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Southern Connecticut State University Reviews

1,151 reviews
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Southern is great. Lots of activities to get students involve, lots and lots of great people. The staffs make sure the students and everyone else is treat respectfully. Overall great experience so far.
Overall, SCSU is a good university. The students and staff are very friendly. Great classes and professors that really care. The only thing I would change is the food.
Southern is great for in-state kids who want that first feel of independence, especially since it's location makes it feel as if you're no more than 30 minutes from your house. The professors are great...mostly, there's always a few boring ones but overall it's a lively campus with friendly people and lots of activities. Parking's not the best and the guidance center is pretty much always too busy to get back to you but what school isn't? Overall I would recommend this school to any first time college goers in CT.
I'm currently a freshman at Southern and would I recommend it? Yes. Southern is a very diverse school with a friendly atmosphere. If you're an incoming freshman, the school will has a ton of activities and resources to help you adjust to college and feel welcomed. There are numerous clubs to join and even workers on campus who can help find something for you. In addition, Southern is open to different kinds of people so you will not feel uncomfortable.
My experience at Southern Connecticut State University has been nothing but a great time. The university is open to talking to everyone, and giving everyone a chance to get involved, when it comes to clubs and events. There are so many opportunities at southern when it come to socializing. There are many events on campus that you can be a part of or help by listening to clubs at events. These events range from having a big audience, to being at a stand in the nearby eating center or library. On campus it is very easy to get involved since some events only take a few minutes of your time, the time you can have between classes or after classes. Southern Connecticut State University is a place I call safe. The university informs you everyday on what is happening on campus, and informs us if anything dangerous as happened that can put their students at risk. This university has many opportunities for their students and makes the college process a lot more enjoyable.
Southern is a warm and welcoming community not just a university. Everyone is open to help each other when needed. We are accepting to all the different ethnicities. The food is decent and could use some improvement, but all the workers are dedicated and hardworking.
My overall SCSU experience has been great. Through all the trials and tribulations I've went through at this school, the ups and the downs, including the parties and the good times, I still recommend this college to many of my younger peers and family members.
I love the overall campus of Southern Connecticut State University because there are so many opportunity to get involved and gain an amazing college experience, however, I have found that some offices and resources at Southern Connecticut State University are unorganized and not too helpful. I also sometimes feel like it is impossible to graduate in the four years because classes are not always offered and some professors are not ideal.
I love Southern's education program. The education department requires you to double major. I get to major in elementary education as well as in Spanish, since I'll be applying to the elementary bilingual program in the Spring.
Faculty and staff very helpful, you need to be responsible for your education like any other college student would expect but if you seek help or research opportunities the staff will make it happen. Professors were very approachable. Great value education.
Pretty good college. More of a commuter school. Professors are nice, so is the community. The food is great, I really enjoy that there is a Starbucks on campus now .
To me Southern Connecticut State University is a great experience because their is so much to do such as academic help, sports, clubs, and activities. For example if you don't understand something in a class you can go to tutoring at The Academic Success Center and they will help you with multiple of subjects. My freshman year here has been really exciting because there is so much to do and I have learned so much in the different courses that I have taken.
Southern CT State University is a good school for the price. It is not fancy, although they just added a beautiful Science building, but the education received is par with other universities.
Southern Connecticut State University has a good support system for struggling students. They have many activities that get the students involve and learn about one another. Southern gives us a chance to help out with the community around us give back to the people who need. There are many recourse here to help students with any support they should need. By getting the students involved at Southern it allows them to grow as young adults. The first year here they try to get you into the Southern Connecticut State University spirit by involving us in many activities such as new owl weekend. New owl weekend is for all transfer students and freshman to get use to the campus. The students move in early so that they can all have fun and make some friends before everyone comes back to school. This school is so involved with education and making sure everyone is not being left out.
Dorms are better after freshman year, though not terrible freshman year. No A/C that first year is rough. Food is not good. Expect to order out or microwave a lot. Tough to graduate in 4 years because of difficulty getting into necessary classes. Speaking with advisor helps. The gym class requirement sucks, but I got out of it because of a health issue. Took some classes online which was great. Had mostly good professors aside from a few for early gen eds, but that will happen anywhere. Easy to get to downtown New Haven with or without a car.
Awful. I transferred to southern after my freshman year, thinking I wanted to be closer to home and commute. I have been a student there for less than a month, and so far they have lost my transcripts twice, ignored multiple emails, and just generally given me attitude multiple times. It's absolutely not worth it, the administration is a joke, the education is subpar at best, and the professors just don't really care about their students.
This is an average school. It's a business though. Many degrees are meaningless and the school knows this.
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The courses are horrible. There is little freedom. Freshman can't or have a difficult time choosing their classes. The professors are average, some are pushy and unlikable.
avergage. however the school has been hijacked by the social justice warrior agenda.
The campus is the only thing appealing here. The surrounding location is sketchy and unattractive. The teachers are average, some are unlikable and pushy. There are many useless classes. There is little freedom in the classroom. The students are unfriendly and cliquey. The dorms are less than average and have no air conditioning. The food is mainly unhealthy and gives you diarrhea. The bathrooms are disgusting, old, and smelly. The showers are of poor quality. This place is a business and us students are the customers.
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