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Southern Careers Institute - San Antonio Reviews

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My experience at Southern Careers Institute has been a positive one. The admissions staff and financial aid department have both been extremely helpful with ensuring I have enrolled in the program that suits me best and in understanding my student loans. The instructors have all been very helpful, especially when it came to needing any tutoring for material I may have had trouble understanding. My overall experience has definitely been a great one, which is why I am happy I chose to enroll in this institute.
I didn't have any occurring trouble. We all have a choice in Night or Day classes and its only 4 days out of the week. We can also make up those missed days during tutoring or Friday hours.
I really enjoyed having to do it online, but the struggle was really complicated. When i didn't understand some parts i had to e-mail my professor and wait for his reply. I still could of continued to a different section but it's better understanding before skipping and moving on. Quick replies at time
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I havent really gotten to the bigger parts just yet. I'm still in the beginners section and still studying. Currently im taking my Office 102 class and Accounting 101. Very great hands on training
So far i have gladly accepted the change im not so used to, but it's great and understandable. The classes are average and spacious enough to fit many books and students. The professors and very strait forward and calmly with interactions, they don't have attitude or any disrespecting at all. All show respect and get respected. Great at teaching and having us all paying very great attention.
The value of a degree from this school can mean so much for the person trying to achieve from it, for example me. I'm trying to change my life for the greater good. This school provides jobs around the school, training before going out to actual jobs in our career areas. We have some classes as well provided to submit applications for job places that we might of saw an interest in.
I love it. Even though we go through two classes in every 3 weeks it can be a workload of assignments assigned to us, but it's very understandable with what we are taught during school and online hours. Some of the students have jobs and families but we all still get our work done. Dedication to a future and dream can make us want to succeed. Teachers also provide after school tutoring if we missed a day or didn't fully understand our study.
They are really attentive with us all. Hands on training and also very much helpful when we have a problem.
I have not done my internship yet but i heard the process is great
My experience so far has been great i love this school!
There is a wide variety of students and everyone is very friendly.
They really help with working around my work schedule!
There are not too many activities available.
It was very easy to understand unfortunately i do not receive financial aid.
They do a great job with helping you find a job for all of the students.
There are a lot of majors to choose from and all the instructors are great at what they do so i feel very comfortable with the choice i have made.
My major is Pharmacy Tech, i have not quite got into the field yet but from what my other peers have told me its a great school and work environment and the instructors are great!
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I have no problem with it. It works great for me.
They trying there best to get us prepared for the real world.
Its getting better from what I have been told. I can see the change in the program.
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