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I wen to SCI and completed their courses that I need and was supposed to be able to find a more advanced job with my Accounting knowledge I received while going to school there. But after finishing I was put into a call center that paid around 12-13 dollars an hour. A job that I would have been able to get without the help of SCI. So they helped me get a better paying job but not the job they trained me for. After that they forgot all about me and left me to fend for myself in finding a job in Accounting. Not even an internship. I paid thousands of dollars to this school just so I waste my time learning about accounting and getting a regular call center job. That's not right. They didn't try hard enough for me to get something easy like account payable or accounts receivable. So sad. But I did learn a lot though.
I think my major, Medical Billing and Coding, is absolutely fantastic so far. Im doing it all online with the help and support of my teachers and staff at SCI
I absolutely LOVE and am so Blessed to be able to experience schooling with SCI. The staff members and teachers are always checking in with you, extensions are available if needed. Whenever i ask questions they are always answered in a timely manner. Everyone at SCI is very passionate and professional in what they are teaching which makes class just that much more exciting!
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everyone at the school has been very helpful. they have all made sure that I have the structure I need to make the program work for me and to succeed.
At Southern Careers Institute we have two computer labs with about 175 computers and we have access to them when ever the school is open.
At Southern Careers Institute there are many resources like career services, administrators and professors.
At Southern Careers Institute we don't have online courses just campus courses.
The students At Southern Careers Institute are very headstrong and very friendly.
I have just resonantly started going to Southern Careers Institute And Have not stated my core classes but I am excited to start accounting soon.
At Southern Careers Institute there are lots of classes like Personal Development, Business Communication, job 101, Quick books and, Peach tree. I cant wait to start my accounting classes.
Some unique things that set Southern Careers Institute Apart from other schools is that they genuinely care about there students and are always there to lend a helping hand.
At southern Careers Institute the team in career services are friendly and vary helpful. Ms.Mya Kelly the B.A.S. (Business Accounting Specialist) career service counselor is a wonderful lady and is great at what she does.
At Southern Careers Institute Mr. Tim can help you work out your school schedule so that its doesn't interfere with your work schedule.
At Southern Careers Intuitionist the people in the financial aid office are vary helpful.
Southern Careers Institute is a great school and I would recommend anyone looking for a careers in the field they offer to enroll there they have wonder full teacher that really care about there students.
I feel as though all the courses are worth the money. Financial aid has helped to defray my costs. My only desire would to have extra courses for getting a certification for the Medical Billing and Coding, and possibly pre-certification classes.
Computer Labs- are awesome with three teachers who are dedicated to helping the students with projects.
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The core teachers are very helpful and encouraging to the students for participation in functions outside of the school. I received information on several seminars and many advantages of partaking in these. Fun and informative.
I would not recommend anyone to go to this school. If you have money to spend like, $10,000, or don't mind going to high school all over again but with $200 a month payments afterwards, then go ahead.<br/><br/>The teachers (if you're on their good side) and the education itself is pretty good, Mostly book work and not as much clinical, actual real-life stuff. But as far as the amount that you have to pay, its not worth it.<br/><br/> <br/><br/>At the beginning, during the financial aid process, they sugarcoat everything saying oh it's only $3000 And you pay it off during the year that you're in school when in reality that's only one of three loans that you have to get (but you're only paying the interest at that time and the other 2 being ones that start 6 months after graduation). You have private, subsidized, and unsubsidized and altogether it's about $15-$20,000 and that's with a grant for $5000. <br/><br/>In the end, they don't offer certification, I had no help getting a job or externship site, and I honestly was not prepared enough for actual work after 13 months of Monday though Friday 7pm-11pm. And all of the sudden I have $200 a month in payments for loans that I didn't even know about When I thought I had been paying it off while I was going to school like they told me in the beginning.<br/><br/> <br/><br/>All in all if you want a high school like education and environment then this would be fine but I would highly suggest to just stick it out an extra few months at ACC for way cheaper and a better education and actual degree.
There are two computer labs. They have a solid network and I have never had any issues with printing, web access, or technical issues. The computer teachers are very proficient and experienced. Thank you!
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