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Southern Careers Institute - Corpus Christi East Reviews

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I think there should be more options as to loans, or scholarships available.
The large variety of people in the school are interested in having a better life for themselves or children also need money. All of the people who enrolled with me at orientation were either hispanic or white.
Registration is simplified with meeting to ensure ease of enrollment. Only a select programs are optional, pretty much split between medical and business. Teachers are helpful because classes aren't so huge.
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I am going to be certified in Medical Assistant. The school is going to help me get a job and the experience is nice. I really enjoy myself, although hoped this school would have had a way to advance my career such as a way to train us to take the state licensing test for Registered nurse after we became Medical Assistants.
Academic Flexibility – the staff at southern careers institute were very helpful with enrolling me for my classes and there was the option of day or evening classes. also being that the classes are in 3 block increments it is very easy to change your schedule
Experience at Sci – i really enjoy the program at southern careers institute. it is geared to take me in the right direction toward my goals. i have attended a community college and just felt that it wasnt enough. i plan to graduate in one year and obtain a job in a hospital pharmacy. i enjoy the staff and students at southern careers institute.
i have not had the chance to use computers in the school due to the courses that i am currently taking.
Online at Southern Careers – currently i am not interested in any online courses...i prefer the physical interaction with the students and the teacher.
Academics at College – i have only attended the school for 3 weeks but i like how the classes are paced and you have to take some personal initiative in the learning process.
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