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I like meeting new people and participating in the activities offered on campus. By staying involved, I am able to learn more about what SCSU has to offer me.
Since the first time I visited the school, everyone has been very welcoming. Being part of an NCAA team here is very helpful at making friends.
I am a sophmore now in SCSU. My first experience was fun. Southern in my opinion is actually a good fit for people who like calm atmospheres. Not a lot of noise but when summer comes people sometimes play music in the main area which kind of hypes everything up. Overall, I do like here.
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SCSU is a decent little state college with great professors. The professors are what make this school worth it. You get what you pay for as far as technology in the classrooms on campus and the parking situation is terrible. There is a beautiful new library, student activities building, and science building, but the rest of the buildings on campus need updating.
In my second year at SCSU, the academics are what stand out the most to me. Being a commuter, the professors work with you to help you succeed here. The student involvement is also something that positivly catches my attention. Majority or the student run clubs and organizations take their duties seriously to keep a fun and safe environment for Southern Connecticut State University.
I would like to see more diversity. Many of the teachers were caring when it came to making sure that the students understood the material being taught.
SCSU is only getting better, especially with President Joe there making such important changes, and advances! I really enjoyed my time there, and will continue my education there come this fall. The school isn't too big so you always see familiar faces, which was nice to me because it felt like the same school every semester, not a different one with strangers everywhere!
I like that Southern is semi diverse and is accepting and open to having events that celebrate black cultures. This makes it feel like I belong somewhere.
I'm a commuter so I have a very different experience. Administration is well informed but it takes so long for forms from one side of the department to get to another. Campus is big and pretty, professors are very kind and very helpful.
Southern Conneticut state university is a great school, i felt very welcomed and wanted. The courses a super flexible to my shedule and the professors and classmates are very kind!
My experience at Southern Connecticut State University has been a splendid one. I started off not knowing what career I wanted to invest in throughout my Freshman year which was scary but at SCSU they welcomed me with open arms to find a major that suited me best. My advisers really helped me through all of my hiccups when I had questions or for simple advice. Southern is really dedicated to making the future of their students worth it. I love my school dearly.
I'd rate SCSU as a strong, empowering university. Not only do they give each and every student equal opportunity to grow and succeed in class, they open up so many doors to enjoy your time at school, as either a commuter or resident on campus. Everyday at SCSU it's truly believed that I belong there just as much as everyone else and we'll all leave with the knowledge to make it in our chosen careers.
My favorite school library by far and my favorite chemistry teacher ever was here. The library was easily accessible and had a nice atmosphere, with Starbucks tickling your nose. The administration office tends to lose paperwork, so keep records of everything. They have some things to change but they try to keep student body engaged and have some fun.
It's a really good school, the professors are always willing to help. There is an academic success center located on campus to help students with any problem areas they have within their courses.
The education I received here was exceptional, as were all of my professors. Whenever I struggled with material and reached out to my professors, I received prompt assistance and replies. Administration is also excellent and there are many resources available to assist students however they need it. The campus is gorgeous and all of the facilities are up-to-date, with numerous areas to study and use computers. It is continuing to expand facilities and add new programs. I loved every second of my time as a student, and hope to one day secure an additional teaching position there.
The campus does not put enough focus and priority on the students. Because of this, however, there are many talented and highly competent professors willing to work individually with self-motivated students. Parking is usually a problem. There is often administrative red tape.
So far I have had a great experience. Everyone who I have spoken to has been incredibly informative, helpful and welcoming. Off to a great start!
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I love how diverse the community is and how everyone is willing to give a helping hand, There are 100’s of clubs that you can join to make your college experience a whole lot more fun, and the toutering center really helps you out a lot. Southern Connecticut State University is an amazing school
I loved the student involvement and parties they had. They had tutors to help students if needed. The only negative thing was the crime. Students kept getting robbed by the residents who lived in new haven.
I love the vibe of the school it's so welcoming and makes you feel like you can do so much. The professors for the most part are nice and the dorms are so worth it but you can also stay off campus and it'll still be fun. The parties are nice and the main yard is usually filled with activities to do and the clubs never end. There's always something to do for someone no matter what you like from step teams to anime clubs this school literally has anything and if it doesn't then you can create what you want which is great.
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