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Southern Careers Institute - Brownsville Reviews

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Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville has been an overall great experience for me. I will be starting classes this Monday the 13th of August in the medical billing and coding specialist program and I am here to tell you every single staff member from admissions to financial aid to program advisor have helped me find my enrollment process a positive one. I would recommend this college to anyone.
Ali Zulkifer is an amazing instructor. He is MAKING us learn!!
A+ certification will help me get my career started.
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Many interesting and intelligent students.
Partial financial aid was given to me, as well as loans. SCI is working with me on my loans.
The instructors are going to do everything in the power to help us get started with our career.
Very interesting and very informative.
Computer Support Specialist is my program. My instructors are very helpful, smart, and informative.
Everybody is friendly and very helpful. Faculty, as well as peers seem to bond well and try to help each other. I'm also really enjoying my program as a computer support specialist.
Well i didnt qualify for financial aid, i had to get student loans, however it was very expensive for this course. its a struggle but i will be getting my moneys worth.
Very friendly, and super smart. Everybody expresses themselves in different ways, which is good. There is never any noticeable judgment. everybody is really kind and polite to one another
They help us get ready for job interviews. they practice with us and find us jobs that will be best for us depending on our performance.
We don't have either of those, which I wont put it under the "worst" category because I know they are still trying to improve the school. However, without those topics, we still get enough done. Campus activities i know for sure is they celebrate July 4th and they have barbecues outside for everyone.
Its amazing. I feel like we're important, not downgrading other majors or programs. I love how we look like medical students with our uniforms that are required. Especially how we get treated. We get treated as if we are actual medical assistants in any workforce. The work we are required to do is a lot but it will benefit us in the future. This program is like a training session. It gets us ready for the real world. They help us on our attitudes, our professionalism, how to do an interview, how to act and dress. Just the basic and important things we need to know when we do get real important jobs.
The academics that are offered in my school are really good. Especially how they run the system. Our teachers are really understanding and they are concerned for our education in a good way. They want us to succeed so they go beyond their limits to find a way to help us learn better.
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