enjoy about going to college here is the convenience of the dining halls and the other restaurants located in the student center. There are some things that could be improved about the campus and SIU in general as a college. The one main thing that I think should be improved upon is tuition/college affordability. I think the prices are too high and should be lowered. We are losing students simply because they cannot afford to go here.
I have found SIU to be an amazing experience! I love being surrounded by nature and having tons of local wineries and breweries close by. The party seen at this school is pretty good and has a strong tradition here. My professors always go above and beyond for me whenever I have a question. Another aspect of SIU is that they offer special dietary services in their dining halls. A friend of mine had Celiac Disease freshman year and I was amazed to see how much they provided for her so that she could feel comfortable eating. She told me that they even have allergy kitchens on both sides of the dining halls! Overall, I loved my time here as a Saluki and would recommend this college to anyone and everyone!
Beautiful campus with an atmosphere that feels like your second home! The students are kind and welcoming! Extra curricular activities after class are held by the students and it's a great way to give that college vibe!
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Southern Illinois University is amazing, and Carbondale is beautiful. There are around 20,000 students at this university which seems like the perfect size. There are tons of activities and restaurants at the Student Center. There are tons of trails and sights to see in Carbondale. The campus is just beautiful in the fall. The Instructors at this university are excellent and the students are very helpful. I have enjoyed my past two years as an automotive student at this college and would recommend this university to anyone.
The campus environment is very inviting to graduate students. The faculty is extremely professional and helpful. Financial Aid Services are on point with providing excellent customer service.
I love SIUC. Everyone is so friendly and everywhere you walk, you'll see so many squirrels it's amazing!! I have made so many friends being here so far, and it's only my first year! I love it here, and I think you would too!
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