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So far, it's been a great college experience. The professors are very dedicated, want you to do well, and will help you in anyway they can.
It's a good school especially if you want to major in Social Work, Nursing or Teaching. Not a hard campus to navigate with plenty of parking lots and a brand new library.
My experience so far with southern conn. state university is a great experience. They are patient and helpful with the courses and reliable when it comes to trying to figure out what you want to do with your career. You don't feel like you are being rushed to decide on anything, but you feel welcome.
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It is an amazing school so far. Lot of help when it comes to transferring in. Definitely appreciate all the fun events on campus as well!
Southern Connecticut State University is amazing in terms of the academics and education. Professors are very attentive and are willing to help you through whatever you need. The general environment here is really friendly. Although one thing I would like to change is the lack of food variety on campus. Other than that, I love it here!
Some things I would like Southern Connecticut State University to change for the most part is the food. Also I would like to see a change in how the school supports sport clubs the university. There are a lot of good sport clubs at this university, and I feel that the university should give more to support the teams here, and give them more resources to continue doing the great things they do. like giving students an opportunity to be involved.
SCSU is a community in and of itself. Owl Pride is an understatement here. I enjoy being involved and how many opportunities there are to do just that. Moreover, the combination of lectures and small classes allow for the best academic growth possible. Not to mention, it's encouraging to attend a school focused on advocating for social justice.
I would like SCSU to be more accommodating to commuters and students that work full-time and go to class at night.
I like it here so far and most of your core class for the major you take should be hard, but most of the other classes, depending on the professor will be easy
I love the campus and the resources that they have for us. There is many opportunities for the students on the campus weather its finicial, academically, mentally, socially, and ect. The diversity is so broad on campus everybody gets along and are freiendly. Southern has something just for commutors just so that we get a little more interaction on campuse so that we feel like a family. I commute so the fact they still do things us makes thing run a little smoother and you dont feel left out .
SCSU offers expert faculty along with reasonable tuition prices. The various programs, (particularly the Schools of Education and Nursing) are comparable in their intensity and high standards to comparable programs offered in Yale University. The campus has become a second home to me and I will truly remember and cherish the personal and professional relationships created during my years here.
The admissions process was a little bit of a bear, but since school has started I have no complaints. The campus is nice and clean and class buildings are easy to get to. The new science building is beautiful.
Was a part-time commuter here.

Classes were pretty boring, lecture-style taught by professors that were pretty boring.

Food was meh, with one actual dining hall on campus with all you can eat food at a decent price, but could have been better or more diverse on a day to day basis.
I have only completed one semester, but within this term I have experienced the enthusiasm that other students and faculty have for this college. They are extremely welcoming and have a true passion for SCSU. By far one of the most impressive aspects is the wide variety of clubs and activities that the school has for its students. There are so many it is hard to choose from! My professors have been very kind, smart, and inspiring. The music department is filled with life and talent, from its students and staff! I truly have enjoyed my first semester here at Southern.
Really nice school filled with kind professors and students! Plenty of engagement all around campus and there are a lot of caring staff there to help you on your way to success!
The campus is really nice. Most professors are nice and willing to help you suceed in any way they can.
Southern offers an affordable education with opportunities for success. It has some small class sizes that are good for one on one interaction. As well as useful resources when you seek them out.
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I had a great first semester at southern.I was not sure about this school at first .I wanted to go to a different university .I did not think I was going to like it .I met some great professors and I learned a lot . I would definatley recommend this school.It is a nice little community .It doesn’t matter where you are from . I can’t wait to begin my next semester .
Southern has a great nursing program, and education program at an affordable price. That being said, as an art major it is not applicable to me. The art department is very small, but good for what is given to us. The food is pretty terrible, which is the one thing I would want to change the most. The sports scene is average. I am a part of the women's rugby team, which is classified as a club sport, but is just as competitive as a division II sport. Rugby at southern is fairly popular, and both the men and women's team have been very successful. Overall the university has a good environment, but some departments should be looked into before applying.
I became very involved in clubs and residence life. I also joined a sorority, opening up doors to faculty and staff that guided me throughout my years. As a freshman I was very shy, but my RA brought me out to meetings and clubs on campus that I might be interested in. I then joined OLAS to which lead me to join my Latina sorority. I became more aware about the injustices going on around the world, and started volunteering and helping make the community around me a better one.
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