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My experience at Southern Connecticut State University so far has been nothing but welcoming. The staff and upperclassman are always so pleasant and friendly. There are many resources on campus that students can use for help with academic studies. This campus is a home.
It was a local school so I didn't have to travel great distances to get there. I dormed on the campus and the people around me were always happy and I was able to make a family here.
Southern is a very diverse university. Everyone is friendly and caring. You’ll love it
I spent a few days in new haven. I visited, I attended this university. beautiful, professional staff. I met teachers available. trained teachers. I had a very good experience. Going to Southern has been the best time of my life so far. I Couldn't ask for a better school!
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Southern Connecticut State Universities are very understanding about financial situation and school supplies.
When I transferred in two years ago I was nervous I would not find my place. Southern has afforded me incredible opportunities to get involved on campus. I joined a medical charity and eventually was elected treasurer. Located close to the heart of the city of New Haven I found endless places to adventure on the weekends having access to the arts and culture there. I always felt safe and supported living on campus. Grants and donations have contributed to many of the new and updated facilities on campus. I found myself studying near the beautiful stained glass windows in the library. This educational institution is sacred to me. I love what I am studying, speech-language pathology and audiology. The major is competitive, but for a good reason. Our new president is committed to social justice and diversity. I am a proud owl and it feels good to look back and reflect on all the progress I have made in my two years at Southern.
My experience prior to their warm welcoming has been very Good as an incoming freshman. The staff is very caring for their students and the campus has made it safe with the Southern police department. Over the summer semester I got sick and the health center was very attentive and made sure I was okay. their services were quick and easy to sign up for when making appointments. I also find the library really useful especially when going to study. I was able to rent study rooms where it was peaceful and quiet. while dorming in the summer the RA's were always making sure the building was safe which made me feel safe at any time of day and night. Since I'm only an incoming freshman and everything hasn't gone bad I feel as there is no changes that should be made thus far.
Professors and staff are very passionate about teaching. They want students to learn and be proud of their work and themselves. Beautiful, well-taken care of campus. There are clubs for just about everything, and countless ways to be involved with the school, on or off campus. Diversity is key and SCSU has lots of it!
The college is a very nice, the classes are small so the teachers are very invested in the success of the student. If you go to class with the intent to learn then you can be very successful.
I love the atmosphere at SCSU. I am able to get involved and connect to other students very easily. I am going into my sophomore and I can honestly say I have made the right decision coming to Southern.
Southern is a great university with a lot of oppurtunities to become involved in numerous ways. Everyone is willing to help out with anything
Southerns cool lol but cmon. Pretty disappointed that we have to try so hard to make parties happen. Campus cops 👎
Love the school itself. I am a commuter and there are many ways to get involved on campus for activities and clubs. The professors are either excellent or very poor. I use "rate my professor" to check all my courses.
Almost every professor I have had has been passionate and invested in the subject material. Classes have been engaging and challenging. Campus life offers a number of clubs and organizations. There are many available resources for places to study and eat. I am very happy with the suite I am living in, but the residence halls are of course not perfect. I love the three departments I am mainly involved with (English, Music and Art), but like every school, the arts are always under-funded. I have had a great experience at Southern so far and I expect that to continue.
i like how diverse the campus is. Everyone on campus has a different story to tell and everyone on campus comes from a different place. I also like how on campus everyone gets along with eachother and how close the bonds are everyone makes.
I currently attend Southern. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the scenery of the campus. The resources for students are excellent, they really want to see everyone do great there. The school is safe, little to no incidents happen through out the school year. The diversity also plays a huge part in the Southern community. I really love this school.
Southern is a great place to get ahead. There are a lot of resources on campus that benefit the students needs academically, socially, and professionally. By far one of the best school choice I've made!
SCSU is a great university for students who prefer small classrooms and want the opportunity to develop close academic relationships with its professors. Professor-student relationships at this school are the key to thriving at this university. Faculty invite students to get involved in internal and external research projects and internships. The Liberal Education Program promotes open mindedness and global awarness. Big programs at SCSU are Education, Anthropology, and Communication, but the Physics program is unique because students get to research cutting edge nanotechnology with some fantastic professors. Lastly, the involvement culture at SCSU is very livel and welcoming.
Review Southern Connecticut State University
Southern Connecticut state university is a great school. The professors and staff really care about the students and their success. I would highly recommend this university because of the diversity and just the great atmosphere.
I spent my freshman year at Southern. Terrible experience. The dorms were dirty and run down, there was grafitti in the closets, and the bathrooms were disgusting. I was constantly getting tonsilitis and it was definitely from how unsanitary the whole place was because I haven't gotten it since I lived there. The professors and curriculum were ok. The food was ok. I would go home every weekend although I was paying to live on campus because of how badly I didn't want to be there. Also, most students don't graduate on time because you can't get the classes you need as they fill up very quickly.
Southern Connecticut State University is a university that tries very hard to convey a sense of equal opportunity. That is, regardless of your high school academic background, it gives whatever chances you need to reach higher and work harder. Professors and academic departments offer as much help as possible, and if you realize that, success is essentially impossible. I appreciate that. I'm not a very social person, so I can't speak very well about campus life or clubs, but classes, professors, and the facilities available are all satisfactory. As a commuter, I am very happy with the return I'm getting for my money.
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