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I transferred to Southern this past fall after attending another university. I am generally happy with my experience here. There are a few negative such as poor maintenance . Some of the buildings are not kept as sanitary as they should. Sometimes I feel the school websites are not particularly user friendly. However, the campus is beautiful as are the many academic facilities. They place a high level of respect for transfer and commuter students. They offer multiple lounges that allow students to have a place to relax and do school work as well as a safe place to leave belongings throughout the day. The professors understand the stresses college students face from worrying about finances to juggling jobs and school work. All the instructional staff I have come in contact with has been exceptional.
This school has a warming community and a lot of activities to do. I also like the number of resources available for those who may be in need.
I really enjoyed my 4 years at this amazing university. What made my experience so pleasurable was the staff, they were all approachable, helpful, understanding and flexible. The faculty made the students feel like they mattered and put us as their first priority. The campus is extremely beautiful as well there are plenty of resources for students to excel in their studies and different locations to relax and get away from academics. There are many other reasons why my experience at Southern Connecticut State University was great but the staff and campus are the main reasons I enjoyed my time as an under grad.
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As a whole, I have enjoyed my experience at Southern Connecticut State University. Some things about Southern that I would like to see changed are an improvement in guidance from advisers and professors. Throughout my three years at Southern, I have been able to learn in a variety of different classes and have had many opportunities to further my education.
Great environment to be in whether you are living on campus or off campus. Great professors and great administration!
A lot of people here have open arms and are very open-minded. I instantly felt like I fit in and it was way easier than high school. I felt like I belong. I felt welcome from my roommates, all the way to the professors in the classroom. Southern has one of those medium size campuses that you will feel more comfortable being at. I heard all about the genuinely nice people I would meet and I really started to believe that after orientation. After I spent a day and a half here I knew this was the place. I needed to be around people that are similar to my friends back home. The classes are not much bigger than high school classes, which I enjoy so you might too if that is how you learn best. That helps you know the teacher as well as your learning community. I also wanted to be somewhere more diverse and if that is what you want, well, expect that as well.
My experience at Southern Connecticut State University was wonderful. The teachers were great, especially the chemistry department. My major was chemistry, and the teachers made it fun and easy to grasp such a challenging subject. I really felt like Southern was my home while I finished my degree because everyone was very welcoming. The only complaint I had was getting my transfer credits fixed, which took longer than it should because no one knew where to send me to correct the issue.
It's a great school but not the school of my choice. Their campus is well maintained and cleaned. Their classes are small in size to help teach as many students as possible, instead of putting a lot of kids in one room to have them sit there and learn hardly anything.
Southern is great. Lots of activities to get students involve, lots and lots of great people. The staffs make sure the students and everyone else is treat respectfully. Overall great experience so far.
Overall, SCSU is a good university. The students and staff are very friendly. Great classes and professors that really care. The only thing I would change is the food.
Southern is great for in-state kids who want that first feel of independence, especially since it's location makes it feel as if you're no more than 30 minutes from your house. The professors are great...mostly, there's always a few boring ones but overall it's a lively campus with friendly people and lots of activities. Parking's not the best and the guidance center is pretty much always too busy to get back to you but what school isn't? Overall I would recommend this school to any first time college goers in CT.
I'm currently a freshman at Southern and would I recommend it? Yes. Southern is a very diverse school with a friendly atmosphere. If you're an incoming freshman, the school will has a ton of activities and resources to help you adjust to college and feel welcomed. There are numerous clubs to join and even workers on campus who can help find something for you. In addition, Southern is open to different kinds of people so you will not feel uncomfortable.
My experience at Southern Connecticut State University has been nothing but a great time. The university is open to talking to everyone, and giving everyone a chance to get involved, when it comes to clubs and events. There are so many opportunities at southern when it come to socializing. There are many events on campus that you can be a part of or help by listening to clubs at events. These events range from having a big audience, to being at a stand in the nearby eating center or library. On campus it is very easy to get involved since some events only take a few minutes of your time, the time you can have between classes or after classes. Southern Connecticut State University is a place I call safe. The university informs you everyday on what is happening on campus, and informs us if anything dangerous as happened that can put their students at risk. This university has many opportunities for their students and makes the college process a lot more enjoyable.
Southern is a warm and welcoming community not just a university. Everyone is open to help each other when needed. We are accepting to all the different ethnicities. The food is decent and could use some improvement, but all the workers are dedicated and hardworking.
My overall SCSU experience has been great. Through all the trials and tribulations I've went through at this school, the ups and the downs, including the parties and the good times, I still recommend this college to many of my younger peers and family members.
I love the overall campus of Southern Connecticut State University because there are so many opportunity to get involved and gain an amazing college experience, however, I have found that some offices and resources at Southern Connecticut State University are unorganized and not too helpful. I also sometimes feel like it is impossible to graduate in the four years because classes are not always offered and some professors are not ideal.
I love Southern's education program. The education department requires you to double major. I get to major in elementary education as well as in Spanish, since I'll be applying to the elementary bilingual program in the Spring.
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Faculty and staff very helpful, you need to be responsible for your education like any other college student would expect but if you seek help or research opportunities the staff will make it happen. Professors were very approachable. Great value education.
Pretty good college. More of a commuter school. Professors are nice, so is the community. The food is great, I really enjoy that there is a Starbucks on campus now .
To me Southern Connecticut State University is a great experience because their is so much to do such as academic help, sports, clubs, and activities. For example if you don't understand something in a class you can go to tutoring at The Academic Success Center and they will help you with multiple of subjects. My freshman year here has been really exciting because there is so much to do and I have learned so much in the different courses that I have taken.
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