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Southern California Institute of Technology Reviews

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This school teaches exactly what MIT and CalTech (California Institute Of Technology) teaches at their schools.
Good technical school, fast and good hands on training on labs and equipment.
nice area, and good teachers.
I like my major because it is a very desirable profession and it allows me to work as an electrician while I am in school so I can try to support myself as well as I can
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professors are good and knowledgeable, the curriculum is very thorough for the degree being studied, and registration is easy as they choose all the classes for you and select your schedule. classes allow you to have a job and the work load is not unbearable.
lots of good resources such as free tutoring, computer labs, library.
we have good internet access and computer access. the library is open for use and we can use printers and copiers if needed.
they are very reasonable with tuition. it is nice because all materials and books are included in the tuition. I have had no extra costs or anything unexpected. the financial aid department is very helpful and helps me through the whole process. the accounting department is very nice too because they will work with you if you have some reason why you cant make a payment or an entire payment they will work with you.
they help with finding a job and give you resources to help with the process such as helping with resume and interview practice etc
school is pretty good. night classes are convenient and only having to usually take one class at a time is nice to help focus on just that one class and not multiple classes.
overall, a good school. they take the time to teach you what you are trying to learn and I love how all the materials are included in the tuition. very desirable
I've tried going to other trade schools in the past (ex. UEI) and they were not helpful at all or just tought you the minnimum to get you by. SCIT by far has cought my attention and is where I want to stay for my education.
Courses are designed to be flexible around a day or night work shift, but it can be hard to catch up if you miss even one class.
I believe tuition to be reasonably priced for the amount of time required for certification and the resources available to everyone in class. Financial aid was very straightforward and the office gave me step by step instruction.
Just above average. Career center will assist with job placement, resume overview, and career guidance yet alumni network seems limited. I'm still starting out so I hope to learn more when I start needing assistance.
they dont have morning classes for the program i want to study
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