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I love Southern. I transferred in as a sophomore and everyone was so welcoming. Compared to my old school, teachers were helpful and wanted us to succeed. The only thing I would change is the availability of classes. Some core classes are extremely hard to get into your schedule but I believe that is any college you go to.
I am not too happy here. I feel lost and misguided. They have a lot of programs and resources that I’ve used. Still nothing. I can say they are very active community wise. The teachers are good and classes too if you research. Food is good, they make improvements as needed.
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What I love about SCSU: At first I was extremely nervous to start college, just like anyone freshly leaving high school, but genuinely I felt at home pretty fast here. My favorite part is the Greek life on campus which I’m a part of & the overall vibe on campus. There’s always something new and exciting going on.
Southern Connecticut State University highly encourages students to get involved on campus. This university displays a wide demographic of students and professors, giving each person at this university a chance to feel welcome. This school focuses on diversity and social justice. Academics are rigorous but good grades are attainable. Overall, a positive experience can be expected.
My experience at SCSU was good but it wasn't what I thought it would have been. I would have liked to connect with more students. One of the main reasons I applied to SCSU was because of their great nursing program, which is very competitive. Knowing that, the advisers here didn't really encourage you to try and get into the program. If you had one "okay" grade, they would basically tell you to switch your major. Although it isn't necessarily their job to ensure that we do well, it would have been nice if they at least gave us some encouragement or tips on how to do better and what we would need to do to ensure we get a shot at getting into the program. Other than that, SCSU isn't a bad school at all. Many of the professors are willing to give help if you ask for it. Overall, you just have to make the best of your experience.
This is your average State school if you want to get your degree cheap and easy, this is the school for you. Nothing spectacular about the school. They have way to many gen ed requirements.
Good location and a wide variety of courses to choose from. Professors have been very helpful thus far
I felt like the faculty is generally very kind and supportive, and a lo of programs exist on campus to assist students. I also appreciate the diversity and wide variety of student events.
As a Graduate student at Southern Connecticut State University, I appreciate that I'm able to get a top notch education for a reasonable cost as an in-state student. My professors are active in their fields and invested in my success within my program.
I was able to expand my over knowledge of different areas and concentrations. I enjoy the variety of classes that are offered.
I enjoyed my course work and overall experience at Southern Connecticut State University. I would have liked that while I was studying there, they had a better system in place to help advise me on what classes to take. I did not like the idea that some classes had prerequisites and that many courses were only offered in one semester and not the other. I had to take a Italian class in my senior year of school when I should have been taking more courses towards my major. Besides that, the rest of the school has plenty of degree options and school activities to keep you busy.
With dedicated Professors, and a nice campus environment, SCSU is active in my education. I am happy with the level of education that I am receiving.
the commute is not that great because the commuters parking lot is on the other side of the campus. great school to be at if your working!
SCSU is a fantastic college and really has something for everyone. Whether it's computer science, theater, or biology, Southern has a very informative course to go along with it. The campus is a great place to be with a beautiful Academic Quad and even view of hiking trails! Honestly, the only complaints come from the food (but they have a dunkin donuts here!) and some of the professors are rather strict. However, everyone on this campus wants you to succeed and wants you to be the best that you can.
So far, it's been a great college experience. The professors are very dedicated, want you to do well, and will help you in anyway they can.
It's a good school especially if you want to major in Social Work, Nursing or Teaching. Not a hard campus to navigate with plenty of parking lots and a brand new library.
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My experience so far with southern conn. state university is a great experience. They are patient and helpful with the courses and reliable when it comes to trying to figure out what you want to do with your career. You don't feel like you are being rushed to decide on anything, but you feel welcome.
It is an amazing school so far. Lot of help when it comes to transferring in. Definitely appreciate all the fun events on campus as well!
Southern Connecticut State University is amazing in terms of the academics and education. Professors are very attentive and are willing to help you through whatever you need. The general environment here is really friendly. Although one thing I would like to change is the lack of food variety on campus. Other than that, I love it here!
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